Friday, July 08, 2016

"Gimme A Slave!"

Jews Redesign Money

by Bill White
Don’t call it a twenty. Call it a slave.

America’s secretary of the Treasury, Jewish banker Jacob Lew, has decided to force more lies upon the American public through a redesign of the $5, $10, and $20 bills that will feature both make-believe scenes of the Civil Rights Error and the face of black slave Harriet Tubman.
The move, which is designed as a direct insult to White working people and a perpetual reminder of White Americans enslavement to both usury and the Jewish banking elite, will not be immediately implemented and could be reversed by a future President. But it culminates almost a decade of destruction and impoverishment forced upon White America by the Obama Communist régime.
Jewish academia and puppet Republicans, all slaves themselves of the banking regime, lauded the move. Idiot gun-rights activist John Lott called Tubman, a former slave who joined the proto-Marxist abolitionist movement, a “Christian and a Republican.” But in doing so, he only reminded America of the role that Karl Marx played in forming the Republican Party, and fomenting the U.S. Civil War, as a writer for Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune.
Tubman’s ugly face will replace Andrew Jackson’s, the nation’s seventh President who stood against the country’s central bank, the Bank of the United States, and forced it into dissolution. Lew announced Jackson’s removal as part of a permanent purge of White males from power and linked it to the dismantling of Southern monuments.
In his final years in office, Obama, who has hollowed out the United States and destroyed its former power, has begun using the violence of federal law enforcement to turn America into a perverse anti-nation whose purpose is to destroy humanity. Flooding the country with multi-cultural immigrants, Obama has empowered homosexuals, appointed Jews and sorcerers to high positions in the courts, and allowed George Soros to finance and arm ignorant black mobs which roam America’s streets, randomly attacking White people. All the while, the Jewish bankers behind Obama have maintained the cult of money, promising that poison will enrich America, while packing all the money into their pockets.
The new money will not be printed until after 2020, and if Donald Trump is elected, the redesign may be stopped. If not, pictures of the Civil Rights Error and Southern desegregation will be placed on the back of the $5 bill; and pictures of the feminist movement, perhaps Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, and its other Jewish backers will go on the $10 bill.
Throughout history, the Jews have redesigned money to reflect their power. In Roman times, the Victory was printed on all coins, and when Rome fell, it was replaced with the Cross. But when Jewish bankers gained control of much of Europe in the 9th century, the Cross was replaced with the Seal of Solomon.
In the meantime, the new “slave” note invites White Americans to indulge in fonder times, when they could say “I need $100. Give me five slaves.” Urban youths have reportedly named the new $20 bill the nigger, as in “I got a bunch of niggers that want to see you.” The introduction of the new slave note also gives new meaning to making your money work for you.
The kind of bizzare things occurring under the Obama regime are the direct result of the cowardice of a White American population which is unwilling to kill, suffer, and die, to demand that human society be normal. Because White America ia entranced in a Jewish magical spell, it refuses to pull back the curtain and see that America’s Judæo-negro-homo-Latino power structure is bankrupt and toothless, and could be knocked over with a breeze.
Instead, White Americans are going to be content with carrying a rapidly diminishing number of slaves in their pocket while looking for ways to give them to the Jews in exchange for credit cards, distractions, and worthless plastic from overseas. White Americans are content to allow a literally insane regime of man-women and man-animals terrorize them and poison them, mocking them all the while.
Ultimately, the $20 slave bill is an argument for White people to dump the Jewish economy and to free themselves, adopting gold, bitcoins, or anything other than Federal Reserve notes as a unit of exchange.


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