Saturday, May 07, 2016

Portland Contact

Dear Mr. Covington,

I think I sent an earlier message to your site. I think it might have gotten lost. I've been in the Pacific Northwest for a number of weeks now, in Portland. Do you have anyone down here you can refer to me? I'd like to talk with an ideological White guy like myself. If you know someone who wants to get together, I'm buying the meal and the drinks (if any.) I really don't know anything at all really about your Movement. But if you're writing off Portland (for superficial reasons) you're leaving some prime real estate on the table.

I've been reading the book of an obscure German politician from almost a hundred years ago. He almost brags about deliberately stealing the mass support of the Marxists in his country with a very socially conscious economic plan. 

It boils down to the idea that "We care and this is what we're going to do to fix what's broken. We're a little choosy about who we care about, but we can all agree on what's broken, n'est-ce pas? . . . And as a citizen you have a place, an extended family, of sorts, and respect --- but also you have some serious responsibilities." 

I don't think these young hipsters are immune to that appeal; so let's not give up on 'em too soon.

I'm not any kind of public speaker. So I can't lead a movement. But I see an awful lot of pretty country populated by (largely) decent people who can save everything they truly love if only they just wake up.

White Guy In Portlandia



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dang HAC, some strange creature named Eulalio Tordil tried to give you more material for your "Who Guards the Guardians" series! The freaky little simian obviously wanted a mention on your show. Too bad he wasted three people to do it. Oh yeah, his wife's name was Gladys. Gladys! Wanna bet what race this creatures wife was?

White women, don't do it. Don't marry these critters. Hell, in their "culture", they don't have divorce. They pour a gallon of gas on you and light a match. Why would anyone... nevermind, I can't go on.

1:08 PM  

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