Saturday, May 14, 2016

The White Man's Nelson Mandela

"The best legal defense in the world is no use if the judge is simply 
going to ignore everything you say." - Kirk Lyons

April 8th, 2016

Hello, Harold:

You asked me for a summary of my case for your readers. Right now, I am in prison for crimes I did not commit. The sum total of people who have read all the paperwork and know this may be four--myself, two attorneys who are assisting me, and the U.S. Attorney in Virginia who convicted me. I couldn't swear to the last.

Until recently I have been in prison in part because of something I did do, for publishing information which was readily available in the public record to anyone who knew where to look or how to use an internet search engine. Last summer the Supreme Court ruled that this was not a crime, but the regime still refuses to void that conviction and thus remove the load-bearing wall, so to speak, of the whole edifice of persecution to which I have been subjected for the past eight years.

In Virginia and in Florida, the crimes of which I have been accused appear to have been committed by a woman acting at the behest and apparently on one occasion in the physical presence of federal law enforcement agents, United States Marshals who were supposed to be "guarding" her. At least that's what the forensic evidence suggests. 

My specific "crimes" consist of allegedly sending e-mails and making posts to a hoax Facebook page which was set up in my name by a person or persons unknown. I did not send these e-mails or make these posts. I am not making this up; that's what the forensics shows, it's just that the actual evidence in these cases is not so much even suppressed, it's simply being ignored. I can't even get anybody to look at it. 

Most people assume that the dictatorship traced my IP addresses to convict me. They didn't, nor does it indicate anywhere in the actual evidence files that there is anything at all to link me to these objectionable e-mails and posts. Even after I send people court documents, they don't read them. They just assume that the legal system worked and they avoid me.

The linch-pin of my conviction is that the Facebook posts and e-mails allegedly stopped with my arrest. This simply isn't true, and the court record and the computer forensics evidence indicates that it is not true--I just can't get anybody to read it.

In the Virginia case my own defense attorney never even bothered to read the discovery. The "computer expert" he hired was the son of a friend, a kid who had never worked in computers at all.  I was put under a court order saying that I couldn't read the discovery--the Constitution says you have the right to confront your accuser and see the evidence against you, but our rabbinical courts interpret this as meaning that your lawyer has the the right to see the evidence against you. You don't. 

I was forbidden to see the evidence against me because I am supposed to have this secret invisible army of "followers", an idea which the United States Attorney in Virginia came up with after watching a Fox Network television drama called The Following.  

This led to my jury in Virginia being "anonymized." I'd like to complain that I was convicted by a jury of Jews or negroes or left-wing Huffington Post vermin, but the fact is, I don't know who the hell they are. Whoever they were, they were no doubt terrified by the U.S. Attorney's anonymizing procedure and his chilling accounts of my evil "followers" into believing in my guilt before they had heard a word uttered in the courtroom. (Would someone please tell me where the hell all my "followers" are when I need things done for me or errands run for me on the outside?)

The idea is that I am a "cult leader" who allegedly controls this vast secret horde of fanatical brainwashed killers, and therefore I cannot be allowed to know the names of my jurors or any of the witnesses against me or the evidence against me, lest I call upon my Children of the Night, possibly sending them secret microwave signals that I beam from my cyborg brain, and command them to kill, kill, kill. People think I am just being silly and exaggerating this aspect. Nope, that's pretty much the reason the dictator's servants gave in two courtrooms for denying me access to the evidence against me. Almost in those words. That's the official excuse for the constant delay, interception, photocopying and general tampering with my incoming and outgoing mail. For real, dudes.

There was government tampering with their own evidence. Now that I finally have the discovery from the Florida case I see little things like one exhibit being 92 pages in length but only 52 pages being actually introduced in court, etc. My Florida defense attorney either didn't notice or just didn't give a rat's ass.

Throughout all of this, other than law enforcement and "technical experts" (one of whom was a female deputy sheriff whose sole "expert" qualification was a computer course at a local community college), there has been only one non-official witness against me, a woman who among other things in Florida admitted that while she was on the witness stand, she was high on narcotics provided to her by federal law enforcement agents. This admission was duly noted in the court record, and has been subsequently ignored by everyone. As was the statement of the presiding judge in my Virginia trial at sentencing that he believed I was innocent and was being persecuted for my beliefs.

The United States Attorney was perfectly well aware that this woman was committing perjury, as they have been aware from the beginning that I did not send the e-mails or make the Facebook posts in question. Among other whoppers she testified to my using the bogus Facebook page in 2009 when I was in prison, while the page itself wasn't created until 2011. This also was disregarded. She could have claimed to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the stand, and it would have been ignored. I can now prove this woman's perjury through official documentation from the Virginia and Florida trials, but it doesn't matter. I cannot get anyone with the authority to make the decision to release me or at least give me a new trial to read these documents. You've heard of the Invisible Man? In many cases my legal filings simply disappear into the hands of the FBI and never reach the clerk of court. 

The regime kept saying they knew for a fact that there was no evidence of anyone other than myself using these accounts. This is simply false, and the U. S. Attorneys involved know it is false, and they knew it was false when they began the prosecutions. I finally got a forensics report three days ago, the first real forensics ever done in these cases by either party, even after two trials. It says that everything the dictatorship testified to about Facebook and Yahoo and how they work is wrong. It also explains what certain activity on the accounts--sending e-mails without logging in--means, that a mobile device was using the accounts.

The case in Florida, frankly, was worse. Realizing that the Virginia forensics was bad, the dictatorship almost didn't present them. What they did present was false, as above. Instead they hung their hat on this woman's "identification" of me, hence her drug-sodden appearance on the witness stand. 

[Some material redacted here. There is no man on the face of the earth who has more right to be enraged and to make intemperate comments regarding the massive injustice which the American dictatorship has inflicted on him, but I do not believe my publication of these comments, morally justifiable as they are, would be in Bill's best long-term interests. - HAC]

I could rant on, but I won't. The challenge is now actually getting these arguments into court. 

I say all this knowing that no one will believe it, no one will read the court pleadings, and everyone will just assume the courts are legitimate and honest. What fools we all are.

Thank you, Harold.


William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL. 60605-1004


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