Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Ghost Dance - Part One (The World Must Change)

My name is Harold Covington, and this is the first in a series of audio commentaries which I have entitled the Ghost Dance. I’ll explain why I chose that name in a bit.

It will be said that in this series of commentaries I am allegedly inciting others to criminal activity and violence. Not exactly. I am inciting to change.

Things have reached the point where fundamental, systemic change in the way Western civilization is ordered and run, and a complete revision of who orders and runs it, is now essential to the survival of the race that created that civilization.

If someone can think of some way in which that complete systemic change from top to bottom in both operation and composition can be brought about without taking direct action of some kind, then I would in fact far prefer it, but that’s not the issue any longer. The brutal and overwhelming historic fact is that we who must try to exist in what remains of American society have now reached the point in our journey to oblivion where the end really does justify the means. America now offers people with our racial and cultural heritage nothing but unending misery, servitude, and early death in squalor. I say to you now that the world must change.

So why Ghost Dance?

[sound of Cheyenne war dance] 

That’s the sound of the White Race today. It is in a symbolic sense the sound that we as a species are making while we perish from the face of the earth. Let me explain.

About 130 years ago another people stood on the edge of, if not complete extinction, then on the verge of being sidelined, of being reduced to complete historical irrelevance. Like White people are today. This reduction to historical irrelevance and merely peripheral existence and participation in human events did in fact occur. I refer to the American Indians.

In the late 1880s and 1890s as the last of the Indians were hunted down across the plains or rounded up and confined to reservations, a kind of ecstatic spiritual or religious revival frenzy seized the remaining red population. It was a fad called the Ghost Dance, an impending magical event that would miraculously change the world, undo the past several centuries and return the Indians to what they remembered as a golden age before the White man came. Just as White people seem to retain some bred-in ancestral memory of a golden age before the Jew came.

Just as we Whiteboys fantasize over some kind of inexplicable, transcendent magical process or event that will cause us no risk or inconvenience, just a little dancing around on the internet. A miraculous quick and painless fix that will return us to the golden age we can some of us even remember a little, or if not, a golden age which we can see glowing on our electronic screens in black and white. A magical event that will take us back three or four generations, to the time of abundance before the Slow Coming Dark.

Some of us even believe that we will be saved by extraterrestrial aliens who will load us all into a mother ship and take us all away from here.

No really, we do have a few like that. I know I’ve used this simile before but the attitude of many White people these days reminds me of the news coverage I saw on Hurricane Katrina, with all the black people standing in the roofs of their houses as the flood waters rose, staring up at the sky waiting for the White Man to come down and whisk them away to the Big Rock Candy Mountain.

I’m sorry if some of you find that repetitious but please, keep that image in your mind, because it is highly accurate and relevant to the White man’s state of mind today. Do you not see that that’s what pretty much all of us are doing? Waiting for salvation to come down out of the sky, either in Jesus robes or a flying saucer?

Getting back to the original Indian Ghost Dance, as opposed to our own Ghost Dance on the internet, representatives of all the tribes were supposed to gather in one spot and perform a mighty ritual dance, an act of magic and invocation and appeal to the Great Spirit.

Nobody seemed quite sure just what this magic Ghost Dance was supposed to consist of, presumably a lot of drumming and he ye ye ye for days at a time, something like that, maybe some peyote thrown in, you get the idea.

But what was supposed to be the result of the Ghost Dance was that all of the mighty Indian warriors who down through the years who had been slain by the White man’s bullets or the White man’s smallpox would return to life and rise up from the grave with their weapons to fight again, only this time the Great Spirit’s powerful magic would make sure the Indians won, and they would finally sweep all the White palefaces into the sea. It’s said that the so-called massacre at Wounded Knee resulted when the Army came upon a gigantic camp that had been established for the purpose of hosting the Ghost Dance.

You know what all this cack we do in the internet today is? I’ll tell you what it is. It’s the Ghost Dance. The alt.right is doing the Ghost Dance. We are performing acts of ritual magic to try and invoke the spirits of our own warrior ancestors to rise again and fight and kill our enemies, because we are too weak and frightened and confused to do so ourselves.

We idealize ancestors who were brave. Who were real men. White men who fought against their enemies with weapons in their hands and who actually killed their enemies, like Whiteboys don’t do any more except for certain police officers who have a very limited permission slip to do limited harm to the invaders with the dark skins in order to stop them from hurting with the rich people or interfering with their pleasures in any way.

Right now the White race is facing an extinction-level event, both in Europe and here in North America, due to the abolition of national borders and the suspension of pretty much all existing immigration law, and we’re basically doing nothing at all to prevent our own genocide.

Here in North America we have at least a threadbare excuse in that we have Donald Trump to hold up and tell ourselves that by supporting him and making a lot of noise, mostly on the internet, we’re doing something to stop the genocide, and yes, we are, kind of, but we won’t get into that.

Europe is what worries me sick right now. Our homeland is facing an existential crisis. Muslims are literally beheading priests at the altar and cutting down White people in the streets with knives, and raping thousands of women with the stated intention not just to satisfy their own person lust but to impregnate their victims with brown babies in order to pollute and destroy our bloodline. Yes, I know, that sounds like the purest conspiracy theory raving, but that’s what the Islamic murderers of ISIS are claiming on their own websites and in their media columns, and they have historical precedent for this, as they surely know.

