Thursday, April 07, 2016

Chunami Floods American Universities

by Bill White

Call it a Chu-nami.

Having run out of the illegal Mexicans he needs to dilute America’s White working class majority, Barack Hussein Obama and his Jewish backers have come upon a new stream of mud to pour into the American river-350,000 Chinese college students among the 975,000, 85 percent non-Whites receiving U.S. student visas.

“The Chinese students are woefully unprepared,” said Rebecca Karl, professor or Chinese History at New York University.  “They have very little idea what it means to be analytical about a text. They find it very difficult to fulfill basic requirements of analytical thinking or writing”

Most Americans have a positive view of Asians, in part because there are so few of them, and also in part because the Asians who live in America tend to be refugees driven out of their homelands by Judæo-Communist revolutions. Those revolutions attacked the best elements of Asian society, meaning that Asia’s best and brightest are already in the United States. This unrepresentative sample explains the high rate of Asian-White intermarriage and overall high Asian-American IQs.

But this new wave of Obama Asians is not China’s upper class, but uneducated Chinese peasants. As with Mexico, China is pushing its discontented lower classes upon the United States, taking advantage of Jewish-supplied visas. The result is a continuing decline in the quality of American education.

Dave Nicol, a professor at the University of Illinois-Champagne, told the Wall Street Journal that his Chinese students have caused him to change his lectures. Unable to pronounce their names or understand their questions, Nicol tries to reduce electrical engineering to “simple baby words to avoid confusing the non-native English speakers.” One of Nicol’s students says that the most English he speaks all day is at Chipotle, where he says “double chicken, black beans, lettuce, and hot sauce.”

The Chinese flood at American universities is seen as an answer to a pressing question of higher education—how to increase “diversity” without wasting one’s time trying to educate niggers. While Whites are a minority at most universities, their seats having been taken by Jews who call themselves White in order to skew the statistics, Jewish hatred of White working people is so great that they continue to use “diversity” to try and push White working people out of college altogether. But blacks are so dumb that efforts to encourage them to go to college are largely pointless. Either they get a basketball scholarship and are passed through classes like African-American cultural history, or else they flunk out, making the school look bad. Thus American universities are hoping that their Obama Asians will pay their bills and graduate, making the schools look good.

The Chinese arrivals are not, however, expressing any thanks for being allowed to receive the scientific knowledge of White Westerners. Yi Botan, an Obama Asian at Oregon State, said that “Before I came here, I would like to have many American friend,” but now he’s here he finds that Americans are not so hot. His Jewish professors’ presentation of White Americans as eternal exploiters probably doesn’t help. And Ashley Yao, a student at Stony Brook University in New York said, “It feels a little hard to become part of American society.”




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor little yellow clones. Made to be replicators (which they are very good at) they are totally unable to have an original or creative thought. And now so mixed with the original simian beasts of SE Asia, they have lost a lot of the abilities that they had.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Erik said...

Thanks to Bill for covering this, and Harold for giving him a voice.

I've been hearing whispers of this lately, the new Asian influx.

It's common knowledge that Canada has been dealing with this for a while. It hasn't gone perfectly to say the least. Canada, which I've referred to in the past as the "ethnic back up disk for North America" seems to be crashing also.

When you look at nigs and the low-tier Sandlanders, it's easy to think we are getting off easy by just having Asians and a fairly mixed bag of Mexicans. Here in the northeast where Mexicans assimilate fairly well, its difficult to see the issue. In the southwest, they stop and cluster right on the border, and flip the ethnic majority of a town on its head in less than a generation.

When everyone around you is Mexican and speaks Spanish, there's no incentive to assimilate.

So this Asian thing happening makes me think of my "best of Mexicans" view. I tell people that Mexicans tend to be Catholic, family oriented, community minded decent workers (or so its said). When you compare this to nigs and Habibs of low-birth, it's easy to ask "what's the issue?"

Well, here it is: Just like Asians, they aren't us. And that's all there is to it. You can have the best coming in, and if they aren't us, one of us has to assimilate to the other. And there is the numbers game built into the natural competition for living space.

Multiculturalism as government enabled policy is simply de-culturation by another name. It was in fact the Republicans who first weaponized an outside ethnic population with the Emancipation for the same purpose of disrupting and weakening a rebellious region in their jurisdiction in North America, essentially turning loose the feral as a biological weapon.

I maintain that it is an animal rights movement gone insane. It mimics the Great Ape Project, a liberal legal initiative to assign human rights to the higher primates. These are academics, our intelligentsia.

Its why I am so protective of distinguishing between the scientific term hommo sapien and the more subjective "human".

The liberals are doing it now, but have stumbled repeatedly. It was thought that with a battery of civil rights laws and pushing cohabitation, they would get humans on their sides. To add, they keep trying to push rail expansion to push for poor access to rural areas.

The problem turns out that these "humans" don't function mentally enough to associate voting with their well-being, and can't think of going into a rural area where there isn't enough whites to exploit. Put another way, they don't even have the mental capacity to see a benefit escaping the city nor any damn fool ability to imagine any where else to be but where they are, somewhat an allegory itself.

Sorry for rambling; I appreciate the article. I'll just close with a question I've always asked about negros: How can you free something if it never leaves?

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Joseph Anthony said...

Where is Denis Kearney when we need him?

11:46 AM  

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