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Will Donald Trump Write Our Permission Slip?

[Transcript by request]
Greetings from the Northwest Homeland, comrades. It’s March the 10th, 2016, I’m Harold Covington, and this is Radio Free Northwest.
Okay, in the light of the events of Super Tuesday and other primaries since then, I think it’s time we re-visited the Donald Trump situation. Hillary, no need. She’s got it taped now and she’s back to being inevitable. She always was. It’s pretty clear she’s not going to be indicted or in any way inconvenienced over the e-mail thing; she’s Hillary and she gets a pass, as always.

Now, I need to make some things clear at the outset. Let me just quickly reiterate that I have not drunk the Donald Trump Kool-aid and I never will. I say to you again that

A) Donald Trump is not one of us. He doesn’t even seem to be a common or garden-variety conservative; up until he ran for president he doesn’t seem to have shown any interest in politics or any of this, just money and his own ego.

No one seems to know just what Trump’s genuine political and racial views are, or even if he has any. Prior to getting bitten by his latest presidential bug, The Donald was actually pretty tight with both Clintons and he made donations to the Clinton Family Foundations, i.e. bribes, although no one is quite sure what for.

B) Donald Trump has Jewish in-laws and apparently one of his daughters married a Jew and converted to Judaism. So far as I am aware he has made no major pronouncements of any kind on Israel as part of his presidential campaigns beyond a few vague soothing noises of the usual sort; I get the impression he really isn’t interested in anything that doesn’t offer his own ego a boost and would probably shy away from genuinely intractable problems. My guess is he’ll go whichever way he thinks can get him votes and maybe get the RINOs to back off, so in the short term don’t be surprised to see him in a photo op wearing  yarmulke at a Holocaust memorial or something.

C) Trump is making what is in fact a pretty shrewd political move in trying to peel off as many black votes as he can from the Democrats by playing the niggers off against the beaners, which shouldn’t be too hard to do, since niggers and beaners generally despise one another for economic and cultural reasons.
The blacks may be stupid, but they do have eyes in their heads. They’ve noticed whose jobs this flood of illegal immigration is taking. On more than one occasion in various workplace and other scenarios I have done my bit to explain to those of the monkoidal persuasion that the Jews are bringing in the Mexicans to replace them and the Asians to replace us. That’s pretty much it, and niggers can get their primitive minds wrapped around a simple concept like that.

Trump is actually pretty brilliant in a back-room electoral politics dirty tricks kind of way in playing off the two main minority groups against one another, and maybe finally breaking the Democrat monopoly on black votes, at least to some extent. But this means that at some point, probably before the general election really heats up, he’s going to have to make a major appeal for black votes and God knows what he’s going to end up promising them, and at whose expense. He might promise to send the FBI to come and arrest all of us. All you guys out there who have drunk the Trump kool-aid need to be ready for that.

Okay, now—all that having been said and all my caveats duly noted, I have to admit that the Trump campaign is showing signs of promise, more than I have seen in a long time. It is growing in racial and social and historic significance. Trump himself is a problematic individual, no question. But he needs to be viewed not as a man but as an inevitable historical phenomenon, someone who had to happen, and in that department there is a chance he may actually accomplish something serious in the form of a kind of racial turning point for this continent, even if it’s an unintended consequence and even if I sure wish there was a bit more Huey Long and a bit less P. T. Barnum there.

The first and most obvious point is that Trump is demonstrating it's possible to defy political correctness and the left-loon media and cyber-assault and shaming machine. There have been a few guys who have done that before, notably Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty, but this is in a much more significant context, an actual political context and not just the lefty filth jumping on somebody to destroy him and biting off more than they can chew and then quietly consigning the whole incident to the memory hole.

Trump is defying them every day, openly. He’s getting away with it, and every day he does that the liberal command and control apparatus gets weaker. It’s kind of like a dog killing chickens; he has to be put down because once he knows it can be done not only will he keep on doing it himself, but he may show the other dogs that it can be done.

But Trump can’t be put down by the dictatorship’s propaganda machine; they’re going to have to use other methods that run the risk of generating genuine rage and opposition among the still White majority despite it all. When they bring Trump down, as I suspect will happen in some way or other, White people will still have learned that lesson: that it is still possible to speak and not be destroyed.

