Saturday, May 21, 2016

Letter From Bill White (Date Excised)

[Postmarked May 13th, but top of letter cut off with scissors and so actual date missing.]

Hello, Harold:

I haven't heard from you in some months now besides the internet stuff and copies of my typed articles you send me, and the books, for which I thank you yet again. No personal letters at all for a long time. I think I got a note from you in January, hand-written. Just so you know.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I received WDVa 13-cr-013 Government exhibit 4-8. I have never seen this evidence or any of the other evidence used to obtain my conviction. I am still awaiting a chance to review 16,000 more pages of my discovery which I am still not allowed to see, presumably because I might pass it on to my non-existent "followers."

Government Exhbit 4-8 is a two-part document. One covers May 20 to May 31. One covers June 1 to June 8. [No year given. Bill makes the common mistake of assuming that because these incidents real and fabricated have overwhelmed and controlled his life for almost a decade now, everyone knows what he's talking about. - HAC]  

The May 20 to May 31 records show numerous "suspicious log-ins." (Their words.) There are hacks into the Bill White 7370 account. Someone then deleted the "suspicious log-in" field from the June 1 to June 8 records.

As of yesterday, absolutely no person associated with my defense, much less myself, ever read this document. Neither of my lawyers read it. I was never permitted to see it, because you see, I apparently have "followers" that no one seems to be able to find or identify, but nonetheless are as real as the United States Attorney can convince a jury they are. Kind of a 21st century version of spectral evidence.

The evidence that I was framed for these crimes, and that both the FBI and multiple United States Attorneys' offices are aware of the fact that I did not commit the crimes of which I was accused and were aware of the fact before they brought the prosecution, is now overwhelming, if I can ever get anyone officially to simply read the goddamned evidence. The FBI and the U.S. Attorney are obviously aware of this evidence, because they altered it. They did this on the calculation, so far correct, that no one would ever read it and notice.

The dictatorship knew that I would not be allowed to review my own discovery pre-trial--this being one of the main reasons that my "following" has been fabricated by the regime, in order to use my ghost "followers" as excuses to deny me information about my own case and continue the massive surveillance of my mail and phone calls, including legal mail and legal calls, which has taken place over the past eight years. It's becoming clear to me that the surveillance and censorship and the whole fairy tale about my "followers" is intended to prevent either me or any attorney I have who might be inclined actually to defend me with zeal as the legal canons of ethics demand, will not be able to access proof of gross and malicious politically-motivated governmental and prosecutorial misconduct.

I have reason to believe that I am about to get some more diesel therapy in spite of an order by a federal judge that I be kept here in Chicago so I can be available for hearings and court appearances. They will either get the judge to rescind the no-move order or they will simply ignore it. After all, come right down to it, a federal judge is no more able to compel these people to obey their own laws than ordinary citizens are. They are threatening to send me back to Marion, so if I disappear again, that's probably where I will end up.

[Or else gunned down or fallen out a 14th-story window while "trying to escape." They used to use that one in Raleigh long ago when that nigger John Baker was sheriff---"What did the prisoner do, deputy?" "Why, he ran wildly to the window boss! Me and Deppity Washington sho'ly tried our bes' to stop his cracker ass, but he fall down and go boom" - HAC]

Be well, Harold. Thank you again for all you do.


[I will let you guys know if Bill is moved as soon as I know, although I can't say how long it will take. It's hard to tell when he goes dark on me whether he's been dragged away in chains again to Istanbul, Arkansas or whether the FBI agent in charge of censoring and copying Bill's outgoing mail is on vacation and just decided to let it all pile up for a few weeks. - HAC]


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