Monday, April 25, 2016

New Reader

[Sent this new inquirer a free Brigade in .pdf format some weeks ago. - HAC]

Dear Mr. Covington:

I completed the read of your book in its entirety.  I must say that it was more enjoyable than Shogun. I personally think it would make a good film. Alas, it would need to be privately funded. 

I had alternating thoughts throughout the read. Sometimes I found myself reading a book of fiction and other times I actually felt that you were talking to me. Authors, clever ones, can weave messages into their tales if people will only listen. I would also wager that some people would see it as a guide or instruction manual, but that would only get a person in trouble if it were true. 

After I read the last page I sat for a moment and thought, “Would the government really fight fair and/or use just conventional weapons?” I came to the conclusion right then that the Unites States government is far more evil and Luciferian in nature. I am talking about the same people that had a hand in 10/22 (wink), that boldly tells us that our kids don’t belong to us and that the old and inform have no value. These same evil people that would not stop or pull a punch until they had a boot on our throat just so they could listen to the gurgle of the last breath as it escapes our lungs. 

If that fight ever appears in my lifetime then the only way to come out the other side is go through it and go through it at full speed, full force and don’t quit till you see ocean. Basically tear it all down and start again and this time get it right.

- J. A.

[Anyone wanting a free copy of any of my Northwest novels who can hande reading a long book on a computer screen, let me know at and I'll send you a .pdf by attachment. - HAC]


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