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Letter From Bill White - March 2nd, 2016

[This just drifted in. (Composite of two short notes.) Incoming mail from Bill is running at about a month now, and Bill apparently gets a huge plastic bin full of my mailings, or such as he is allowed to receive, approximately every six weeks. Some of my mail appears to be disappearing, but no more so than usual. I think someone at the FBI has some weird obsession about my letters; I imagine Agent Scully using my correspondence in some bizarre fetishist ritual. - HAC]

Hello, Harold:

There was a news report that Antonin Scalia was at a "secret society meeting" worshipping Thoth-Judah when he died.

Another bizarre legal development today. The dictatorship was allowed by my counsel, without consultation from me, to extend the briefing schedule to March 31st for them. April Fools. So I will almost certainly not receive vacatur until June to August, meaning that I could be in Chicago all year. Apparently they are now threatening to transfer me to somewhere else in the country, which would violate both a court order and several rules of procedure if we didn't waive objections.

It's the old problem--how in the hell does one compel the dictator's servants to obey their own laws and comply with the rulings of their own magistrates? I regularly see FBI agents and U.S. Marshals disobeying court orders and more or less telling judges to go fuck themselves, and nothing is done. A federal badge now places the holder literally above the law in that he or she doesn't have to do what the judge says.

Something strange is going on. The regime seems to understand that they will eventually be confronted with a flat-out court ruling vacating all my convictions and a subsequent order from a federal judge to release me from prison, an order which I don't think they have any intention of complying with. They have been violating a court order to return my property in Florida for over a year now, as well as an order to ship it to Virginia in anticipation of my next trial there. It's like whatever goes on in the courtroom simply doesn't matter. 

Be well, Harold


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did a two week stint in jail and I told the judge that last time I was in they refused to give me my doctor prescribed medicine for my autoimmune disease. To my surprise she signed a court order for them to give me my damn medicine, which of course they simply ignored.

9:33 PM  

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