This little stroke of Islamic policy has been around for a while. In the 16th century the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent gave one of his young sons an army for his birthday; Daddy Suleiman asked the kid which lands he wished to invade, and the prince replied, “I will go north and conquer the land of the White Russian women.” As late as the early 19th century the Barbary pirates were raiding the coast of Ireland for women; in the slave market in Algiers or Marrakesh an Irish redhead would fetch a fortune, and many such kidnapped girls were actually sent on to the sultan and provincial emirs as gifts or bribes from the pirate chiefs. Only one I ever heard about came back.

In modern times there were Islamic mercenaries who fought on the Muslim side in the Balkan wars of the 1990s . One of them had a unit patch that depicted a black swan raping a White swan. ISIS knows all this means of genetic warfare from their religion’s past, they probably study nothing else, and this policy is continuing to this day. We saw it in action on New Year’s Eve in Cologne.

The deliberate policy of mass rape and pollution of the White gene pool has a long pedigree in Islam. It is quite real; I’m not making this up.

We are no longer waiting for the balloon to go up. It has done so. It began on November 20th, 2014 here in the United States, when a Third World dictator abolished this country’s borders with a stroke of his pen, and the spineless Republican party did nothing about it, but instead bowed down low to the kinky hair and baby-shit brown skin of George Soros’ houseboy.

When that happened, the Republicans and the remaining elements in government and the military with some vestigial sense of decency and honor and loyalty to the old Constitution. should have formulated a plan of action that involved arresting Obama, taking him physically into custody and placing him on trial for treason. This was not done, and so from that day of infamy until the present we live in a dictatorship, where there is no longer any law at all except the signature of the President or some other bureaucrat from the IRS or the absurdly-misnamed “Justice Department” on a piece of paper.

So far the only White resistance in Europe against this extinction-level event consists of some petty vandalism and minor arson of empty buildings where so-called migrants were scheduled to be housed. So far as I am aware, as of late August of 2016, not one single quote-unquote “migrant refugee” has been physically harmed in any way, much less killed by resistance fighters, nor has a single one of them been forcibly returned to where they came from.

On the rare occasions when one of these filth is too badly behaved for even the German or Swedish governments to bear, he is deported to another European country, usually Italy or France, although I understand they’re demanding Bulgaria serve as a kind of dumping ground for criminal deportees now.

The number of murdered White people, raped White women, and White women with brown babies on the way is skyrocketing. The police in European countries have swung into action, especially in Germany and Great Britain, to arrest and imprison any White person who dares to criticize the dark-skinned invaders on social media, and increasingly to arrest and imprison anyone who criticizes the politicians who allow it all. German citizens are sitting in jail cells tonight not even for “racism” as such, but for saying unkind things about Angela Merkel on Facebook. I know that some of our people in Britain have been arrested or visited and their computers and phones confiscated for posting comments criticizing Teresa May and demanding the immediate implementation of Brexit. 

We as a people are responding to the death of Europe by waddling through the streets holding up signs, a long-discredited activity which the entire Establishment has been set up for years simply to ignore. In many cases the so-called right-wing populist or even quote-unquote “racist” minor parties whom we do this for are led by so-called Movement modernizers, which means that in some countries the White resistance is in the hands of bugger boys, mulattos, crypto-Jews, for-real Jews, police agent provocateurs, and plain and simple liars and thieves.

We are responding to physical assault, murder, and the pandemic of unspeakable violation of women with acts of what is known as sympathetic magic, by posting to the internet pictures of guns, pictures of Vikings and SS men and Confederate soldiers.

We are also posting pictures of what appear to be White males in small groups of five or six wearing bold racial T-shirts with proud slogans and all kinds of cool-looking runes, and wearing ski masks too. These small groups of mostly rather portly Whiteboys, don’t really seem to have any existence outside the internet since so far as I’ve heard no one on European streets has actually seen any of them. They’re certainly not dropping any black or brown bodies.

There are no police reports anywhere in Europe of gunfire or bombing except from the Muslim invaders themselves; this is probably the only war in history where only one side is fighting. I say again, so far as I am aware, not one single invader has been so much as personally inconvenienced by any local White people outside police or government officials, etc. who as I have said before have a very, very limited permission slip to control the behavior of people with dark skins.

Of course we do get these conspiracy theory people Twittering all over the internet about how yes, yes, there’s this big secret revolution going on in Europe and all kinds of valiant acts of resistance are really taking place including desperate gun battles between White Nationalist guerrillas and government troops and secret assassinations, so forth and so on, but “the media never reports it” don’t you know?

Uh … no. No. All that’s necessary to debunk that is some act that really does vaguely resemble physical resistance to take place, like Dylann Roof’s little hissy fit in Charleston, and then you will see how the left-liberal media screams and screams and screams at the top of their lungs when some White man actually strikes back, or at least when something happens they can make to appear as if a White man is striking back. It’s just the worst and most sickening act of tewwible wacism in de woild.

Aside from a few fires in empty buildings and a few shouted words on the street and in subway trains, mostly in England, nothing.

