Monday, June 13, 2016

Coming Home

Hello, decided to move Northwest. Currently at the very early just decided stage. After vehicle trouble this week and lack of money it was just a breaking point to me on many levels. 

Just as  I stated, it's simply a starting point as I have to convince the wife, which won't hopefully be too hard, and start saving up get a better truck, then save for the actual move. As we're both in our 50s now we can't take the bitter cold, but we're open to anywhere. Prefer rural or near rural for the wife, hunting and fishing our passions. 

I luckily have some skills as a fabricator and welder and been doing the same job for 10 years. I fab heavy steel construction beams. Parts, lots stuff for electrical utility companies.  Railings platforms so a job  wouldn't be too hard. I think just need nearer a town, sadly for that. Unfortunately finances at the moment are a mess so it's into save mode and getting ready. 

It will probably be some time till the actual move and much internet searching and probably an actual visit to a few places. If we end up eastern Washington or Idaho it will have be closer to a town and in the valley area due to the heavy snows in winter which is why I think the western bits might be better fit for us. 

Open to even renting once thee till get settled in that's no big deal though you just have to get out and do the foot work. I had gotten an intro packet a good time ago so no need waste the money on that as there are others new whom could benefit. 

Anyhow I get long winded. Just thought you would like to know the decision has been made, even if it's just in the earliest stage of a mindset change on it. On a side note I think the more White folks that move up there, racial or not, is better to squeeze out the undesirables. Many will fall in line once it goes down eventually, perhaps not in our lifetime, but it's a start and hope besides it could happen very quickly as well. Enjoy the radio shows and keep on with the good work even if it seems it's not much to you at times. 



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