Saturday, May 14, 2016

Finicum Murder Was "Consequence"

by Bill White

The FBI is handing out consequences–with bullets attached.
This is the message Obama’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, under the ultimate direction of negro Loretta Lynch, has for any White Americans thinking of resisting Obama’s plan for White genocide and the forceful redistribution of White land.
Lavoy Finicum was murdered in cold blood by federal agents. The eight men with him, including Ammon Bundy, are facing a worse fate—decades of torture in federal prison, tormented by avenging devils employed by Obama’s thugs. Already, bogus charges from the illegitimate black-Jewish regime have been filed; no jury in Portland, Oregon, a bastion of One World liberalism, will acquit them.
Four men bravely held out as the balance of the men who took up arms turned their coats, ruling that they’d rather live on their knees than die well. Many acted as if they didn’t understand from the beginning that what they were doing was real. They took up arms without being willing to kill and to die, and it is those consequences, not anything meted out by the illegitimate Zionist-Negro occupation, that were realized.
Obama’s regime is terrorizing western White people. The goal, as in Rhodesia and South Africa, is to seize White land, ultimately for distribution to non-White invaders controlled by the Jew. The same land redistribution occurred in the South in 1865, where White plantations were divided out to slaves, lent against by Jews and ultimately foreclosed by the bankers.
The difference is that in 1865 White people had been conquered by the armies of the Judæo-occult North. Western White people have been conquered by their own decadence. Comfortable, fat, having never met hardship, the White people of America have found that they cannot abandon the little fat that drips down to them from the feast of Jewish  tables, even to stop themselves from being slaughtered. Eight armed men, nominally in revolt against the federal government, were driving around without precaution and surrendered without a fight. Unwilling to die in service to their people; now they will live long in pain.
The FBI say that their murder of the only White man brave enough to resist, Lavoy Finicum, was a natural “consequence”—a consequence of four hundred years of White racism and oppression. The time has come, Whitey. Your land, your livelihood, your families, are ours, and death is the “consequence” of resistance.

Never mentioned is the “consequence” of continuing to live in Jewish slavery. The Bend, Oregon siege began after Obama thugs targeted the Hammond family, a group of ranchers who refused to allow Obama to launch a Mugabe-style land grab against their property. When the Hammonds lit a fire to stop a fire that feds were allowing to burn out of control, they were arrested as terrorists and given five years in prison. This was wrong. Obama’s thugs in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the FBI, and the BLM deserved to be punished for this. But no “consequences” come to the régime’s commissars.
Instead, a group of men who didn’t understand the seriousness of their actions, who picked up arms without thinking of the consequences, who lacked a willingness to use their weapons, seized a wildlife refuge. When the time came to defend themselves, all but Finicum and four others surrendered.
Government is nothing but force. It is a group of men who are willing to kill to maintain their position. There is no Constitution. There are no laws. When the Folk-community collapses, and aliens are packed together, rule is only by naked force. And with Jewish trillions behind him, Obama commands an army of decadent, ugly, multi-culturalists, lawyers, judges, and gunmen, willing to do his evil.
The consequence of rebellion is death. But death is better than life under a regime which is an abomination to man and God. The régime is taking all that gives life value—home, family, human dignity—so the choice is one of life as food for a cultural fungus or honorable death in service to the right. When White men take this seriously, the “consequences” will start to accrue to those serving the regime, not those righteously resisting it.
Force belongs to whoever masters it. Why should we call Obama and his thugs masters?


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