Not even any kind of simple shoving or scuffling incidents; I see pictures of large streets and squares in France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and Britain that resemble the main souk in Istanbul or an African carnival. The invaders are all perfectly relaxed and appear obviously at home, and virtually no White people are visible in these shots or videos at all. The Whites have simply fled and given up their public spaces, also in some cases their private ones as well, when the dictatorship has ordered them to literally move out of their homes and give those homes to dark-skinned foreigners.

What we’re not seeing is dead black or brown-skinned invaders lying on Europe’s streets. This in a land which 70 years ago produced millions of soldiers, the best in human history. So far the only people to die have been the White people slaughtered like hogs, like the 84-year-old French priest whose head rolled before his own altar, or the American woman tourist who was walking down the street and all of a sudden she felt herself being disemboweled by a Somali nigger.

We Whiteboys can’t fight any more because we have never been allowed to be who we really are. The result of 70 years of Jewish social engineering is that White males have become weak, and timid, and frightened, and cowed, and beaten down. Whiteboys walk around with our heads hung down, ashamed of our horrible and wicked racist past when we did all those bad terrible things to all those wonderful people with dark skins. Us Whiteboys are stained, you see, stained with the terrible sin of slavery and new stain of White privilege, and it is right and just that we should bow our heads and do a little dance and say “Yes ma’am, no ma’am, three bags full, ma’am” when those who are so much better than us tell us what to do.

Mostly people of our own race, and mostly women, I’m sorry to say. I call then PPPs, People With Petty Power over our lives—bosses, landlords, various official functionaries in government bureaucracies. I think all of you out there know who I mean.

I’ve often thought that when the blow-up finally comes, it won’t be because of some big huge issue with global implications. If we were capable of responding to something like that then we would have responded on November 20th, 2014 when the dictator abolished this country’s borders. No, I think what may finally push the White man over the edge is the petty PC and the PPP’s, the people with petty power who are the first echelon of the dictatorship, George Soros’ foot soldiers, you might call them. The ones responsible for all the little horrors, the genuine micro-aggressions that political correctness stabs us with, only to the victims they’re not so micro.

If you’re White, and especially if you’re White and male, then you live with this petty power and its abuse every day of the week, in a dozen different forms and situations---the niggers and minor government functionaries and bitchy left-loon women who were given government jobs and government paychecks right out of school and who clearly have feminist man-hating problems. All of whom have something you must have, and therefore you have to jump through their hoops.

The endless parade of flat brown faces behind counters where you have to wade through pidgin English in order to get done what you need to get done, the constant gabble of foreign voices in your ear—hell, any man of any age with a pale skin who lives in this toilet knows exactly what I’m talking about, all the people with petty power over our lives who shout at us and bully us and order us around and make us wait on them and tap dance in front of them and make us jump through their hoops, saying and doing to us things that these little creeps could never do or say to blacks or browns or Muslims.

That’s what’s finally going to push us over the edge. The petty injuries and injustices of life in liberal democratic America that poison everything in our lives. Have you noticed that nobody seems to be happy any more, that everything around us is full of rage and hate and bad craziness? That is the world that Obama and Hillary Clinton and ten thousand others have made for us all.

Okay, I realize that like Comrade Don says, I’m kind of all over the place with this, largely because it’s so hard for people of my race to speak honestly in this society, and I am trying to talk about things here that the régime doesn’t want discussed, so let’s give this a shot: what exactly am I driving at here?

It’s simply this: why are you guys doing nothing about all this? Why are you letting them do this to you? Why do you not make them stop? Why do you not resist? What will make you change who you are and begin resisting with something besides words tapped onto a keyboard and visible only on an electronic screen? Resist with something besides pictures of guns and Vikings and Nazi SS men posted to twitter like Stone Age men drawing animals on the walls of caves?

That is the question I’m going to try to answer in these Ghost Dance talks. Not just the usual endless re-hashing and re-analyzing and re-stating of the problem, which is what the right wing has been doing for generations, but a search for the solution.

Somehow I have to persuade you to change the very kind of person you are, as profound a change as any religious conversion, and I have to do it within the constraints of a First Amendment which has almost vanished, while being monitored and stalked by at least thee secret police agencies to my knowledge. I might really slip up this time and say something that pisses off somebody in a carpeted office so bad that I get Bill White-ed. But we’ll see how it plays out.

I think every White man of any age listening to this understands that Hillary Clinton’s America has got nothing for you. If you’re young and you went to a public school, you have seen the wasteland that you grew up in and you’ve probably figured out that you’re not really expected to work your way out of it, and you have encountered the obstacles deliberately placed in your way by the law, the culture, and the régime.

You have seen the college educations that will put you into lifelong debt bondage, even if a Whiteboy can break through what Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams calls the diversity ceiling and get into college at all. I’m sure you know guys who have come out with useless degrees and who are now living in their parents’ basement delivering pizzas three nights per week; I know that’s something of a stereotype, but stereotypes come about because they have a basis in truth. You may know guys who were forced into the dictatorship’s military because it was the only job available any more to high school graduates in their home towns, and some of those young men may have come back from Iraq or Afghanistan maimed or mad, or not come back at all.

