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Bill White Gets All Mystical

I normally don't publish religious stuff on here, but this isn't religion, it's mysticism, which isn't quite the same thing. 

Opinions are divided as to why Bill White was originally arrested in 2008--the Supreme Court has ruled, twice,  that his "offense" of publishing on the internet information available in the public record was not a crime, while the Virginia and Florida cases are such rubbish that even the U. S. Attorney's office doesn't pretend to believe them any more. They intercept his legal filings, steal them from the mail, and hide or throw them away. The dictatorship basically says "Screw you, Bill, you're going to die in prison because we say so, and whaddya gonna do about it?"

But down through the years I have gotten the impression that Bill's mystical and theological writings really disturb somebody in authority, possibly more than his original "crime" of publishing an anti-Obama magazine cover did. There's the way his outgoing mail tends to reach me at the speed of a wagon train, if ever, and the way in which certain of the more mystical and philosophical pieces tend to arrive in photocopy form rather than in the original scribbled yellow sheets. There is the repeated theft of his manuscripts by the dictator's servants, including the entire original first draft of Serpent's Blood, stolen from his stored possessions in Florida by the FBI.

Anyway, here's a sample of what's getting our friends in the silk suits all hot and bothered. - HAC
Law, Order, Justice

by Bill White

As the United States and its global Zionist empire turns against mankind, the questions of when law may be abandoned and legal institutions overturned arises.

The means by which Judaism binds man has always been the medj wadj, an Egyptian phrase that can mean “ten laws,” or the Gnostic “bridal chamber,” the place beyond the mouth of madness. The ancient world recognizes order, law, and justice as distinct principles, of which law can easily turn towards rebellion against God. This distinction is helpful in the modern world to understand the morality of overturning the false Judæo-occult Law which now enslaves man.

The Heavens

Our world exists in the intersection between being and non-being, and as such, our experience of time is as movement between order and chaos. Order represents differentiation, the distinguishing of individual forms and the unique shaping of the form to the individual. Among men, order also demands social hierarchy, the subjection of one social role to another. Differentiated, hierarchical order is the key to human happiness. As in nature, it is defined as each thing in its place, a unique place which is its own.
When good, law preserves order. But law does not necessarily serve order. Law is the rule by which being and non-being are bound. By law’s measure, a ratio between being and non-being is made. In service of order, more being is mixed in. But when law enters into revolt against God, more non-being is introduced, and law becomes a vehicle by which the world, or a society, is moved towards chaos.
Biblically, this figure  is Lucifer. As the most beautiful of the angels, Lucifer established this world, measured it, and handed down the Torah, the law. But as time progressed Lucifer rebelled and turned the law and its angels against the solar order. As a result Lucifer was cast down, his temple destroyed and bound as the volcano. In Greece, he was Hephaestus, Saturn, Pardanos, Erechtheus, and the like; cast down, he is Egyptian Ptah-Min. It is never the name, but the substance of the god which is valued.
The third principle is justice. The use of force in support of order is justice; injustice is the force in the service of chaos. Justice can act either in service to, or in opposition to the law; the two are independent principles. This is the means by which Lucifer was cast down, his temple burned. When Lucifer rebelled, the savior manifested in this world and took the rebels’ weapon, turning their force against them.
The body in which the savior possessed is the storm god. Thus, we have the classical Heracles in service to Apollo: we have Horus in Egypt, in the north there is Thor and Baldur, in the Near East there is Baal’s struggle on behalf of El against Jah and Mot. The dichotomy drawn by some moderns between Christ and Thor is nonsense. In Egyptian terms, the storm god is the body of the savior.
The relationship between order, law, and justice was the basis of classical understandings of the Demiurge, the “half-creator.” Traditionally, the One God, who is light, opposed to the darkness “beyond the light,” is the first principle and creator of order. But the Demiurge, the craftsman of our world, binds soul and matter in our world. The character of this Demiurge, Hebrew Lucifer-Jah, was the focus of religious debate for the first five centuries of our era. Some condemned the law out of hand, others played the law above the light. Both were wrong.
The legal pretensions of the modern world, the phony “rule of law” in both national and international relations, is a direct continuation of this ancient debate. The Jews were persuaded to abandon God and savior in devotion to the law, and the false law was then turned against the Jews by the agents of deceit, the infernal gods who serve Egyptian Thoth-Djehwty, who is Hebrew Yehudi-Judah. The Torah became, in Jewish hands, a continuation of Lucifer’s rebellion, as the American-Zionist “rule of law” is today. For this reason the savior, in the storm god, took up the thunderbolt and cast down the law and its temple, massacring Jews in a Holocaust.