* * *

There’s something else that is developing regarding the Donald Trump presidential campaign, one of those brief little firefly-like flickers of light that you see down through history, often as a kind of hint of what might have been before they flicker out. It's one of those minor things that might pan out or it might end up as just a footnote for the Chinese historians who will eventually chronicle the death and extinction of the White race.

Over the past couple of weeks, as part of all these primaries, Trump has held a number of public rallies all across the country, but especially in the South. During these rallies he has been repeatedly interrupted by small groups of niggers from #BlackLivesMatter and a few of their so-called White allies from the loony left, jumping up and down and yelling and screaming and hollering insults and filthy words, you know how they do.

This has kind of become expected during the 2016 campaign. These niggaz have even interrupted old hippie Bernie and the Hildebeest herself on a couple of occasions, and however fuming they must have been inside, on the outside they have taken it like humble little lambs, sitting their on their own platforms and allowing themselves to be scolded and lectured to by monkeys.

But when this same thing has happened at Donald Trump rallies, Trump has developed a way of dealing with it which I have to admit impresses me no end. I don’t know if he is actually stage-managing this tactic and he’s got special private security people in the crowd who are trained for it, or whether it’s something that happened spontaneously at this one rally for the first time in Houston, Texas if memory serves, and then Trump just adopted it.

What happens is that when one or more people, usually niggers, start jumping up and down and hollering and waving signs and generally chimping out in the middle of one of his functions, Trump just looks down his nose at them and kind of waves a hand and says to no one in particular “get him out of here!” Then about a dozen casually-dressed White men descend on the troublemakers and gently but firmly grasp their arms and as the saying goes, “escort them from the premises,” i.e. drag them out of the auditorium or the sports arena or whatever, and their horrible glutinous booga-booga voices are heard no more in the land.

This has happened on five or six occasions that I’m aware of. Like I said, I have no idea whether or not these incidents are choreographed. Trump is a master showman and they may well be. But choreographed or not, they are great optics for White people, and I hope Trump keeps it up.

Think about what we’re seeing here. Scripted or not, think about the message being conveyed here. What appears to be happening is that pale males, not cops but ostensibly ordinary White male citizens, are actually laying hands on stinky black asses and physically removing them from what the lefty-loons would call a White "safe space," which is language I can appreciate because it’s pretty accurate. That’s what niggers have been doing for over 60 years now, invading White people’s safe spaces, starting with Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954.

Think about this. When was the last time non-cop American White males physically laid hands on niggers and forced them to behave themselves?

Cops have that permission slip I have spoken of in the past. Permission from our Jewish and liberal lords and masters to display physical courage against non-Whites. They have that permission slip because it’s necessary. That’s actually what they’re there for, to keep negroid violence and savagery within some kind of livable bounds.

That’s the big dirty secret about cops that everybody in this society knows and nobody will speak out loud: the people who run this toilet understand that as genetically and as culturally useful as niggers and other primitive Third World people are in achieving the ultimate goals of the Agenda (capital A), the fact is they can’t simply be allowed to run wild and out of control, or else they’ll slaughter all the productive White people and burn and destroy all the means of production and then nothing will be left for anybody. The rich people's servants won't be able to come in to work because of all de bad niggaz making them afraid to leave their hovels. Can't have that.

Police forces are unofficially licensed to kill, to cull the nigger and mestizo herd, so to speak. The niggerized prison-industrial complex is a trade-off necessary to maintain the most basic social and economic order, as well as to maintain a faint fig leaf of pretense that something called “America” still exists. But in this mockery and hallucination of Obama’s America, only cops have that license, that permission slip that allows them to raise their hands against anyone with a dark skin, and even the cops losing some of that privilege and immunity over the past couple of years since the niggers have decided they want it all.

Let me ask you something: when was the last time non-cop Whiteboys confronted niggers and compelled them to stop what they were doing? When was the last time ordinary American pale males suddenly became actual White men long enough to raise their fists, at least in theatrical mode and by implication, and make any of these despicable people black or White who rule us stop what they were doing?