If you’re a middle-aged White man you will have personally experienced the 1001 ways in which Hillary’s Amurrica debases, despoils, and degrades men of our skin color. All your adult life you will have been robbed of the fruits of your labor by the tax collector and for the last eight years by the Obama Depression, very possibly robbed of your home as well. Your family may well have been destroyed, not through any fault of yours or even your wife’s, not really, but simply due to the innumerable pressures and problems of trying to survive in a society which has become deeply sick, unhinged, and unnatural.

I’ll tell you this much: I grew up in the 50s and 60s and I don’t remember a single divorced couple or single-parent family in our circle of acquaintance in Burlington; I think it was 1969 or so in Chapel Hill before I even met anyone at school whose parents were divorced. Yes, Virginia, things really were better back then.

You may not be living in your parents’ basement like the 20-somethings but you may well be living in a crumbling furnished apartment or a double-wide, and if you still have your house it has become a monthly battle to keep it that exhausts all of your resources and allows you nothing to spare. You’ve been refused the jobs and promotions and career that you should have had, and you’re finally waking up and looking around in the dawning realization that America has thoroughly sodomized you and you’re wanting to know who is responsible and what to do about it. Well, I can help you with that.

And if you’re old—oh, God help you. I used to be grateful when I was younger because I honestly thought I didn’t have to worry about getting old; I figured one way or another some great cataclysmic event would step in, either we’d win the revolution or I’d end up dead. Hasn’t worked out that way yet, and now I’m coming up on my 63rd birthday with nothing, so you see I’m developing a bit of a sense of urgency about all this.

Many years ago I knew an old man who had been a Hungarian freedom fighter in 1956, one of those young people who charged at the Soviet tanks with nothing but a few Molotov cocktails and their bare hands. He told me something I have never forgotten. He said, “Harold, you are trying to fight the greatest evil humanity has ever known with nothing but words, and that is why you will fail.” So it has proven.

For over 70 years, we have with some very few exceptions been attempting to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children with nothing but words. We have failed. Group after group, including those I myself was involved in, came and went and tried the same old pointless methods, and all of us foundered on the rocks of our own people’s poor character and our refusal to undergo any genuine risk or inconvenience, again with a tiny number of noble exceptions.

Our species now stands on the brink of extinction, and the time is now upon us when we must change or else we all enter into nothing but endless night. Unless a major change is implemented in the essential inner character of a significant number of White men and at least a few extraordinary women, and unless this happens within a few years from now and the entire White Nationalist movement changes course, White people will become as completely marginalized as the American Indian within 50 years and gone from the earth in a little over a hundred. Anyone who doubts how quickly a previously numerous species marked for extinction can disappear should read the story of the passenger pigeon and the dodo and the Tasmanian thylacine wolf.

But there are stories of hope there. The buffalo were once almost extinct, as were the timber wolf and the alligator. Those species have now recovered because people changed their attitudes and made an effort to preserve them.

In these Ghost Dance talks, I intend to do two things. First off, I intend to make a serious analysis of what really is wrong with us, and I’m not talking about just the usual whining litany of complaint, the constant ritual stating and re-stating of the problem that most right-wingers and White Nationalists indulge in.

I am talking about doing the old AA trick and finally conducting that fearless and searching moral inventory of ourselves, and there will be those who really, really do not like what they hear. I am probably going to lose some supporters over this, but I’m sorry, it has to be done and we can’t wait any longer. The bio-political situation is simply too gravely serious now. 

That’s going to get me in trouble with my own people. The second thing I will attempt to do in this Ghost Dance series will probably get me in trouble with the secret police and the dictatorship itself. I will attempt to show you all how you can change and become at least some approximation of the men our great-grandfathers were. I cannot do this for you, any more than I can cause the NVA to materialize out of the ground. You’re going to have to do make this transformation yourself, within yourself, but I will do my damndest to hold your hand and walk you through it.

Because it has to be done. We have to become someone different from who we are now. The time has come, and genocidal death is standing behind us now.

Let’s go back to the standard ritual disclaimer: I am not inciting to violence or criminal activity. I am inciting to change, because we how now reached the point where the end really does justify the means.

Since it is by now as obvious as a neon sign in Las Vegas that the only way there can be change in this putrid society is if somebody gets up off their ass and physically changes things, you might say there’s no difference, but there is indeed a subtle but important difference in both message and intent. I am not saying this to cover my ass or trying to slap on a legal fig leaf of some kind, I am saying it because it is true.

This is not about me, it’s about you. Our race is now facing extinction from the planet because you are who and what you are, and you must learn to be someone else. I mean it about change; it has to come because right now our race is vanishing from the face of the earth, and that is not acceptable. Whatever must be done to stop that and recover White control of some portion of the earth has do be done and it has to be done now.

Since November 20th 2014, when Barry Soetoro abolished this country’s borders with a stroke of his pen and without even a pretense of consultation with the people’s elected representatives and thereby formalized his own dictatorship, from that moment on, there is no longer any health or hope in the existing system. On that day, the balloon finally went up, and most of us missed it. Our clever, clever enemies have always had sufficient sense to leave behind a hollow shell to give us wretched little Whiteboys an out, some fig leaf we can use to convince ourselves and others that there is still some way forward and some kind of future for this country other than endless night. There isn’t.

