Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dare To Call It Treason

by Bill White 

Violent mobs have taken to the streets, shooting and beating innocent citizens because of their votes for President Donald Trump.  Rather than suppressing them local police forces under the control of local Democratic bosses have joined the mobs, declaring that they will give them free rein.  The mayors of these rioting cities themselves, men like Judaic Chicago boss Rahm Emanuel and New York's race-mixing degenerate Mayor Bill DiBlasio, have taken to the airwaves to state that they will resist the rule of law in service to order that Donald Trump represents.   

This violent uprising by the losers of the 2016 election is not a protected act of First Amendment expression. It is a seditious conspiracy, an armed rebellion by the lesser magistrates against their proper sovereign, of illegitimate governments against the legitimate, an act of treason.  Suppressing these traitors will be the first act of the Trump Presidency and will almost certainly require an armed response.

 As Donald Trump puts together his cabinet, the world subverting forces that seek to create One World are busily working to draw him away from his people, and into the clutches of the Judæo-occult elite that has exploited this nation for the past three generations.  Every effort is being made to prevent honest men from serving, and the situation is reminiscent of 1933, when Adolf Hitler, in Germany, rather than continue the revolution which his election represented, chose to ally with the conservative forces of the Junkers and the army, instead of the White working class men of the S.A. (the quality of their leaders aside.)

The working class brought Hitler to power, but, the conservative class worked tirelessly to betray him. This subversion built until in 1944 when Hitler most depended upon his military, these officers turned Paris over the Allies, and then tried to assassinate their leader. Trump should learn from this when considering his alliance with the Republicans.

Trump's cabinet is important because the Judæo-occultists who work equally within both parties are manufacturing this treasonous rebellion within the cities in order to stop Trump from carrying through his promise to expel millions of illegal immigrants from this country. These One Worlders know that the millions of illegals who will be leaving will be leaving with millions of their legal relatives, and that means that the demographic changes which they have engineered in the United States since the Reagan administration are about to reversed in a way that will take them decades to attain again, ever should they recover power.

To stop this they are willing to rebel, and if necessary force upon Trump a civil war, a situation in which like General Franco he will have to fight half of America in order to save America.  While the Democrats do this, their allies in the Republicans will constantly urge "moderation" on Trump, and "bridge-building," the same kind of moderation and bridge-building that has given us three generations of Lenin's two steps forward, one step back.

What Trump must prioritize, then, is gaining control of his military and the internal security forces, because he is going to need them to seize back the cities of Portland, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and, any other urban error which the Judæo-occultists throw into rebellion. Trump is going to have to take these cities back with the same ferocity that has driven Bashar Assad's, and Vladimir Putin's reconquest of Aleppo. Like Turkey's Recep Erdogan, Trump needs to launch a purge of both his armed forces and the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security, to ensure that he only has loyal men and women under arms. 

A lesson may be learned against from Adolf Hitler who, when he came to power, was faced with a conservative military of uncertain loyalties. Hitler elevated the SS as an extra-governmental armed force loyal solely to his person in order to make sure that none of the independent armed forces that had fallen under the control of Communists and other subversives could betray him.  Similarly, to defend his presidency the old guard can be purged from the multi-cultural and gay armed forces of Barack Obama. Donald Trump should use his authority under the Second Amendment to call up the militia, and to place under arms everyone of the White working class men who voted for him in order to defend his presidency from the forces of world subversion that are seizing America's major urban areas. 

Once so defended, when a Mayor DeBlasio, or Rahm Emmanuel takes to the courthouse steps and shouts "immigration forever!" Trump, like Eisenhower in Little Rock, will have an armed force immediately at his command to send in, to disarm the local police, arrest that mayor and put down the George Soros-organized color revolutions. 

This crisis is not something that Trump or anyone else wants to see.  But it is the natural result of importing into America millions of people who are more used to resolving elections with machetes than with ballots. This Third World rioting in America's collapsing urban husks is the Democrat-Republican plan to neuter Trump, fighting him the same way that they deposed Yanukovich and Gaddafi. Trump should not kid himself:  just as the world know that George Soros is behind this uprising through his various fronts and in league with the corrupt Michael Bloomberg and other Jews, the world also knows that Obama's security services, with informants in every social movement, are organizing it as well.  The government that Trump is inheriting is not a loyal one.  It is a swamp that needs to be drained. 

The forces of chaos believe that they can overturn the order that Trump represents.  But this is not the American Civil War, where a highly industrialized and urban North can turn against America's rural South. This is an uprising of the useless, of the rotten, socially dependent, and idle colored masses against America's productive White working class and their President.

Trump could almost stop this rebellion by cutting off the welfare checks, and letting these rioters starve. But Trump should take advantage of this Constitutional crisis that the Judæo-occcultists are forcing upon his infant government by using it to take the new broom and sweep clean.  The Judaic-Communist attack on the Reichstag allowed Adolf Hitler to declare the Reich and consolidate all power to suppress the emergency.  This uprising is Donald Trump's Reichstag moment.  It is an opportunity to appropriate to himself the power truly needed to make America great again.

William A. White #13888-084
U.S.P. Marion
P. O. Box 1000
Marion, IL 62959


Blogger Thordaddy said...

The Jews call you a "white supremacist."

Bill White calls himself a "national socialist."

White Supremacists are not equal to "national socialists."

Bill White doesn't affirm or deny the charge of "white supremacist" made by the Jew.



Bill White IS NOT a genuine white Supremacist.

And you should articulate exactly the difference between you as a "national socialist" and the genuine white Supremacist?

Anything less stInks of crypto... And the emboldening of the very paradigm you helped create.

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