Monday, June 06, 2016

Idabro On "Movement Modernization"

Dear HAC:

Not that we need this kind of explanation to justify our own position, but for anyone that likes a read or wants a lengthy canned answer on hand for new people, this may be of some help.  I've noticed that faggotry is creeping into the alt.right, but thankfully some are taking a hard stand against it.

I just found this website today and it looks like an extension of the Iron March forums, a board dedicated to Fascism. This is a long read, and I haven't finished it, but it looks like a worthy one.

The main points:

Faggotry is either a biological disorder, in which case it must be treated; a psychological disorder, in which case it must be treated; the result of fag indoctrination, in which case it must be treated; a hedonistic vice, in which case it must be overcome.

Social faggot acceptance leads to complete degradation of society and all norms, resulting in a free-for-all sexual jungle where everything is permissible, including pedophilia, incest and zoophilia. This can only be prevented by a definitive stance to opposition to faggotry in all its forms without compromise.

Acceptance of faggots in the movement is impossible because their nature goes against the principle of overcoming our vices and swearing loyalty to something greater than ourselves.

Acceptance of faggots in the movement opens doors to subversive influences meant to spearhead faggot supremacy.

Faggots are only loyal to themselves and whatever provides them with pleasure. 



Anonymous Barney said...

Faggots are also some of the most vile, vindictive, hateful creatures anyone can imagine.

The nature of what they do was brought home to me one day when I had to deliver something to one of these perverts, and he told me in conversation that he was washing the bed sheets because he and his boyfriend "had a bit of a session last night".

Their mental sickness is enough to make most normal people vomit, and lesbians are often even more aggressive than the males in their attempts to "be men". The "butch" dykes are often violent because they've been indoctrinated to believe "that's what men are like".

NO queers of any kind can be allowed in a future White society. No faggots. No dykes. No "I don't know what I am". We want men. We want women. We DON'T want perverts, misfits or malcontents. The mentally ill can remain with the jews that made them that way.

11:35 AM  

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