What I am trying to do is to get you to make the decision to change, to participate in political, social, and economic resistance activity in some form other than words. The nature and extent of that participation in the process of change I won’t speculate about, because according to circumstances, it could be anything. I want you to transform yourself into someone else, a man your great-grandfather would have recognized.

Before any of us can make this decision, we need to understand why, with only a microscopically tiny number of exceptions good or ill, we as a group have not made that decision before this. I’m talking about our own wee little Movement now, the ones among us down through the past half century who have known what the hell has been going on, and who therefore don’t have ignorance as an excuse. Guys like me.

Speaking for myself, I have enough self-knowledge so I can tell you why I didn’t oppose this evil more effectively than I did, or if you want to put it another way, why I didn’t indulge myself in a spectacular act of public suicide.

Ever since I first got involved in all this I have known that it’s going to take more than one single man and more than one tiny little group of five or six people committing some bizarre act or other to bring about the permanent systemic change needed to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. You might call that the Weatherman fantasy, and most of you have no idea who the Weathermen were, do you? Never mind.

In my case, yes, the usual components of cowardice and laziness were there—mostly laziness, I think. In my younger days life was still kind of sweet and kind of pleasant at times, and if you gamed the system and generated nothing but words, you stood a reasonable chance of not having your door kicked in at six in the morning. That’s no longer true, of course.

It was just so much easier to humble myself and shuffle and tap-dance in front of the tyrant in a clown suit, than do the things I understood even as a young man had to be done in order to bring about change. If I was a good little boy and colored only within the lines I would be allowed my series of crumbling furnished apartments and my nightly beer ration back in my drinking days, and even a few pointless and debilitating relationships with the damaged and half-crazy women of my own race.

For long periods I fucked off, just like you guys are doing now. I half-stepped. I became an expert at avoiding the heavy lifting I knew had to be done, making up for my failure to do the right and necessary things with words, some of them pretty fine words if I do say so myself.

Like you, I kept thinking that somehow there would be this big seismic, cataclysmic change that would relieve me of the necessity of coloring outside the lines until everybody was doing it and there were no lines.

Then on November 20th, 2014 the balloon finally did go up, only very quietly, passing almost unnoticed except on a few web sites and talk shows. So I've been there, guys, and I’m as guilty as you of seeing my duty clearly and failing to do it, not only out of plain old yellow but because I just couldn’t be bothered.

This series of audio talks is the beginning of a process I’ve said before that we have to undertake, a fearless and searching moral inventory of ourselves. Now, I don’t want it to turn into the typical White Nationalist or alt.right Whiteboy-bashing that we see so much of on the internet, sneering at one another because we won’t go first and go shoot somebody or blow something up, like ten year-olds daring one another to do something childish and stupid. That’s not revolution that’s Dylann Roof and Craig Hicks hissy fit stuff, and that’s not what I need.

Guys, no joke, do not take anything I say here as somehow giving you a permission slip to go commit some kind of gun crime. That is not what I am saying. That is not what I intend. No, really, don’t do that crazy shit, if for no other reason that too many Dylann Roofs can utterly gum up the works for those of us who really are trying to accomplish something serious.

As badly as most of us Movement Whiteboys deserve to be bashed, including me, that serves no purpose. We do have to take a look in the mirror and be honest about what we see there, and we have to do it now, because self-deception is a luxury White people can no longer afford.

I’m going to be saying things here that will upset and anger you, but you mustn’t react like a petulant child, you have to listen to what I say and act on it. No, really, I mean it, this time it’s for real. I can’t be worried any more about who I’ll give offense to or whose $20 donations I’ll lose because somebody thinks I’m talking about him and goes into a sulk.

It’s showtime, people. The border is wide open and the mud people are marching inland in their millions, when they are not actually being given rides to assembly points in the interior by the Border Patrol acting on Obama’s orders, as some are now. Time’s up, dudes. No more dry runs, no more practice swings. The borders are open, the mudflow is coming in a wall of excrement and filth and we have to get this right.

We can no longer pretend that the problem isn’t us, not while the borders are open. No time for that any more. We can’t afford to slough things off with these glib excuses we’ve been using for almost three generations, these rationalizations to continue to do nothing. That’s one thing wherein White males are the absolute tops in the world: our seemingly endless ability to dream up cogent, logical, and persuasive reasons to continue to do nothing.

This wee little Movement of ours has been around for a long time, we’ve accomplished pretty much zip, and we have a whole shelf of glib, plausible, facile canned answers and template excuses for our failure that we use to fool others and fool ourselves, as to why we can’t get our own people to do jack shit, legally or otherwise. The truth of the matter is that we have failed because we’re not doing what we’re supposed to be doing.

And I don’t necessarily mean direct action. That’s what never ceases to amaze me; for 60 years there have been a number of completely legal and at least partly effective tactics we could have used, but we can’t get White people to do simple legal things like kick in ten dollars a month to make sure their children have some kind of future. Now we’re down to one final act that will save us, yet one that is completely legal and one which is in the long run personally beneficial—the act of Northwest Migration.

And yeah, the NF has been able to persuade some of you to Come Home, although so far it’s only just a trickle. Fortunately for the future Northwest American Republic there is massive organic migration to the Northwest on the part of people whose knowledge of the true nature of things is limited at best or perhaps gotten from people like Alex Jones. It’s the most knowledgeable and talented of our wee little Movement whom we can’t get to Come Home and who persist in staying in their furnished apartments and double wides or crumbling McMansions in Tampa or New Jersey or Columbus Ohio or San Merda California.

