Sunday, April 17, 2016

Stigmatized White People

"Whites began to live under the cloud of suspicion that they really were, in their heart and soul, racist, imperialist, sexist and so on. So they had to prove the negative that they weren't this way. White guilt is not  guilt of conscience. It's not a guilt of feeling. It is about fighting off a stigma that one is evil, that one is racist in some way, so that one acts guiltily even when one doesn't feel guilty."

-Dr. Shelby Steele, Ph. D.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gyad that pic is so scary. It looks like something that would be on Star Trek when they turn on the viewing screen to get a message from an evil enemy alien.

The real scary thing is that that woman is quite real. Somewhere, some guy is probably having to wake up next to that. Just glad it ain't me!

4:17 PM  

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