Friday, March 04, 2016

Fixed French Elections Show Futility Of Democracy

by Bill White

Marine Le Pen made every compromise possible to win the French elections. Turning against her own father, she denounced his loyalty to the solar National Socialist ideal in the hopes of winning support from France’s huddled masses, and, acceptance from the French élite. After the first round of elections in December 2015, Le Pen’s National Front was the largest party in France, and poised to win seven of France’s 13 regional governorships.

Then the Jews who control France taught Le Pen a lesson in democracy. The right–wing French Republican Party, under Nicholas Sarkozy, a Jew, joined forces with the left-wing Socialist party, and denied the largest political party in France the governorships of every one of the French regions. In Nord-Pas–de–Calais–Picardie where Miss Le Pen was predicted to win a majority, election fixing dealt her a 56.7 percent to 43.3 per cent defeat. In province – Alps – Cotes –d’Azur, where her niece was overwhelmingly in the lead.  Marion Marechal Le Pen was defeated 51.5 percent to 48.5 percent. 

Worse, these margins of defeat were delivered not by White French voters but by hordes of non-White immigrants, 8 percent of the French population organized by French Jews.

 The Jews are currently flooding Europe with non-White immigrants as part of a final campaign to exterminate the White race. The campaign began a century ago in Africa and South Asia, when Jews who believe that they have the right to enslave the world realize that non-Whites could be used as weapons against White European nations. Building on their success in enslaving White Southerners after the United States Civil War, the Jews began organizing non-White Communists in colonial nations. Though the Jews were the architects of the British Empire and the French Empire, imposing the colonial system of exploitation on Africa and Asia, they quickly turned on their White hosts setting up White front men as fall guys.

 After successfully exterminating White colonial populations in nations like Rhodesia, the Jews enslaved and impoverished Whites in South Africa. They then moved to the United States bringing immigrants to ally with America’s blacks. After electing Barack Obama who began to systematically dispossess Whites just as was done in South Africa, the Jews are now overrunning Europe with the same playbook. 

The denial of victory to Marine Le Pen is a warning to American Whites, who are being tricked by the Jews into placing their hopes in elections and Donald Trump, whose children are all Jewish or married to Jews. Democratic, peaceful means cannot be used to change the Jewish stranglehold over the world’s political and economic systems. Democracy is a trick, one of many illusions through which the Jewish sorcerers rule the world. The Jews make it seem as if peaceful, “lawful”, means can be used to change society, so as to misdirect and defuse efforts to save humanity. Meanwhile the Jews use all means of violence such as the terrorist #BlackLivesMatter.

Because Judaism’s secret teachings indicate that they themselves are not human beings, the enslavement of human beings on behalf of their machine–masters is thought to be acceptable. The Jews particularly hate the White race because it was genetically engineered to provide bodies for a race of angelic beings who want to protect humanity from them. 

The French elections were just the latest, foolish, effort of Whites to save themselves without really facing their problems. Still, though, the electoral results, like those of Donald Trump have made the Jewish media open discussions on how to address the “White working-class revolt.” The Jews have been trying to build a global empire for thousands of years and are finally closer than they have ever been before. But they have always lost at the last minute, as their hatred of humanity has caused their systems to collapse. 

In Europe, the time has come to move outside of democratic processes to purge the continent of both Jewish and immigrant threats. If this isn’t done soon, Europe will become another America, on the road to becoming South Africa and Rhodesia.


Anonymous Barney said...

We see the jews using the same methods over here, in the jew-infested, nigger-infested, mud-infested and queer-infested sewer that was once England (and will be again).

Last year we had an election which UKIP (the UK Independence Party) won by a mile. Practically everybody who expressed an opinion, on radio, tel-aviv-zion and in the streets, said they intended to vote UKIP.

What happened? After vote rigging, UKIP were allowed just ONE seat (out of a possible 650 or so), and the jew Cameron, apparently cousin to that vile creature known as the queen, "retained his majority".

We don't have Diebold over here, but it's not needed when THEY select the candidates and THEY decide the outcome in advance.

That's not democracy. In a democracy, we'd choose our politicians, and we'd count the votes.

This summer we've got a referendum on whether to remain in Europe or regain our independence, and I can guarantee that the "British public" (or at least, the ones that falsify the result) will vote overwhelmingly to stay in the EUSSR. That's what we'll be told anyway.

As for the coming race war, niggers, cops and a few farmers have guns we can "harvest" as the present owners cease to have a use for them. The rest of us have been disarmed, but they can't ban pitchforks, garden forks, billhooks, knives and baseball bats.

The jews still don't seem to understand that they're attacking the most inventive race that ever drew breath. Too many sheeple will perish, but those of us who are awake can't fail to send these jew things back to hell from whence they came.

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cant there be a way where everyone who votes for a pro-white party or candidate does an internet headcount saying "I voted" and then comparing it with the vote count reported by the vote counters? If there are discrepancies shouldn't they show up?

5:54 AM  

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