The Bride
The classical world knew three pillars, the white, the green, and the gold. Each of these is a goddess—the white solar, the green heavenly, and the gold infernal. In Egypt, they were Isis, later Roman Juno: Wadjet, the life goddess; and Nubit, the golden lady. Each goddess played a unique role: Wadjet gave life to the Earth, being a name of Isis. Nubit was infertile matter. Early in Egyptian history, the cult of Thoth-Re displaced the original Sun-worship and the golden pillar was substituted for the emerald green one. From this came nonsense like the idea of the Wadjet or Eye of Horus.
Wadjet is very close to udjet, the Egyptian word for “law”, and the green pillar was associated with law-giving, the binding of good souls to healthy bodies in accordance with order. But the golden pillar, the veiled lady, the virgin whore, the young crone, was associated with unnatural creation, with the golem, who is animate dead matter. In modern terms, she is the goddess of robotics and bioscience; because of her relationship to death, the ancient world made her time as a progression towards non-being.
The golden lady was lost when the temple was destroyed. Thrust into the Great Eye, the focus of the temple’s adoration, the lady was lost in the darkness. This darkness, the adytum, or the bridal chamber, is where the golden woman lies veiled. The goal of the infernal cults is to “marry” this veiled lady, to bring about her return. This return, however, is the doom of man, the exact nature of which the pseudo-tradition conceals from even the highest initiates.
Until the Eye can be re-opened, a prerequisite for the wedding, the infernal gods preach the torment, not the extermination, of mankind. Death, poverty, disease, and hatred, degradation, and cultural poison, are the infernal gods’ tools. In the current form of Judaic Zionism, they preach the enslavement of humanity under a Judæo-occult élite; such enslavement being implemented by the manipulation of desire, which is at the heart of the temple.

Classically, desire was a product of the Four Manias: intoxication, rhythmic music, infertile sex, and the infliction of pain. The use of these Four Manias today by Jews and America against White people and Western civilization is well known.

Classically, our world is a pocket of non-being, which is in the process of being taught into being; our world is surrounded by the ether, a bright, white light, the white pillar. But in the pseudo-tradition, the ether becomes the bridal veil, sometime called the tent, or tapestry, sometimes confused with necklace, girdle, or ring. The golden lady is a weaver because she weaves threads in space and time; this can be connective or destructive, but it is not creative, as it was later made out to be. The clash of being and non-being was called the war, as weaver of the veil that contained the war, the golden lady became a war-goddess. Thus, infernal law became a tool of war, like the lady herself.
Through this impersonation, law descended into illegitimacy and became opposed to Order. The pursuit of law became an infernal rite, the desire for the chemical marriage. And legal institutions became means by which man is led into destruction.


Judæo-Christianity is the worship of the devil as both Judah and Christ. The enemy of man, the Egyptian magician, has always been able to appear in angelic glory. And this false light, the sputtering Sun, is the Judæo-Christian’s hateful “savior”, the product of their law.

In Judæo-Christian ideology, the Luciferian sin is not rebellion against order, but rebellion against the law. This is a lie. The Demiurge revolted against God in conformity with the law, driven by it, and by desire for adulation. The ones who revolted against the law were the savior in the stormgod, the savior which all Judæo-occult philosophies reject.
Traditionally, Aryan man is defined by his excellence, by his adherence to solar principles in the face of darkness. As the rebellion of the law led to the light being cast down, the rebellion of Justice against the law led to the binding of the Darkness. The Aryan role is always to uphold justice and order, against any effort by the law to usurp them and to do so without desire or the lie.

In the modern context, this means that any human or divine law may be disregarded when that law stands in opposition to order. For example, in the Soviet Union, the law became a vehicle for disregarding order and justice. In early Soviet courts, the lie was used to justify infliction of pain on men, in order to force degradation on mankind. This created an Aryan duty to destroy the Soviet state, which defined itself by the craftsman’s hammer and the castrating sickle.
Today, American-Zionist courts, whether those of the U.S. federal government, the European Union, or international bodies like the International Criminal Court, have the same fundamental illegitimacy. Their purpose is to further the lie, and to move the world towards chaos. Thus, as happened when the temple was destroyed, as eventually happened with the Soviet Union, there is an obligation for devotees of the solar god to dismantle these illegitimate legal institutions.


Order and justice are dependent upon one another, but independent of the law. When the law ceases to align with order, justice demands that it be overturned. Such law is illegitimate and not the binding force which the devils who adhere to it portray. What binds man is either justice or desire; those who adhere to a solar perspective always align with the former. And thus, rebellion against the temple and its law, the lie which serves it, and the darkness which it serves, is always just.

* * *
[Brief letter from Bill White] 

[Date clipped away]
Hello, Harold:

I will be transferred to the Special Management Unit at USP Marion soon. This is being aggressively pushed by the U.S. Marshals, probably to disrupt my ongoing appeals in Virginia and Florida by making their seizure of my legal pleadings and court filings from the mail fully authorized, since I am a "terrorist" with "followers" (the Fox Network told them) and therefore the law does not apply to me. Well, it never did. Nor do the rulings of federal judges that I not be moved apply, either, apparently.

I hope not to be at Marion long. I am waiting to hear back from my two detectives, and apparently the dictator's servants don't want me to speak to them, so they're going to hide me away from them and from my lawyers. The next logical step after Marion is to take me back to Roanoke, and once that occurs I can resume progress toward my eventual release. 

I now have conclusive forensic evidence that I did not commit the "crimes" the U. S. Attorney says I did, but rather than somebody in authority just looking over the evidence and ordering my release, I am going to fight every inch of the way, tooth and claw, which will probably take at least a year, maybe two, but the dictatorship considers every day I spend in prison to be a victory.

Regardless, when you hear I am in Marion, please publish the address. Be well, Harold.



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Strangely, something similar happened to David Icke a few years back. Creator of the lizard people stories, the Canadian government suddenly decided that he was talking in code about the joos and banned him from speaking publicly or even being in Canada. Icke is in nono way a WN or a hollycost denier but something about talking of lizard people got him on a shit list.

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