Thursday, June 09, 2016

Bill White Moved In Defiance of Judge's Order

The FBI has moved Bill White out of the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center, in defiance of a judge's order, who directed that White remain in Chicago to be available for hearings on his Elonis appeal. He is now at the BOP's Oklahoma Transit Center. 

The move appears to be intended to interfere with White's legal proceedings and filings, in which he is attempting to force judicial notice of clear forensic evidence that two of his "crimes" were in fact committed by a woman who was the dictatorship's primary witness against him, on one occasion when she was in the physical presence of United States Marshals. 

And yes, this is the same woman who admitted on the witness stand in Florida that she was testifying under the influence of narcotics, provided for her on the morning of the trial by federal law enforcement agents.

Bill believes that he is headed back to the Marion Special Management Unit in Illinois, since he is officially designated as a terrorist due to his secret army of violent and criminal "followers" who gallop the American countryside at night on black steeds, wearing hooded black cloaks with glowing red eyes with which they peer into windows and frighten the pajama boys and Bernie bros.

Or they may be farming Bill out to some county jail in Hawg Waller, Mississippi, where they will leave him to rot until his lawyers find him, and then send him on his travels again

Or he may simply disappear or be "shot while trying to escape" this time.

I will let you know when Bill arrives at what looks like a destination, with the address.



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