Do you see the significance of what I’m talking about here? Even if it’s not real, even if it’s all a stage play performed by actors hired by Donald Trump, it’s the optics. It’s what White people are seeing on their TV and internet screens that counts, and what they’re seeing is people who look like them successfully using physical force on the black primates and on bad people who support the current dictatorship, and successfully making them stop doing whatever vile thing they’re doing, even if it’s only a little bit of screaming obscene language.

Granted, only in the mildest of ways. True, no nappy heads have yet been cracked open and we haven’t seen the blood streaming down monkey-faces as they ook and eek in fear and pain. So far things haven’t escalated to the next level. The niggers and left-loons all leave voluntarily when the men at the Trump rally approach and touch them on the arm. Okay, they're still screaming their obscenities to be sure, and there's a little bit of shuffling that might kind of resemble dragging, but they leave with basically a touch on the arm.

That may not continue to be the case. I saw an article a couple of days ago claiming that the crowds of invading nigger and left-loon hecklers are getting larger and more vicious and more threatening, possibly including some good old-fashioned hired muscle brought in by the Cruz and/or Rubio campaigns or the American Enterprise Institute oligarchs to break up Trump’s rallies and terrorize his supporters.

The next obvious response by the Trump campaign will hopefully be to assemble a force of physically fit young men to protect the candidate’s functions and deal with people who are trying to interrupt and violate the rights of those attending, and that security force will need to be trained and prepared in all the 101 ways to go upside a nigger’s head. Or a Cultural Marxist's head. Is any of this starting to sound familiar? Can you say Sturmabteilung? Sure you can!

So, when will it escalate to the next level? When will we see on our television screen a Whiteboy or Whiteboys actually going upside the head of a #BlackLivesMatter nigger, and I’m speaking literally, as in blood flowing from a cracked-open nappy head and down a bubble-lipped monkey face?

And above all, when will we see either A) the Whiteboy or Whiteboys responsible for defending White Americans’ political rights and access to the political process not being arrested and prosecuted, or B) Donald Trump actually standing up for his followers who crack open nappy heads, coming up with their bail and providing them with dream team lawyers, etc.? In other words, an actual White leader who doesn’t just use us as disposable cannon fodder as if we were so many Ulstermen on the Somme.
* * *

Okay, let’s get back to the Donald Trump campaign and this phenomenon I was speaking about earlier, the one with the great optics where Whiteboys actually lay hands on monkoids and physically force them to leave White people alone and stop committing bad acts, or at least so it looks on TV, and this being America, how it looks on TV is what’s important.

We always seem to forget that about ourselves, or else we don’t want to admit that we’re that bloody shallow, but we are. To Americans, appearances are far, far more important than substance. We’re a mile wide and an inch deep. Why do you think Trump is so popular? One reason is he’s all hat and no cattle, as they say in Texas, and that’s deliberate, it’s part of his persona.

If you actually look at what he’s saying, politically speaking Trump’s campaign is 100 percent content-free, but no one minds because on every other level that counts, the emotional and spiritual level, he is telling White people what they want to hear, saying out loud what they themselves don’t dare to say. The very fact that Trump is so bitterly opposed by not just the Democrats but the RINOs, the Republican oligarchs, and the media etcetera works in his favor.

In short, the people who hate Trump are the same people who have fucked up this country for the past 50 years and everybody knows it, and they figure anybody this establishment despises like that can’t be all bad. And they’re right. Anyone who is this badly hated by the existing American power structure is somebody worth looking at, although as I’ve said before, I really wish Trump was just a little more cattle and a little less hat. I have to say again, no one really knows what the hell this man in fact believes, and that worries me.

But let’s get back to this phenomenon that has been observed at Trump rallies, wherein ostensibly normal everyday Whiteboys are to be seen actually laying hands on smelly niggers and forcing them to stop chimping out and physically removing them so other White people don’t have to see their ugly monkey-faces and hear their horrible booga-booga-booga voices.

The implications of this are staggering, it is such an unknown quantity. I’m trying right now to remember sometime in the past when I have seen this type of thing done by non-cop White civilians and I’m damned if I can remember any previous instance at all, except for when some White men banded together in the New Orleans airport during the Hurricane Katrina days to defend some White women from mass rape by nigger gangs, and even that wasn’t much more than some scuffling when the niggers wandered off looking for easier prey and the military showed up soon after.

