Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bill White Needs Support System Refresh

Hi, guys:

One of the most despicable habits our wee little Movement has is that as soon as the prison gates slam shut, we cut our heroes loose and forget about them. Down the memory hole, as if they had never been.

We mustn't do that with Bill White, if for no other reason than the fact that in my opinion, the dictatorship plans to murder him in prison rather than release him, ever, and they're waiting for his outside friends and supporters to lose interest and wander away and his mail volume to fall before arranging it. (Matt Hale is currently at grave risk in the Florence super-max as well, although that's another story.)

Last summer the Supreme Court issued a ruling called Elonis which essentially stated that what Bill White allegedly did is not a crime, i.e., to publish on the internet information which is a matter of public record and which was and is available in 60 seconds to anyone who knows how to use Google is not illegal. Under the infamous "inherently criminal and violent audience" ruling of a Jewish judge in Chicago, it was held to be illegal only for Bill White to publish this information, since he is ... well, Bill White. There's this certain Bill White-ishness about him that makes him a third-class citizen who must obey a different set of rules than everyone else and allows the dictatorship to punish him for his horrible Bill White-esque crimes.  

No, I'm not making this up. This is what people don't get--the situation is in fact pretty much what I describe on this blog. Sorry, raving ...

Anyway, rather than simply letting him go (as I believe they have done with a few other prisoners on foot of Elonis) the dictator's servants are now forcing Bill to re-appeal and re-fight all three of his remaining cases (eight or nine other indictments down through the years prepared by assorted U.S. Attorneys have already been thrown out by the courts as meretricious bullshit.) 

To top it all off, every single charge against Bill White has been for the "crime" of publishing something on the internet, with the exception of fleeing the country four years ago when, after his release on Constitutional grounds, the dictatorship decided to ignore its own magistracy and re-arrest and re-imprison him just for shits and giggles. 

Although Bill has been represented by the prosecution at trial as a "cult leader" with many mysterious and ubiquitous "followers"--a narrative apparently based on the Fox television drama The Following starring Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy-- at no time has even the most deranged United States Attorney claimed that Bill White has ever actually done anything, i.e. committed one single overt criminal act as opposed to words on the internet.

The three remaining cases are the Chicago case aforementioned, which he is in the process of forcing the United States Attorney kicking and screaming to dismiss, since the Supreme Court has already ordered him to do so. It's just taking a year to do it and the dictator's thug has to be compelled to comply.

Then there's the Virginia case, which was tried by a 91 year-old judge who stated at sentencing that in his opinion White was being persecuted for his political beliefs--but having asserted his awareness of White's innocence sentenced him anyway--and where it appears the offending e-mail was sent by the prosecution's star and only witness while she was physically in the presence of U.S. Marshals. (The level of outright perjury committed by federal law enforcement agents in this horrific case is in my experience exceeded only by the judicial murder of Edgar Steele.)

Then there's the Florida case, where Bill was brutally tortured and abused in an Orwellian "place where there is no darkness" in order to coerce a guilty plea, which failed. There the court, in its profound and perceptive wisdom and understanding, ruled that at the same moment in time he was allegedly committing a cyber-crime in Mexico, he was doing so in Florida as well, from two separate addresses separated by something like a thousand miles. 

Bill White is thus one of the few people who have been officially ruled by American courts to have been in two places at once, at the same time, in order to sustain two mutually contradictory convictions. I wish I could tell you this was unprecedented in the American judicial system, but it is not. It's happened several times before down through the decades.

I have often wondered why Bill has not negotiated his release with the federal government in exchange for the secret of bilocation, which would have all kinds of useful applications for spies and the military.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that Bill's support system is wearing a bit thin. This happens every couple of years when the short American attention span kicks in and White people decided he's no longer entertaining and they wander away. We need to get some of you back and get some more "followers" for him. (Cue sinister theme music and show brave U.S. Attorney and FBI agent locked in passionate embrace as they bugger while wrapped in an American flag.)

Bill needs practical help with manuscript typing and research on the outside (he has been denied internet access for years; as a writer I can tell you I hardly remember what I did before Google.) Neither would small amounts of money for his commissary go amiss; Bill won't ask, but I will.

Above all he needs human contact so that he doesn't lose touch with the real world and retreat completely into mysticism, and also so his captors know he hasn't been abandoned and that if they "extrajudicially execute" him there will be some noise made, at least--on the internet, which is forever, something I don't think these federal dumb-asses have quite wrapped their minds around yet.

Seriously, guys, consider writing to Bill White part of your racial duty. Do it.

William A. White #13888-084
Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004


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What's the process for sending money?

I'm assuming cash is a "no-no."

If I recall correctly, it has to be a Postal Money Order.

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