Sunday, May 08, 2016

Bundy's Discovery

by Bill White

The Bundys, Cliven and Ammon, patriarchs of a rancher family kidnapped by Obama’s brutal federal thugs, are learning a hard lesson: the federal legal system is not some republican system of constitutional law, but the anarchic tool of an illegitimate government. This is a lesson that the so-called Patriot movement never seems able to swallow, no matter how many times that it’s taught.

Both Bundys are in prison for leading armed demonstrators against criminal activity by the Judæo-negro regime of Barack Obama, and both are likely being tortured in American isolation cells, a type of inmate housing modeled after post-revolutionary Soviet jails. Both Bundys, despite being law-abiding men who merely wanted Obama’s out-of-control tyranny to obey the law, are also being held without bond, which is the constitutionally guaranteed right of every White property owner.

The torture and abuse, which Obama is using to break the Bundys is as illegitimate as their arrest. But the Bundys are learning that when law breaks down, as it has in neo-Marxist America, force carries the day and only a fool lays down his gun in the face of the enemy.

In a normal society, the law targets crime; when a crime occurs, law enforcement goes out and tries to solve it. But in America, the law targets people; the federal government picks a political dissident that it wishes to silence and fabricates “crimes” to justify holding that person in prison. The targeting of so-called anti-social elements for the crimes of political and cultural dissent and the use of staged “legal” proceedings to cover tyrannical lawlessness is also a lesson drawn from the Soviet Union.

Normally, human philosophy has recognized three distinct concepts: an order inherent in nature, a law which reflects that order, and justice, which is the use of force in service to order. But law is a human construct, and when the group of men possessing a monopoly of force turn away from the goodness of nature’s order and turn towards will, then law becomes an instrument of chaos and law enforcement a type of injustice. At this time, a greater force has to refuse to be governed and must rebel using force to overturn the law and restore justice and order.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, American patriots got side-tracked and adopted the Jewish belief, the governing belief of neo-Marxist America, that the law is superior to order and that force must yield before it. This perversion of religion, the adoration of a false law that is subject to human interpretation and reinterpretation, was built into the American Constitution, which denied the American people a religious establishment, making the country a vehicle for Judæo-occult perversion.

The result is modern America, where a group of judicial tsaddiks and a caste of rabbinical lawyers use an illegitimate, anti-human law to not only enslave America’s working people, but to impose upon them perversion and decadence. Under American law, children are required to learn sodomy from the Jewish-pedophile élite that governs in the White House and Congress, and human beings are prohibited from ever engaging in honest labor, their produce being ever stolen from them. White people live in constant fear of being murdered by Jewish-led black mobs as the homes and land owned by their forefathers are stolen by Jewish banks. 

Community being destroyed, there is no outlet for misery but intoxication and perversion, and there is constant fear that federal thugs, guided by USA homeys and sanctioned by judges, will drag one way into the torture-dungeons of the régime. The American man is truly cattle, fattened and slaughtered by a ruling legion of devils.

The Bundys stood for the Constitution, but a constitution can not bind wicked men. There is no contract between the American government and the people. Most of the peoples the Jews have imported to this country as both slaves and slave-owner, the huddled poor and the Hindu millionaires, have no conception of contract, no idea of social duty to their fellow man. These imports know no Constitution, only money and the promise of growing wealthy from the falling scraps of Jewish billions.

So in federal court, the Bundys have found in the black-robed faces of lawlessness a caste of judges who see the law as an excuse to torture, to rape, to exploit, and degrade. A judge who buggers boys on his lunch break and rose through the political ranks of Obama’s “down-low club” cannot impose the law on free men. The only law such a slave knows is slavery; his purpose is to bring men down to his own system of degradation.

And what of the USA Homeys? Can some creature of greed and lust, some devil consumed with pride, ever wield the law with the humility of justice? How can some beast who has never known modesty, who is degraded with indulgence, who lusts for power, wield the law in the interests of self-sacrificing order?

Truly, the Bundys have surrendered themselves to the forces of darkness, to the men and women and transsexual transhumans who serve the American dictatorship and its Judæo-negro masters. Soon they will wish they had done more than just parade with their guns, but they were too timid to use force or to sacrifice their own lives for the cause of right, and so now they must suffer. There is no Constitution in America. There is only a regime that respects neither man nor law. Woe to those who submit meekly to it and to its worthless, illegitimate law.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very powerful commentary. Pure brilliance. Your moral courage gives example and light to us all. Thank you.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bundy was an idiot who thought he was dealing with Andy Griffith and Mr. Smith goes to Washington. He was pissing off Stalin and Idi Amin.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, "our" side needs to read your NW novels to learn proper guerilla tactics,

And second, when you threaten the beast with guns, it *WILL* destroy you unless you can destroy it first, once you start you cannot stop until you or the beast is dead,


2:24 PM  

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