These Trump guys are achieving the dream of every White high school student in America, a classroom or auditorium when the niggers will forced to shut the hell up and you can hear what the hell the teacher is saying and try to think about it without simian screeches and threats and intimidation and dancing orang-outangs.

That’s something I never had for three years at Chapel Hill High School, a simple quiet classroom where I could listen to what the teacher was saying, and so as childish as it might seem, these guys at the Trump rally really resonate with me. In a sense I’ve been waiting for this all my life. I have been forced to wait for 45 years for someone to finally make these goddamned niggers shut up. As limited as these little vignettes from the Trump rallies have been, I know how that makes me feel, and I can guess how that makes countless millions of other White people feel, many of whom have suffered much worse from these animals than I ever have.

The lefty-loons on Salon and the Hufflepuff and the Daily Beast are ranting about these episodes of nigger cleansing, but not so much as you might think. Either they are deliberately downplaying it because they know it will simply add to Trump’s popularity, or else they genuinely don’t understand the significance of it, but I personally suspect that in a so far quiet way, one of the things that is keeping Trump as front-runner is this public presentation of White men forcing niggers to be quiet and to leave. You have no idea how powerful an image that is to White people, how much White people long to see this.

I wish I could give it to you. I sometimes ask you guys in our RFN audience what the hell you want or expect from me, but that’s kind of a rhetorical question. Actually, I do know what you want from me, and I wish to hell I could give it to you. Unfortunately I can’t do that without the two things that you guys won’t give me, a lot of money and a lot of boots on the ground.

For God’s sake, can we at least be honest about one thing without my getting arrested for radicalizing youth or whatever? Hell, let’s give it a shot and say out loud one of those uncomfortable facts that everybody knows perfectly well is true.

What American White people really want is to see blood flow. Liberal blood, faggot blood, politician blood, attorney blood, media blood, but above all nigger blood. White people hate liberals and faggots and politicians and attorneys and social workers and media Barbie dolls, but above all they hate niggers and want to watch them suffer and die. That is of course, on their TV screens where it is physically safe, where they themselves don’t have to incur any risk or inconvenience and so they can disclaim any responsibility or involvement. 

You folks want the pleasure of watching the wicked people who have so terribly hurt you suffer and scream in pain and die, but you are ashamed and afraid to admit that you want justice and revenge for a lifetime of oppression and injury. You want to watch them burn in hell but do it vicariously, so you can distance yourselves and experience the pleasure and the satisfaction while convincing others and yourself that it’s nothing to do with you, and you are not a bad person.

Well, no, actually, you’re not bad people, you know. There is nothing at all wrong with you wanting to see these American scum punished for the way they have contaminated life itself. Liberals and Democrats and attorneys and affirmative action supervisors and petty bureaucrats and corrupt police and lawyers and judges and the media and the dictator’s bureaucrats, and everybody involved with this system generally, are Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

The human offal who control the United States of America have ruined your lives in a hundred ways. They've probably murdered some people you know. They’re engaged in torturing the whole world right now and they consciously serve evil in exchange for obscenely huge six-figure salaries direct-deposited into their bank accounts every two weeks. Guys, these people are the ones who are genuinely bad, and yes, they deserve to suffer and die in punishment for everything they’ve done. The fact that they’re not being punished is what puts the world so karmicly out of whack. There is nothing wrong with you wanting to see them punished; it is human and understandable and it’s right.

You just have to understand that unless you decide to become part of the script instead of just a spectator at the play, most likely you’re not going to get to see these swine kicking and strangling in the air, or with their heads on the iron spikes of the White House fence, or running screaming down the street with burning rubber tires around their necks, or however you view justice. Those are like all optics; somebody actually has to do the work to produce the effect.

You people want it for nothing. You want to see the show without paying the price of admission, in any sense of the term. I can’t make you that promise, which is basically why the Northwest Front isn’t going anywhere. What you want, I cannot give you with what you have given me to work with. Unlike Donald Trump, we’re all cattle and no hat at all. No money to buy the hat and nobody is willing to come here and wear the hat even if I could get hold of one; they prefer to stay at home and watch the electronic screens.

