Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Radio Free Northwest - June 16th, 2016


HAC on the Orlando shootings and the horse race, Andy on the politics of race, Gretchen on Dharma, part two of HAC on Radio Wehrwulf.

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Okay, first up I obviously need to make a few remarks about the Orlando faggot massacre which took place on Saturday the 11th. When the ISIS thing came out, I wondered how the left-loons and the Democrats were going to spin the narrative in order to turn it away from the obvious Muslim and ISIS and immigration connection, and try to wrench it back onto guns, guns, guns, it’s all the fault of the guns, gotta take away all White people’s guns. Looks like they may manage it. 

En passant, I am always fascinated by what this liberal democratic system does when the various little minorities and special interest groups in this society can’t play nice together, or when something happens that clearly contradicts the Party line, excuse the expression, but they can’t immediately blame it all on Republicans and White males and Donald Trump.

I am always interested in which minority in the end has more juice with the media and with the powers that be, and so far homosexuals have had a lot of juice, for example when nigger comedians of both genders get cyber-lynched and defunctionalized for making faggot jokes on stage, that kind of thing. So far at least faggots have always come up trumps in the victim stakes, but not any more now that the Hildebeest’s narrative is being threatened.

What the dictatorship is apparently doing after some initial confusion, in order to airbrush Islam and immigration out of the picture in Orlando, is to claim that this guy Omar Mateen who did the shooting was a faggot himself, and he was self-hating and so he decided to go all Disco Duck on his fellow bugger boys. I’m not sure I buy this, although there is apparently a tradition of boy-buggering in Islamic countries and especially Afghanistan because women are kept in such seclusion. Ever heard of the famous dancing boys of Kandahar?

But it’s kept very much on the down-low and only somebody very high up in Islamic society can get away with it, something never ever mentioned in public. In most Islamic countries ordinary faggots get strung up or get bits and pieces cut off their anatomy.

This is not an optimal spin for the liberals, because it leaves a brown hand on the trigger and it also throws a major Democrat constituency under the bus, i.e. homos, but you have to understand that there is no Islamic terrorism in Obama’s Amurrica. That’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

It simply doesn’t exist. Mighty Barry and his Secretary of State, the equally mighty Sea Hag, killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011, or anyway they killed some old guy that the Navy Seals found in a house in Pakistan watching cartoons and dumped his body in the ocean rather than bringing it back here to the United States for definite DNA analysis, so we’ll never actually know if Osama bin Laden is dead or even if he existed at all. 

But the main thing you have to bear in mind, I repeat, is that there is no Islamic terrorism in the United States under Obama, and preserving that narrative is vital to the Hildebeest’s election as president, even to the point of throwing the faggots under the bus. My guess is that this one is going to disappear into the news cycle fairly quickly. It’s going to a be a bit harder that usual since the dead in this case belonged to a highly politically protected Democrat constituency, but there are simply too many inconsistencies in the narrative.


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