Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jew Billionaires Behind Multi-Cultural Attacks On Trump

by Bill White 

An old Polish proverb warns that “the Jew cries in pain as he strikes you.” Nowhere has this principle been more on display than with the attacks by multi-cultural mobs, financed by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, on White working people who are rallying to support Donald J. Trump. These racist attacks have been encouraged and protected by Soros and Bloomberg and the Jewish media, demonstrating the control that America’s Judæo-occult deception machine has over its people.

“Yeah, I punched him,” said John Franklin McGraw, 78, who was arrested for slugging a Soros-financed black thug at a Trump rally. “Next time I’ll kill him.” The media highlighted this language, but ignored the violence that had provoked the incident, which led to White workers being forced to defend themselves. Jedediah Brown, an ignorant nigger who responded to calls broadcast on Chicago’s WBEZ radio and WBBN radio appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered to explain his motivation in charging the podium at Trump’s canceled Chicago rally. “I felt that I had to use violence to shut this down,” Brown said. “I just started swinging.”

NPR blamed Trump’s dislike of Jewish Communism for inciting violence. But WBBN, owned by Michael Bloomberg, issued a call for non-Whites to take up arms and kill Trump supporters in a Hutu-like broadcast before the rally. And NPR ran a program calling for progressives to use violent force to impose homosexuality on unwilling nations.
Attacks on White working people by Jewish-organized multi-cultural mobs are nothing new. Jewish mob violence was the signature tactic of the Civil Rights era, and almost every “black” riot of the past century has been organized by Jewish Communists. Trump blamed the latest acts of mob violence on Jew Communist candidate Bernie Sanders, but the real enemy he is facing is the world Zionist intelligence movement operating out of Jerusalem.

For thirty years, George Soros in particular has been working with the U.S. CIA and the Zionist Mossad to organize phony “color” movements against independent states. Soros has brought down the governments of Ukraine, Georgia, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia with these tactics, and has tried to bring down Syria, Iran, Russia and China.

For the past several months these billionaire-financed thugs have acted as a paramilitary auxiliary to the Justice Department-funded thugs of illegitimate nigger President Barack Obama. In state after state, Trump supporters have defeated nigger mobs in self-defense after masked blacks with crude weapons have attacked Trump rallies. In Pennsylvania, Keystone United organizer Matthew Heimbach drew particular notice for leading the defense of endangered White workers.

The goal of the Soros-Bloomberg-organized mobs is the genocide of the White race, which is seen as a predicate necessary for the recreation of the Temple, the Judæo-occult code word for a New World Order. Supporting them are a host of other Jewish billionaires who are pulling the strings of the other presidential puppets, and making them join the dance of White death. Chaim Sabin, who owns Hillary Clinton like a whore, traipsed her out to blame Trump for the Soros-Bloomberg violence. Meanwhile, Sheldon Adelson, who similarly owns Marco Rubio and John Kasich, made them dance as well, causing them to revoke their pledge to support their own party’s nominee.

The Jews have been trying to enslave the world under a One-World Order for thousands of years. However, every time they have built a global empire they have overplayed their hands and been defeated. For the past century, the Jews have made the United States their vehicle for global conquest. However, America’s 210 million non-Jewish White workers have observed the genocide of their co-racialists in Rhodesia and South Africa, and the ongoing Jewish effort to destroy Europe with non-White immigration. As similar immigration and free trade schemes have destroyed America’s economy. Trump has been able to rise on White anger.

Trump, however, probably cannot lead White people to victory. Two of his children are Jewish converts, and Trump is only willing to go part of the way toward cleansing America, expelling 30 million illegal non-White foreigners but leaving 100 million others who don’t belong here in place, including eight million Jews, 38 million blacks, several millions sodomites (far fewer in reality that generally supposed) and 20 million corrupt, multi-culturalized Whites. Trump wants to “Make America Great Again” but America must be dismantled, and Trump can only take White people halfway there.



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True, but you have to start somewhere, or re-phrased, you must learn to walk before you can run, and we amurrican EuroFolk are still crawling when it come to revolutionary wisdom,


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