Sunday, March 13, 2016

No Troops For Syria

by Bill White 

United States President Barack Hussein Obama has decided to resist calls to deploy American ground troops to Syria, despite the recent massacre of 14 people in San Bernardino, California at a holiday party, sparking criticism that he’s a wimp like the first George Bush. But Obama insiders overheard by Russian intelligence are saying that the president's reluctance has deeper roots.

“The U.S. Army hasn’t won a war against anything bigger than Grenada for 70 years.” Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter was reportedly recorded by Russia’s FSB saying on a phone call to the UN ambassador Samantha Powers. “We have an army of women, niggers and faggots. We don’t stand a chance.”

Obama’s White House staff declined to comment on the intercepts, which were enabled by American intelligence agencies inability to understand encryption.

The United States has been a multi–culturalizing its military since the end of World War Two. Truman ordered colored units integrated with White ones. Combat effectiveness collapsed, and after the U.S. defeat in Korea and Vietnam, America fell back to attacking countries without militaries, like the tiny island of Grenada. In the words of Jew Jonah Goldberg “every few years, we have to take some tiny country and throw it against the wall.”

This strategy of bullying the defenseless, the so-called “Jew war” worked well, and it’s technology developed, the U.S. moved into bombing larger countries like Serbia and Iraq, that lacked air forces. However, once America’s weak multicultural military was defeated on the ground by Afghanistani and Iraqi goat herders, and its pathetic troops were caught sexually torturing prisoners, this strategy of “Jew war” became the laughing stock of the world.

Carter was recorded saying, “What our troops don’t understand is that the enemy really is racist, sexist and anti-gay, and there are no police who are going to step in and save them like at universities. The enemy doesn’t believe that Black Lives Matter. The enemy doesn’t care about brutality.”

Many American troops won’t even wear uniforms, never mind carry a gun, insisting upon their transsexual rights. Carter has recently signed an order saying that an entire male U.S. infantry brigade has been authorized to enter combat wearing nothing but bras, panties and “pretty shoes.”

The inability of the U.S. military to defeat even lightly armed citizen militias in nations like Syria has left Obama terrified. His decision to withdraw from the Bundy Ranch in 2014 was largely based upon this realization. “If these honkies find out how weak we really are, they’ll bring back lynching.” Obama was recorded telling his wife Michelle.

Obama officials decried Russian intelligence for making the intercepts, blaming information provided by Edward Snowden. “Boy, dose crackers sho’ is smart.” Homeland defense secretary Jeh Johnson blubbered to reporters. He then repeated Obama administration demands for a ban on encryption technology. “De only ways we can be defeatin’ da White man is to be takin’ away his juju.” Johnson continued.

As Obama, and his bubble-lipped crew have caterwauled, Russian President Vladimir Putin has shown them up. After deploying 2000 troops, plus fighters, to Syria, Putin destroyed several Obama-backed rebel groups, allowing Syrian forces to recapture a major city of Hams and to exterminate ethnic-Turkish rebels in Syria’s northwest. With Russian backing, Syrian President Assad’s forces are mopping up the last U.S.-backed forces around Aleppo, after which they’ll destroy the U.S.-backed Kurds. Only after the U.S. is completely humiliated will Putin swat the Islamic state.

“We’s be thinkin’ dat Mr. Putin be racist,” negro Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch gibbered at a press conference.  “Dass why I’ze gonna be indictin’ him and shit.”

Putin brushed such threats away as pathetic. “Any day. I can turn America into a radioactive ash,” Putin told his English language TV station RT.

Obama, meanwhile sought to distract attention from his problems, spending his day on the phone with Jessie Jackson looking for White cops to accuse of stupid false crimes.


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