Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Excluding Blacks Makes Oscars Quieter, More Pleasant

by Bill White
The negro boycott of Jewish Hollywood’s Oscar awards party made the celebration quieter and more pleasant for all involved, leading some Jewish Hollywood moguls to suggest a permanent ban on negro participation in the Oscar process.
Across social media, obnoxious negroes, urged on by Jews wanting to build publicity for the usually boring and little-watched Oscar awards, complained that the Oscar awards given by Jewish moguls to films and actors were “too white,” as if such a thing were possible. Though no nigger actor or director did anything worthwhile in the previous year, angry monkeys across the United States shouted “ooga-booga” and attempted to intimidate their way to receiving some affirmative action awards for their asinine absence of ability.
The typical negro ploy failed, further incensing the half-witted race. Prominent mixed-race coloreds like Will Smith and dark, inept dwarves like Spike Lee promised a boycott of the Oscar shows. The result was wonderful - a significant reduction in ugly black faces and the resultant animal behavior.
The Jews, however, couldn’t stand to be considered “White” and didn’t want to give authentic Whites any ideas. So they brought in some tokens like smiley-faced shuck-n-jive comic Chris Rock to insult real White people throughout the proceedings.
The resulting improvement of the Oscars shows the problem negroes have in boycotting White and Jewish events. The idea of a boycott is premised on the idea that the boycotted party wants niggers to attend the events, or when a business, to be his customers. But as every businessman knows, unless your selling malt liquor, crack cocaine, or corner store religion, black “customers” cost more than they pay and drive away more productive White customers. Similarly, black boycotts of states are actively sought by all but the most degenerate and servile of politicians. Given a choice, most White people would vote not just to be boycotted by blacks, but to actively exclude them and their degenerate non-black hangers-on from White neighborhoods.
Thus, the “conundrum” that #OscarsSoWhite whiners face - anyone in their right mind wants niggers to boycott their products. However, the Jewish media and America’s black Communist government constantly pour out trite lies about the alleged value of blacks, who are falsely said to have invented essentially everything not claimed by Jews, only to have it stolen from them, of course.  Negroes are the only people to have lost their ideas by having them stolen. Blacks world-wide live, at best, in mud huts and, more often are too lazy to even build those. Instead, in nature black men live in matriarchal societies where they do nothing but sleep all day and dance, while the women, when they aren’t sleeping themselves, pick berries for them to eat. The transference of this primitive animal society to advanced White civilization has been a universal failure.
The Jews that run America, however, refuse to declare multi-racialism a failure because their goal in bringing blacks to White nations is to enslave and destroy humankind. The black race was created by Jewish space-aliens who mixed human DNA with monkeys in a series of genetic experiments designed to create a slave race. The planet of these Jews was destroyed by the ancestors of White people, but the results of their failed experiments remain.
Thus, America has the contrived Oscar controversy. During de-segregation, Jewish media made sports and entertainment stars out of talentless blacks. Consequently, negroes have just grown used to getting accolades for free. Now, though the Jews have largely ditched the negroes in an effort to attract Asian and Hispanic immigrants, both of whom hate negroes  - leaving negroes even more confused and resentful.


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