Monday, November 28, 2016

They're Planning A Coup D'Etat

There’s something going on right now that very much disturbs me. I’m worried that Hillary Clinton may be about to rise from her coffin like the Crypt Keeper and make another grab for the presidency.

Maybe I’m being an alarmist and maybe I’m being paranoid for no reason, but we’re talking about the Hildebeest here, and having been denied her lifelong ambition to be Queen of Hearts by the White people of this country, I would put nothing at all past her.  As far as I’m concerned, this woman is going to be an ongoing threat to all humanity until such time as she is buried at a crossroads with a stake through her heart.

If you will recall, there were a number of third party candidates during the recent election, including an old Jewish yenta named Jill Stein from the Green Party. She has now demanded a recount in Wisconsin. 

Now, this Stein woman got clobbered in Wisconsin along with all the other third party runners, and there is no conceivable purpose for her to be demanding a recount, but the Clinton campaign may be using her as a stalking horse and sock puppet for something much more sinister. They have announced that they are going in with Stein on this recount gig in order to “seek for indications of outside influence,” meaning they’re looking to bolster the Democrats’ ludicrous contention that Donald Trump won because he is in cahoots with Vladimir Putin and the Russians hacked the election computers in the so-called “battleground states.”

They’re also talking about launching similar recounts in two other key states, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Some of you may remember that at the time Hillary’s people were referring to Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania as her “Midwest firewall states,” yet to everybody’s amazement they all went to Trump.

Three states on a recount are infinitely easier for the Democrats to diddle than an entire 50-state election, and it could well be that this has always been their Plan B in case the Beest lost. If for any reason Trump loses those three states through some fraud or corruption on the part of the state election officials there, that will put him down below 270 votes in the electoral college and throw the election into the House of Representatives, which has happened twice before in this country’s history, although the stakes were by no means as serious.

This time it isn’t just a tussle between two politicians; this time the stakes are existential. 

Now in theory, with a Republican majority in the House Trump should have no trouble, but remember, Trump isn’t really a Republican. He’s a party-crasher, if you’ll pardon the pun. Remember all those Rick Wilson types in the #NeverTrump movement? The majority of Congressional Republicans despise Trump even worse than the Democrats, because he’s bona fide outsider, not a member of the club, and the people he is so far bringing into his cabinet are genuinely ideological, people who actually believe in things, maybe not necessarily our kind of things, but they do have core political and moral convictions, and we can’t have that in Washington, now, can we? At least not on the Republican side.

It is by no means beyond the realm of possibility that the RINOs may prefer Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office for eight more years of Business As Usual, so long as they get to keep the House and Senate majorities that Trump brought them and they get to keep their beloved committee chairmanships and keep on wallowing in all that lovely money, which is essentially the only real reason for the continued existence of the Republican party: to give corporate America unfettered access to the ultimate source of all the world’s wealth, the American taxpayer. 

It is entirely possible that despite the historic vote of November the 8th, 2016, we may yet end up with that diseased and half-insane hag sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Okay, okay, that’s still a long shot and maybe I’m just so twitchy about that hideous evil crone after 25 years that I just can’t wrap my mind around the fact that she’s finally gone.  We’ll see how it plays out. But this topic gives me an excuse to do something here.


Anonymous Dave said...

Look for boxes of suddenly-produced "lost" absentee ballots to appear. All marked in the "appropriate" manner.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This or a civil war. There are already war drums beating:

3:20 PM  

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