I understand that White people below a certain age are not really responsible for what they’ve become, because they’ve been socially engineered like that from birth and many of these deep and profound character flaws are wired into them now. I won’t say hard-wired because I don’t believe that: I believe that post-1970 White people can change themselves through an act of Will, and that’s why this series of audios, to try and persuade you to make that decision and to act on it. 

However, all that having been said, just because it’s not your fault that you are the way you are, doesn’t mean it’s not your responsibility to correct it.

Okay, let’s start not with a character flaw so much as a few incorrect ideas we’ve taken hold of and in our poor character chewed it to death. Now, there are some ideas that I have been hearing literally for generations as to why we cannot or do not dare to do anything. Picking out the ultimate excuse for the White man’s doing nothing is hard, and there is no one single reason; this really is a very complex problem and its causes are very diverse, if you will pardon the expression.

One petty point that applies especially I think to the South. You may know that the lynchings that maintained the social order and reminded the niggers who they were and who we were, pretty much stopped by the mid-1950s. Now, this may sound really silly at first, but I think that it’s valid. I largely blame air-conditioning.

You see, it used to be that people in Southern communities escaped the heat that pretty much crushes everybody five months out of the year by almost a Latin American lifestyle involving outdoor shade and  including a siesta. Businesses in Charleston and the rest of the South took long noon-day breaks during the summer months. I can remember my father in Burlington when I was very small  having some kind of extended lunch hour and he would come home, eat lunch, and then gonk out on the couch for half an hour or so before going back to the plant.

After supper people would go out on their front porches and fan themselves and maybe read the newspaper, and they’d watch what went on along the street and bat the breeze with their neighbors. There was actual interaction between human beings, not between people and an electronic device.

Then along about the mid-1950s the first window unit air conditioners became commonly available, and then around 1962 or so throw in color TV, and all of a sudden White people aren’t spending the hot months outside dealing with other live human beings, they’re inside cocooning in an artificially cool environment and staring into the Jew Tube. Air conditioning turned the White man inwards and began the process of making him an indoor animal; color TV began the process of rotting his brain once he had been driven indoors.

Another problem is a profound and overpowering defeatism that has been meticulously socially engineered into us for at least three generations now and arguably began in the early 20th century when Jewish control of the media and academic world was first established.

 How many times have you heard words to the effect of “it’s just not bad enough yet for people to be willing to do anything.” “Dammit, Harold, the White man has to have his back to the wall before he’ll do anything, and until that happens it’s pointless to try any kind of genuine resistance.”

You know, I’ve been hearing “it’s not bad enough yet.” for 48 years. In the 60s and 70s and maybe even the Reagan era there was a little bit to that, although not nearly as much as we used to claim. You know, it is possible for human beings deliberately to create social and political conditions favorable to themselves. The Jews have been doing it for generations.  But yeah, I can recall times when things were actually pretty good in this country, although never for me, but pretty good compared to what they are now. I especially remember the long goodbye of the 1990s, the last good period in Old American History. I get that  expecting the White man to rise up and change the world in 1973 or 1978 or 1987 or even 1996 was unrealistic, and I got it then.

But what about now? Well, let’s take a look at today. 95 million unemployed. Half of all White marriages ending in divorce and broken families. A whole generation of White youth crushed for life under staggering student loan debts that even if they’re lucky enough to get a job they won’t pay off until they’re in their 40s and can no longer dare risk anything because now they have all the problems of old age coming at them like a freight train. Sexual perverts are now hanging out in men’s rooms to prey on women and little girls.

An actual, legal criminal guilty of multiple financial and national security-related offenses is about to take the White House. This morning’s headline on Drudge Report to the effect that White people are today being chased through the streets of Milwaukee by nigger gangs and being beaten and robbed as part of an anti-police riot. Do you want me to go on? Bad enough for you yet? If not now, when? Guys, really, just how bad is bad enough?

That’s one major excuse that Whiteboys have developed down through the years as reason to do nothing—the idea that either quote-unquote “things aren’t bad enough,” or else some other kind of deus ex machina, some Act of God, some kind of outside event is going to occur that will relieve us of the necessity that we ourselves do anything that entails personal risk or inconvenience.

Who knows? Maybe aliens really will land the mother ship on the White House lawn and load us all on board and whisk us away to a new home in the sun. Maybe there will be a big huge collapse of the system through the economy tanking or the stock market crashing or peak oil or some kind of plague, something which doesn’t affect us personally, of course, or cause our own electricity and internet to go out.

The big point of this Act of God theory is the hope that some catastrophic event will somehow disarm and disperse the armed men who serve the United States, so we will never have to confront them.

One staple of right-wing fantasy for the past 50 years has been all the mighty heroic deeds we will do once the Iron Heel is lifted. Mobs of plundering niggers from the city, invading North Koreans or Iranians, armies of weird guys in Mohawks with crossbows, zombie apocalypse, oh, we’ll just fight like hell against of those. We’ll fight like Rambo with our M-60 and our 1000-round ammo belt draped across our sweaty chest in a tank-top t-shirt, oh, yeah, that will be us!

