Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Letter From Bill White - February 16th 2016

Hello, Harold:

Well, it appears that I have won my fourth case against the United States today. The case is United States vs. Davis. You'll notice that Mr. Davis' counsel submitted the motion that I wrote for him to the court. 

It's a drug case. A state court ruled that a Chicago police officer perjured himself in testimony against Mr. Davis, which is nothing unusual--the fact that police and federal law enforcement routinely perjure themselves and fabricate evidence to obtain convictions is so widely known and accepted within the system that it raises no eyebrows at all. 

The United States Attorney then took this perjured testimony to a federal grand jury and used it to indict Mr. Davis, who is black and a bit slow, and who could not articulate to his court-appointed public defender what happened. I wrote it up and boom, the dictator's hired jurists agreed to dismiss one count. There's a hearing next week on dismissing the rest.

And as I write, another wannabe case just walked up to me--a winnable case that the defense counsel is literally refusing to win, again! LOL. I would say that at least one third of the people who ask me for help are either wrongfully indicted, or entitled to immediate release.

Thank you for the two books that arrived today.

I received your letter on the London Forum. Some thoughts: 

1)There's nothing wrong with having a group just dedicated to socializing and holding a monthly meeting;

2) A martial arts club is a better idea than a public paramilitary training club;

3) Public White leaders should not publicly display any sexual deviance. Homos and pedos should be barred from White activism. I have never understood the Brits' weirdly tolerant attitude toward buggery. They seem to either think it's funny or else treat it as a harmless upper-class eccentricity.

4) Nonsense like this reminds me of the "New Orleans Protocols" which were designed to protect [name redacted] from certain prison videotapes. LOL.

I have no idea who Cyril Smith is, or was, but yes, America and Britain are run by a network of Judaeo-occult pedophiles. I am also aware that this network is being suddenly exposed, but in a Revelation of the Method way--old allegations against the dead. Bill Clinton is a pedophile--why is nothing being done about him now? So is Prince Andrew. Janner the Jew I recall. So how do we stand behind a legal system organized by pedophiles? Or do we repudiate allegiance to it?

I am reading Blood Feud. I have to say that I find this kind of sausage-making expose less interesting than the truth about Bill Clinton as a Satanic pedophile, and Obama as a neo-African chieftain, a primitive in the land of the White man. As Mosley noted, these are "men of the next five minutes."

As always, Harold, thank you for all you do.


William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004


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