Saturday, April 09, 2016

Obama Census Was Fraudulent

by Bill White

The 2010 census was conducted fraudulently including 23 million people in the United States who are not citizens and double–counted 1.3 million others, skewing congressional districts and falsely creating the impression that non-Whites are a larger part of America than they are.

In December 2015 the Supreme Court heard a case on whether or not the state of Texas has to apportion state legislature districts based on illegal immigrant populations. But the court has already found that U.S. Congressional districts have to include illegal immigrants and non-citizens, leading to over-representation of non-White minorities in the United States Congress.

The issue goes back to slavery, when slaves when considered three-fifths of a person and counted in the census to boost Southern representation in Congress. Now, though this anti-bellum remnant helps empower Judæo–occult Communist forces who want to exterminate America’s White majority.

According to Barack Obama’s 2010 census, 23 million non-citizen immigrants, both legal and illegal were included in the United States population of 307 million. Further, 1.3 million people housed in institutions, like hospitals and military barracks, were counted twice. Thus, while 306 million people were in the United States, only 283 million were U.S. citizens. Thus, instead of being about 91 million non-White “Americans,” there are in fact only about 68 million. What this means is that instead of being 70 percent White, as Obama claims, American citizens are about 76 percent White. And while this is still too low, it hardly reflects the lie that America will soon be a non-White nation.  Instead, it means that about 7 percent of people living in the United States are not American.

This deception by the Obama administration also means that states like Florida, Texas, California and New Mexico are over-represented in the U.S. Congress, while other states are sending representatives to Congress for a majority non-White legislative districts that those districts don’t deserve. Thus, White Americans are being denied representation. If non-Whites were properly counted based on citizenship about 26 congressional districts nationwide would switch from non-White to White majorities. It would also substantially increase the Republican majority in Congress, as America’s White population vote 65 percent Republican while 91 percent of blacks and 75 percent of yellows for Democrats.

Unfortunately, correcting this problem would require either changing the Constitution or enforcing U.S. immigration law. At least 3 percent of the U.S. population is in the country illegally, and this is why proposals to expel illegal immigrants are so upsetting to American élites. While the Republicans and Democrats wear different faces, they are working together to build a multicultural One World order. If the U.S. White majority increases, Republicans would have to respond to it. But the Jews who control the Republican Party hate White people and join the Democrats in wanting to dismember and exterminate them.

The Jewish control of mass media in the United States has given Obama’s census department a pass in telling these lies. Part of destroying White people involves breaking White people down psychologically, depressing them, and burdening them with false guilt, so as to make them commit racial suicide. In contrast, non-White peoples—particularly blacks—ate barely human and barely able to think, never mind feel guilt or understand moral issues. Thus the latest attacks on Whites have involved massive non-White protests over largely imaginary injustices. Making Whites think that demographic doom is “inevitable” is another part of the racial suicide illusion, designed to stop thought or action.

The truth, though, is that if we wanted to, America could quickly divide its non-White minorities and expel all of them from the country, starting with illegal immigrants and adding blacks, and so-called “native” Americans. Doing this, however, involves first dismantling the social institutions like media and government agencies that are behind the New World Order conspiracy.


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The 3/5 ths rule. Wasn't that a compromise to reduce Southern representation, not increase it? If niggers had been counted as full persons for electoral purposes, the South would have had more seats in the House of Representatives.

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