Monday, March 14, 2016

I'm A Real Twit

A reminder for those of you who indulge: I am now on Twitter @HAC1488.  Been on almost six weeks now and haven't been canceled at the behest of some outraged "Social Justice Warrior." Longer than I figured I'd last

You know, I can see how this can get addictive, and if you've got millions of followers like Donald Trump has, I can get how this would be a very effective communications and PR weapon. I rather doubt I will ever reach that point, though. Zuckerberg always used to pull my Facebook pages when I got to about 500 friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read that Providence RI was having some sort of Lovecraft festival. Very positive story. I'm just waiting for the inevitable libtard that's going to jump up and scream that he was an evil racist and all the formulaic disclaimers will be given and the people of Providence will whimper and grovel. You're not the only one who can see things plain!

11:24 AM  

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