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White Cops Need To Retire

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Seriously, White Police Officers in Majority Black Cities Need to Resign/Retire Immediately 


PK Note - If you are a college student reading this, you have only one duty: go out on campus and chalk it up. TRUMP! Remember: the very name Trump is now synonymous with freedom (still waiting for someone to create a video of Mel Gibson screaming "TRUMP!!" instead of freedom at the pivotal scene of Braveheart). It is your duty to engage in activities that frighten the anti-white left in their citadels across the nation. Show them their enemy is inside their gates. Happy chalking!

Imagine being a police officer in 65-percent-black Baltimore, a city completely dominated by black elected/appointed officials committed to protecting black criminality as a buffer against gentrification which would increase the city's white population.

You're driving on patrol in the middle of the day and encounter two black males: one is holding an AR-15 the other a semiautomatic pistol. It would later turn out this two black individuals were father and son.

What happens next is the reason why white police officers must resign en mass from their jobs in majority black cities, where black elected/appointed officials control city hall, the judiciary, and the prosecutors office (and white enablers writing for Gannett-owned papers publish story after story protecting black criminality, blaming it solely on white racism). [Prosecutors ordered officers in fatal shooting be read Miranda rights, Baltimore Sun, 4-2-2016]:

The Baltimore police officers involved in Thursday's fatal shooting of a father and son armed with weapons were videotaped being read their Miranda rights at the direction of prosecutors after declining to give statements, a police union attorney said.

Michael Davey, the attorney, said it was the first time he could recall such a move by prosecutors in 16 years working with the police union.

"These guys should get a medal for what they did, instead of being treated like criminals by the state's attorney's office," Davey said.

Rochelle Ritchie, spokeswoman for the Baltimore State's Attorney's Office, said it has always been a standard practice for all police-involved shootings to provide officers with their Miranda rights. She said Davey's recollection is not consistent with the common practice to record such interviews.

Police held a news conference Friday in which they detailed how three officers were on patrol in Greenmount West on Thursday afternoon when they encountered Matthew Wood Jr., 42, and his son, Kimani Johnson, 18. They were armed with a semiautomatic rifle and a pistol. Police said the men appeared poised to fire on a group of people across the street, near a playground.
The officers, identified as Sgt. Joseph Wiczulis and Officer Norman Jones, fired 56 shots; Wood and Johnson fired none. Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said the officers fired until the "threat was eliminated."

Officers can maintain their right to remain silent in a criminal investigation, which is initiated after every officer-involved shooting. The Police Department can compel an officer to speak, but according to state law those remarks can only be used in an administrative investigation.

Davey said he advised the officers not to give statements immediately after the shooting.
"It was a traumatic incident, and they were not ready to give a statement," Davey said. "They have a constitutional right not to give a voluntary statement, and I made the decision that I was not comfortable with them giving a formal statement."

Davey said prosecutors were frustrated by the officers' refusal to speak, and ordered that they be videotaped being read their Miranda rights and declining to answer questions.

"In 16 years representing officers in the Baltimore Police Department, I've never seen it happen," Davey said.

Wiczulis has been involved in two previous shootings. In 2010, Thomas Tavon Miller shot two officers in East Baltimore. Those officers, along with Wiczulis, fired back, killing Miller. In 2013, he was involved in a fatal shooting in the Douglass Homes housing project. Police said Donte Bennett ran through a courtyard and past a playground before he took out a handgun and was shot. His mother called for an independent investigation at the time.
There is no reforming the black population of Baltimore. There is no reforming the black population of Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Birmingham or New Orleans.

Pull out completely and stop wasting anymore time trying to redeem a population daily engaging in behavior clearly refuting the cherished belief in the equality of the races.

America is irredeemable, but that doesn't mean we have to be.


Blogger Luek said...

If this father / son dynamic duo were going to fire on another group of blacks and these white police officers stopped them........why? They dintin do nuttin!

Next thing will be whites not happy with black women getting abortions and will try to stop them too!

This has got to stop!

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Formatting good, links work.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Mike @ SATEX said...

As you've depicted in your novels, there's a disturbingly large proportion of cops and 'troops' who are perfectly willing to enforce ZOG's will against anyone who resists the party line. As noted in the "PK" article, the time for those who want out, to get out is here.

The 'good cops' don't need to stick around for the time when they're ordered to enforce "Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing" or the next round of "Common-sense Gun Safety Laws". That time is coming, regardless of who occupies the White House.

8:26 AM  

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