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We Do Move Forward, However Slowly

[I get a lot of these. I don't publish them much because this isn't some kind of Haroldic ego trip, but every now and then I like to remind myself and others that for all the three-steps-forward-two-steps-back ambience, we are in fact making progress. - HAC]

Greetings, Mr. Covington. I hope you are well.

I would like to start off with saying that I am a great fan of your works. Never before have I been able to agree with the future dreams of another person, to be honest. In the case of Adolf Hitler, the second best society envisionist (?) I have read, although his ideal has too much law and socialism for my taste. But I still call myself a National Socialist, because at the end of the day, that is who and what I am. I and my soon-to-be wife are likely Coming Home in the next few years. Since we live in Sweden, it is going to take money and careful planning, and tons of bureaucratic twists and turns. The why is because like that impudent nigger M.L.K, we have a dream!

To the point of my message. Your books have kept me sane and afloat with dreams of both rightful vengeance against Der Ewige Jude and with the vision of a better world for posterity. The world our children and grandchildren will inherit. I have read all your books on Kindle, so many times that if they were physical books they would have been worn out by now. I am begging you to write more, because we - and I bet there are many more who agree - so desperately need your Iron Dream to keep our heads level, our motivation up and productivity going. 

You may feel nothing is happening, but your books will work for the cause long after your physical self ceases to be. Do not underestimate your power as an author. I have read books non-stop since I first learned to read, I have plowed through every thinkable genre as well as classics, and no books ever in my whole life has made me cry with sadness, my heart glow with triumph and inspired such feelings as your books do. Never. And I am not just saying that, I mean it. Which is why I bother writing this Wall of Text.

Specifically, more about the future would be great. Continuing after Freedom's Sons. As for literary criticism, A Distant Thunder, A Mighty Fortress and Freedom's Sons are by far the best books. I did not like the traitor theme of The Brigade much. I generally skip all chapters about Kicky on a re-read. 

[That is very rare. I've never come across that before. - HAC]

The rest of the book though is great. Especially Operation We Are Not Amused. A Distant Thunder and A Mighty Fortress both caught how my generation of White men feel as well as what we would like to do about it. Freedom's Sons give us a few glimpses of the future, but I want more. So, to quote Oliver Twist: "Please sir, may I have some more?"

I know you are not an agreeable fellow, so you will likely find something to not like about what I said and shoot me down in some manner. You might suffer from writer's block or any given number of things which makes you want to say no. I take that as given and accept it as it is. But please remember what I said in the back of your head. Your books will keep the work going even when you cannot anymore. 

We need sustenance. The few of us who do not spend time on forums and bullshit organizations. We who do, who plan and achieve. I spend all my time working or training hard. It makes us remember why we work hard. Your future will not create itself, it needs strong shoulders and able minds. 

But there is that time before sleep, where I want to dream away to the future of fighting these sons of bitches, conquering them and building a better world. It keeps me motivated and sane, as said. Us youngsters need that mental sustenance that only you can provide. 

Providence, God, the gods, fate or whatever force that runs the universe made it your destiny to write exceedingly well and inspire the younger generations. Duke, Black and all the bloody Movement hacks are growing old and tired, their works will be forgotten. Yours will not. They are in a class for themselves. You are likely the best visionary mind of this age. Also, your knowledge about war, society building and your accuracy of thought is astounding. There is nothing like it. 

You write things many of us have wanted to hear all our lives, you give our feelings words of expression, you hammer into us a dream along with how to get there and what to do when the enemy is beaten, so as not to find ourselves in a Hannibal situation of not being able to consolidate a victory.

It needed saying. Don't give up. To you we, your followers, may seem few and the situation bleak, but we are just the seed you have sown, not the crop itself. I have made a lot of others read your books, your seed will sow itself and multiply. It will take time. There will however be a time for harvest, and the greater it will be the more you sow. Your books are by far your best medium for it, I have to admit I rarely have the patience for the podcasts. [Uh ... ooo-kaaay.] They are terrible, to be honest. Your books is where you will literally cause the downfall of the Jewish/globalist hegemony. They are what scares those Noses blind.

Thank you for existing and for the works you have published so far. They are invaluable, quite literally.

My greatest respect,




Blogger brian boru said...

Hi Harold. I would agree with much of what this Gustaf guy states. I think I've said several times that I believed that your books were a powerful achievement for our cause. I stated that they would lay the seed in the minds of potential Zack Hatfields. Whether more needs to be written on the subject of the Northwest Republic or not, I can't say. Those five novels really lay it all out. Of course, most of us would love to read more if you ever decide to continue with other books on the subject, but, I think that what's been done is sufficient as a guide for now.
I was surprised at his reaction to Kiky McGee. It's easy to be puritanically critical of an individual caught in the claws of the Beast while sitting and reading in the comfort of your home. Kiky is an interesting and complex character in a situation beyond her control and under almost unbearable pressure. Yet, she manages to atone and hurt the enemy. That's an inspiration to others who may think that they have fallen too far and cannot contribute or make up for past mistakes. All of us making little stabs at the system can eventually bleed out these monsters.
His reaction to the podcasts is also a bit strange. They are a connection to reality, to what is actually happening now and not to fiction, which only describes a potential that may never happen in that way.
At any rate Gustaf sounds like he has the right stuff, although he may struggle to get out of that Swedish lunatic asylum to the Homeland. I'm sure that there are many others who have been inspired by those novels too. I always think that it's a pity that we can't get them turned into animated films. The animation nowadays is very professional and realistic and that would really inspire many of the young who rarely read.
Anyway, best of luck in the meantime.

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