Just not against anybody with an American badge issued by the tyrant’s régime. Oh, no, Hurrold, we can’t do that! Noooo! The bad men in the black body armor and the badges will hurt us if we don’t bow down and kiss their feet and do what they say. But Hurrold, Hurrold, they’re the law! 

Yeah, well, tyrants usually are. That’s what makes them different from ordinary gangsters.

Just a quick historical observation here. In times of societal breakdown, the police and legalized gun-toters generally become part of the problem and even less a part of the solution than they were before the collapse.

In many cases former police officers form groups or gangs or private armies or militias and take over turf, especially when the local people have no guns and can’t resist. This is basically what happens in Africa all the time, and to a lesser extent in Asia and South America.

So just a word of advice to all you mighty warriors who are going to do such great deeds of valor once the police and FBI and the courts and the prisons and other secret police agencies and whatnot somehow vanish into a puff of smoke: they most likely won’t, not at first and not completely.

I agree that at some point the whole house of cards in Washington D.C. is going to come tumbling down and central control of the secret police agencies and the various apparati of the Surveillance State is going to attenuate or collapse, but those people and their weapons and their facilities and their equipment are still going to be out there, and they’re going to be acting on their own, at least for a time.

I will tell you all now, quite frankly: if there is to be any hope for the re-establishment of any kind of freedom and meaningful existence on this continent, at some point the fragmented remains of these numerous, heavily armed agencies of control and coercion are going to have to be dealt with.

In the meantime, we Whiteboys spend our whole political careers, which consist mostly of surfing the web, looking for any thin ray of hope, however unlikely, that we ourselves, will never be called upon to display personal, physical courage against armed enemies, fight them, overcome them and destroy them. Offer any thin straw of hope that someone else will do it for us, and we Whiteboys will cling to it like grim death.

This is one of the reasons for the wild and hysterical welcome Donald Trump has received from so many among us. He is that gift of the gods, that someone else who is going to do it for us so we don’t have to show brave and expose our tender skins to beatings and bullets and orange jumpsuits and steel on our wrists.

We don’t have to do that now, Boss Trump gonna lead us all into the promised land, and God, do we love him for it. We love him so much that I’ve actually gotten kind of leery of pointing out the many problematic aspects of Trump, because I get really nasty responses when I do.

Some of us Whiteboys have finally found our Man On The White Horse, and we will not allow him to be taken from us. At least not by me.

Whether we will allow Hillary Clinton and the Democrats to take him from us is another story. They’re certainly going to try, through fraud or murder. We could put a stop to that if we wanted to, but there’s a catch: in order to install President Trump in the White House, we might have to display personal bravery against armed enemies, some of whom might be carrying badges from the old régime.

[Sound of crickets]

I thought so.

Another reason the majority of you guys don’t support the Northwest Front with anything other than words is the fact that you simply don’t believe it can be done, and that therefore there’s no point in even trying. And of course, if you’re going to take that attitude then you’re right. There isn’t.

History is replete with hundreds of examples down through the ages where peoples under threat have broken away from a tyrant or an empire and established independent nations of their own, including our own in 1776, but oh, no, we can never do it here. The very idea is absurd. America as we know it is eternal and immortal. Nothing can ever really change here. It … well, it just can’t. So there. Nyaah! 

Within living memory Communism has fallen, the Soviet Union itself has fallen, Hong Kong went back to China, dozens of new nations have been formed, most of them by White people, and the Muslim wogs are now creating a whole new nation-state where none was before out of nothing in Syria and Iraq which is capable of shooting up gay discos in Orlando, but oh, no no no, that could never happen on this continent, since we all know that America is the exception to every rule of history and is immune to such petty forces as human nature.

All that nation building and political hurly-burly stuff? Wogs and gooks and other Third Worlders do that; entitled Amurrican good ole boys go to Six Flags and ride the roller coaster and drink a lot of beer and part-taaay. America as we know it is forever, got that?

As recently as 1989 a mad left-wing dictator named Ceausescu and his Jew bitch wife were physically dragged out of their comfortable office and palace by a mob of the people they’d tyrannized, stood up against a wall, and riddled with bullets by White men, and yet that could never, ever happen here! Hey, dude, this is America, dude. Don’t you know America is immune to all the laws of the universe? Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk! We’re special, ‘cause my Bible tells me so. Amurrica is forever, dude, and whatever else happens anywhere else in the world we’ll always have NASCAR and Six Flags and Wal-Mart, bro!

This is what you have been raised to believe through a couple of generations of Jewish social engineering, and this is what you do believe, deep down, first off because of an essential lack of imagination on your part that makes any other way of life inconceivable, and secondly because it is easy for you to do so. Like all Americans, you take the line of least resistance. You go along to get along.

Now, to give you credit, you don’t like it. You’re not completely stupid or altogether depraved. If you were you’d have a Hillary Clinton sign in your yard. You know in your heart of hearts that something is badly wrong, you know what it is, you know what has to be done, and you really, really hope against hope that someone is going to come along and do it for you, like the mighty Trumpeldor.

But as far as helping some tiny little group of pioneers out on the edge of the world with even ten bucks a month, never mind actually joining them---yaah, come on, Harold! Ten bucks is a six-pack of beer, hey, a 12 pack of the cheap stuff. That’s enough to kill the pain for one night, so I don’t have to think, and I’m not going to live with a night of cold introspective sobriety just to help out an internet game, right?

