Friday, May 20, 2016

Pre-Human Features Advantageous To Basketball

by Bill White
For decades, pundits have pondered why negroes perform so well at basketball. They aren't smarter, or even smart at all, and the strategy of the game largely escapes them. They also aren't social animals and don't work well in teams.

According to a recent study by the National Basketball Association, America's Jewish-owned professional basketball league, the answer is that negroes have an extraordinary "wingspan," long, loping arms left over from when negroes were merely monkeys.
The average human being can hold out his arms and reach from one finger tip to another about the same distance as they are tall. But the average NBA player has a "wingspan" 6 percent longer than an average human's. And NBA all-stars are even more freakishly ape-like with "wingspans" 10 to 15 percent greater than a normal humans.
Thus, there's a Golden State Warrior named Draymond Green, whose first name not only reflects the primitive, illiterate, ignorance of the negro, but at 6' 5 3/4"tall, has a great ape-like "wingspan" of 7' 1½". Or there is San Antonio Spur Kawhi Leonard, whose drunken mother slurred out his first name after downing too much Schlitz malt liquor, and who at 6'6" tall has the physique of a chimpanzee with a 7'3" wingspan.
Similarly built human-monkey hybrids include LeBron James, another man whose mother was an illiterate moron, and Kevin Durant, whose mother could at least spell.
The result of putting freakish, ape-like degenerates on the basketball court has been a complete breakdown of the idea of "position", with long-armed, loping, negro primitives just running around, playing every position. These negroes' owners are okay with this, as the black-moron audience for niggerball don't understand the concept of position either.
Seventy years ago, White people played sports as a form of recreation. But during segregation, the sport was bought by Jews who placed unqualified blacks into prominent roles. Basketball's White audience largely abandoned the sport, and the Jews continued to hire a more and more bizarre group of monkey-men, driving standards for the sport lower and lower.
With the discovery of the wing-span rule, the Jewish owners of the NBA may next move to have actual trained monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, and apes play the sport. As it now stands, there is nothing that the NBA's trained negroes do that cannot be done by pure-blooded monkeys. Some Jewish owners are even thinking of abolishing teams, sides, and lines on the court, replacing them with a bunch of monkeys and negroes, just running around at random, bumping into each other, grunting, and throwing a ball.
Sports, like all Jewish media, have become a kind of fraud perpetrated against White society. Sports teams, like America's political parties, have no real meaning. They feature hyped-up puppets selected for talent, but to manipulate and reshape American culture. Seventy years ago, mildly talented negroes were hyped as sports stars to persuade whites that negroes weren't worthless apes. Now, worthless apes are hyped in order to persuade stupid Whites to emulate them.


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