Like I said, I can’t promise you guys that I will ever be able to give you the kind of must-see TV that you want. But Donald Trump can make you that promise, and he can do so credibly, because he has what I do not, billions of dollars with which he can buy the boots on the ground. That is an incredible resource to have in this society; again I have to say I wish I knew a little bit more about what’s really going on in Trump’s mind.

Down through the years I have spoken of this bizarre character trait that seems to have been socially engineered into White people, not just in America but from all around the world. I refer to our apparently pathological inability to commit a single act of actual, physical resistance against people who are trying to exterminate us as a race. This applies to politicians and media bitches and of course the men in the black body armor themselves, but it applies primarily to dark-skinned people, above all niggers.

A woman comrade of ours up here in the Homeland once remarked to me that White people are rule-obeyers. For the past two or three generations there has been imposed on our minds a hard and fast rule: you do not get physical or aggressive or even disrespectful in any way against someone with a dark skin. When that has to be done, as it often does, you are to do nothing except pick up the phone and call the police.

You never so much as think of touching a weapon, even if you have one. If there is a problem with someone dark, if you can hear Jamal and Ernesto moving around downstairs and smell them shitting on your sofa, you call the police, end of story, and if they don’t get there in time you take your beat-down or your rip-off or your sexual assault or your death quietly, in repentance for slavery, rather than be a racist and raise your hand to someone with a dark skin.

No matter what they do, no matter if they steal from you right under your nose, no matter if they are screaming filthy words at the top of their lungs and smashing the fixtures and excreting on the floor, no matter if they are imminently about to hurt you or someone you care about, you do not raise your hand to someone with a dark skin. That is racist, and you don’t get to be racist. It’s not allowed.

You do not have a permission slip. Cops and only cops have a very limited situational permission slip to use physical force against people with dark skins. You have none, and there are plenty of White men in prison cells tonight who didn’t get that.

When you draw the short straw, as most of us pale people do at least once in our lives, our role is to sit meekly and quietly and take whatever the dark-skins wish to do to us, and hope to God the police with their permission slips arrive in time.

To do otherwise is to risk the ultimate punishment, the punishment of the White racist, and we are made to understand this from childhood on, with every word that falls from our electronic devices into our young ears and every idea that is conveyed to us from our masters.

We are instilled from birth with a hard-wired certainty that to violate this rule means that we are wicked and evil racists who must be shunned and shut out and cast out from the herd. We must be denied the right to earn a living or to own nice stuff, and denied all sexual and emotional contact with women of our own race because we are so wicked as to hate and hurt the poor dark-skinned people. Any children we have must be taken from us by the law, because we might corrupt them with our wicked hate, so forth and so on. 

The dictatorship of course knows that they can get away with treating pale males like this because they know we won’t resist them either. And if they didn’t know it before, the Bundy brothers proved it down in Oregon in January. The dictator’s servants now know it’s all bluff and we won’t actually fire on them. The White man doesn’t kill his enemies any more, and everybody concerned knows it.

But do you remember some things I have said on RFNs past, regarding who can write these permission slips for pale males to actually raise their hand against a beast with a turd-colored skin? Some of you may recall that down through the years I actually predicted Trump before Trump came along, as a man who would have sufficient juice and moral authority to write permission slips for Whiteboys to be brave again, even in a non-police context. I said something about such a man being both a billionaire and arising from the world of celebrity, remember?

I think Donald Trump is beginning to approach the level of moral authority to where he can write permission slips. These little bits of street theater at his rallies where pale males actually lay hands on stinking black carcasses and force them out of sight could be test balloons of a sort, something Trump is trying to see how much he can get away with, to test the waters as it were. It may be that in view of what the oligarchs are planning on doing to Donald Trump to deny him the nomination, Trump is toying with the idea of writing out a few permission slips.

I can tell you all day and all night that it’s all right to be brave in your quest for freedom here in the Northwest, but that’s no good. My four or five thousand hits per week don’t give me permission-slip-writing authority. Donald Trump’s billions of dollars do.

Right now The Donald is writing permission slips for pale males to carry out minor removal procedures on a few ugly nigger faces. No biggie there. But suppose down the road it looks like the power structure just plain refuses to let The Donald come in and play?

Would he do it? Would he write the Big Permission Slip itself? As many doubts as I have about the man, I have to say, if he did, it would finally change the game. 



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