You’re Americans. You want bells and whistles and fireworks and spectacle that will make you go oooh! and aaah! You want to see some sign somewhere that there is money present, because that is what you have been conditioned from birth to accept as the litmus test of success, money. You’re Americans, after all. And yeah, that’s one reason I keep asking you for it. Not just to pay bills with but for what the possession of even a small amount of it does for our presentation.

So you want to see bricks and mortar, you want to see really flashy and pizzazy internet entertainment like with Alex Jones, on that technical level, which I as well wish to hell the NF had, and you want to see visible bodies, preferably young female bodies to convince you that all White girls haven’t completely deserted us for the filth world.

Above all, I have come to understand, you want your picnics back like you had at Hayden Lake. Gotta have those picnics so you can briefly escape into liberated territory and be with others in a place where you can speak out loud any word you want without being punished and destroyed.

A couple of years ago word got out that we in the NF have occasional backyard barbecues at supporters’ homes here, which we do, and this rumor got blown all out of proportion to the effect that somehow we’d gotten hold of a compound, however you envision a compound, and the Aryan Nations-style picnics were back, and I still to this day get calls and letters and e-mails from as far as the East Coast from total strangers wanting to fly out to Washington to come to one of our gatherings. We’ll talk about that later, but this is a very real pathology among racially aware Whiteboys and I understand it.

Guys, I get where you’re coming from with all this. Please let me again assure you, this stuff I’m saying here is a lot less judgmental than it sounds. You have been made this way by the evil system you were born and raised under; now the trick is to find some way to get you to change and to transform yourself into someone your great-grandparents would have recognized.

So that’s another problem we’ve got: you don’t believe it can be done and you won’t believe it until I can finally locate the magic beans in whatever fold of my pocket they got lost in, and I can produce the headquarters and the professional videos and the couple-dozen Northwest migration websites and the visible bodies, preferably attired in some kind of odd garb, and above all until you see me all over cable news so you’ll know I exist, since all Americans know that if you’re not on TV you’re not real.

All I can say about that, guys, is I’m working on it as best I can within the limited parameters imposed by that evil bitch, reality.

So once again, what exactly is it that I am attempting to quote-unquote “incite” you to do here? I am attempting to incite you to do something which scares the FBI and the United States Attorney and the bureaucrats who do the hands-on ruling of us peasants to death, even more so than any crime of violence. At least if they have any sense they’re scared to death.

I am attempting to incite you to support the White Nationalist movement in general and the Northwest Imperative in particular with something besides words. With physical acts that you do not with your fingers touching a keyboard or an electronic screen, but with you whole body, standing up and most likely out of doors.

I do not say illegal acts. I say physical deeds that involve you interacting directly with other Caucasian human beings, in the flesh and not through the medium of an electronic device, where you can actually see his face and look the other person in the eyes. That type of interaction has almost ceased in the world of social media and the internet and the increasing isolation of the White male from the rest of the world and society, especially our increasing isolation from the women of our own race.

The Northwest Imperative is unlike anything in the White Nationalist movement before or since. All of the other grouplets we’ve had were based in various ways on things that you say. The Northwest Imperative is based on something you do, a physical act, Homecoming.

I want you to start doing rather than saying. I want you to stop letting your fingers do the walking and start doing it with your feet. Wherever possible, you should be standing erect, out of doors, and in motion in some form or another. Time spent in a seated position in front of a computer or holding an electronic device in your hand ideally should be minimized to the bare minimum necessary to function in 21st century society; you know, it amazes me that we have people on our mailing list who do that, no computer, no e-mail address, phone a simple land line, a cell phone but only for emergency use or when you’re broken down on the highway, stuff like that, so yes, it can still be done.

And yes, I know, what I just described bears almost no resemblance to how I myself spend my days. I am aware of the contradiction and the irony, and I have said before that one of the anomalies we’re going to have to deal with is that in all of these things I’m asking you to do for the 14 Words, there is a large element of do as I say and not as I do.

I apologize for that. There are very pressing reasons why I have to live and move forward in the way I do, which some of you are aware of, and some of which I discuss in the organizational letters, but which I can’t talk about here due to the undesirable nature of some of this program’s listeners who are operating on other agendas.

Suffice it to say that this is how it’s shaken out, and I wish it were otherwise. I occasionally play that “charge the blockhouse” audio clip from Arsenic and Old Lace in a sardonic kind of way, but I really wish I could be your man on the White Horse charge that blockhouse for you, guys. Who knows? Maybe someday you’ll give me what I need and I can give it a shot.


Blogger Unknown said...

This is the first I've read from this person. Long read but insightful [inciteful too ;)].

Happen to have moved to the NW recently too.
Have recently discovered Dr. William L. Pierce recordings.

Guilty as charged of warring with words. Have been thinking of what else to do.
Will get up and get out more. Not a young man anymore either, but also not dead yet.
I'll look to meet up with members of this NW Imperative.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Dee Grove said...

Technically, the Balkans (Bulgaria) are now the center of Europe, so geographically it makes sense for what they are trying to do.

6:25 PM  

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