Friday, April 01, 2016

Yes, We Are Slowly Getting Through

[My apologies for not updating this blog. It just plain slipped my mind for a week, but I've been more and more busy, which is a good sign. I'll drop a couple of posts in here today. - HAC]
Hi Harold,

I have received the package you have sent me. I have been engulfed in the literature since I've had it, and appreciate how well put together it is. Any question I've had so far has been answered.

It is helping me with a strategy to get my butt up there. I have shared the information with my girlfriend and though fresh to the idea it's even helped her. I just wanted you to know I appreciate everything you've done so far and your patience with us younger folk. My comrade here in Missouri has brought light to hope and has helped a great deal as well.

Enough of this sap, I look forward to learning more and helping every bit I can. My main focus at the moment is to get the younger men like myself who are like minded the knowledge I have gained from your work. Hopefully late this summer is when I'm going to really get up there and do my scouting. Really excited to finally put my all into what I believe in and not be shamed into being someone I'm not.

Anyways thanks again, HAC, your courage has set a path us youngsters have to get on.
My best,


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