Sunday, April 03, 2016

Germans Find Immigrants Not Really Useful Labor

by Bill White

When over one million illegal Syrians, Afghan, and Africans flooded into Germany, Jewish filth like European Union president Martin Schulz and his whore, German President Angela Merkel, told the German people stupid lies about how useful they would be in the labor market. A year on, Germans are realizing that they didn’t really have an unmet need for hundreds of thousand of goat herders, rapists, and machete-wielding good-for-nothing illiterates. It seems that integration is working out about as well in Europe as it is in the United States

“Integrating refugees into the German labor market will be a big challenge,” Ingo Kavner, president of the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations told the media. This may be the understatement of the year. For almost a generation, Germany had almost no unemployment and was a major manufacturing hub, building goods for export in robotic factories. But the 1 million refugees it has absorbed are comprised of 60-IQ black and brown morons from countries with no educational systems, no electricity, and no employment at all. Most don’t speak any European language, never mind German. And most are subject to expulsion after three years, just long enough to ruin the country but not long enough to contribute.

And Germany is facing another perennial problem of nations with large black populations—the retarded, half-ape race doesn’t like to work. Deutsche Teleam AU (sp?) for instance, created 100 nominal jobs but could only fill 35 positions because the refugees, ironically, didn’t want to relocate. Instead, these scum scraped off the world’s shores want to live in public housing, collect welfare checks, and envy, rape, and rob the White man, just like their counterparts in America, Rhodesia, South Africa, and around the world.

The German electorate has responded to this disaster by electing the anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany to several state parliaments and denying Merkel’s pseudo-Christian Democratic Union offices. But Merkel’s two-bit tyranny has responded with violence against real Germans, arresting dozens of National Socialists for allegedly interfering in the “assimilation process” and forcefully resisting their country’s Judæo-occult occupation.

The refugees, in fact, are so dumb that 60 percent of German businessmen say they are not even qualified for unskilled labor. The refugees in turn can’t understand why an economy where the average worker earns $25.00 an hour isn’t the same as their home econonics, where their labor earns 25 cents an hour.

“The problem with Germany is that you need a degree for everything,” useless refugee Sana Habbab told the media. “In Syria it wasn’t like that.”

Habbab, who has no marketable skills, has put in over 100 applications for jobs, but can’t understand why no one will hire him as a nuclear physicist, an engineer, or a brain surgeon.

Given what has happened in the United States, where useless and talentless non-Whites are routinely given do-nothing jobs as college professors, Supreme Court justices, and President, it is only a matter of time before critiques of “systemic racism” are used to justify affirmative action programs, the net effect of which will be to collapse the German economy.

World Judaism is plotting the global genocide of White people because they are the race most resistant to enslavement, and the immigrant flood into Germany is the latest manifestation of this Jewish plot. Judaism demands a global Zionist state based in Jerusalem, which the Jews will use ruthlessly to exploit subject peoples. In furtherance of this goal Jews demand open borders, which they use to floor the White nations with non-White peoples. They then incite the non-White peoples into protesting against imaginary grievances, making these imaginary grievances the justification for genocide.

In the United States, Jews created massive unemployment by importing shiftless non-White immigrants, then claiming that more non-Whites are needed to solve the employment problem. In Europe, the continent’s shrinking population was enjoying an ever-increasing quality of life, but the Jews similarly brought in immigrants promising “growth.”

The only bright light is that the sudden and overwhelming flood of human filth, the world’s criminal unemployed underclass of its most racially wasted nations, appears to be more of a shock than the Jewish-socialist Europe can absorb. Nationalist governments have come to power in Poland and Slovakia, nationalist parties are gaining in every nation, and Britain is thinking of leaving the EU over this overreach.



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