Saturday, March 12, 2016

American Horror Story

[This man is pretty much typical of the kind of people who come to the Northwest Front looking for spiritual aid and comfort, or for revenge, or for the Man On The White Horse with the magic beans in his pocket, or for an intellectual night's lodging, or simply a night's lodging, period. 

His story is very much typical of the stories of the past two to three generations of pale males in this society--stumble after stumble; disaster after disaster; ghastly, wretched bad luck after ghastly, wretched bad luck; "bad choice" after "bad choice." 

Although I think we all know that the "badness" of certain choices in Amurrica is relative, and that when all "good choices" are effectively cut off from certain racial and gender groups due to lack of money, lack of initial life placement, or lack of the insider track that the dictator's votaries receive, and it is no longer possible to be "good" without completely violating every moral principle and every ounce of self-respect a White man might somehow hang onto in this toilet--then "bad choices" are pretty much the only choices a White man has access to.

But this is one reason why the NF is not moving forward as it should--the people who do find us and turn to us all seem to be walking wounded. That's what Amurrica produces these days, and they are all hobbling after Donald Trump now. When he fails them, as he will, the NF needs to be in a position to step up and pick the better element among these people up off the floor. - HAC]

* * *
Dear HAC:

Yeah, I suppose. long story and a really complicated life. I completely know what you're referring to when you reference the American Turdfest middle-aged White men find themselves in. Hell, I'm the poster child for it. 

I'm the guy who did 8 years in prison. Car accident. Bad one. My fault, never disputed that, but the punishment was insanely disproportionate to what actually occurred, and my National Alliance affiliation being deliberately brought in by a D.A. had much to do with that. American Jewstice at its finest. Released in 2009, 7 years ago. Allow me to recap, briefly.

I spent these last 7 years in the turdiest state in the union, Illinois. Two governors in prison at the same time, having within its borders the winningest murder capital of the Western world, and being ranked number one for locking up more of its citizens for nonviolent offenses than any other state. The land of Lincoln, that bastard. 

I've been thrown in the county jail three times since being released from prison: once for nonpayment of an ex-wife's attorney fees, another for a strictly verbal family argument, the third for driving on a suspended license on my way to work. 

Well, how else is a guy supposed to pay the ten grand a year in child support, mandated by the state, right? Man's gotta have a car in these bumfuck areas, if he wants to get to work reliably. But getting a license? Not for a guy like me, unless I could pull 15 grand out of me bum. Your best idea for the Northwest Republic so far? No drivers licenses, I can get behind that.

I've had to relearn my trade as well, slowly climbing my way back up the tech ladder, that takes a while at my age (54), and in my technologically-based field. Oh and did I mention I married a second time, mostly for financial reasons so that maybe I could have the freedom to move somewhere besides Illinois? The Northwest included? But alas, again I unwittingly chose a sociopath for a wife, and she ended up getting arrested for prescription drug fraud. Damn the luck!

["Unwittingly" may have been simple lack of any other choice. White females as a group seem to have become damaged beyond all repair. Are there any sane and normal White women left? Then where in God's name are they? If we could somehow locate a pool of sane and normal White females and bring them together with all our men who have been thrown away by Amurrica, I think that could be the greatest service anyone could ever do. It's been tried, though, and the loons of both genders took over in short order. - HAC]

Between these two wives I've been in court 9 times in 7 years. So I don't know if you can call me the typical supporter, unless Northwest supporters have a story like this. 

I have recently escaped Illinois, and child support, and been given a quite lucrative job in a growing field. In [redacted]. I live in the heart of the city, in the shadow of [redacted], more free than I have been in 15 years, my friend. 
I gave up trying to make everything right. I climbed the fence and ran.

-[Name redacted]


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Wounded people are attracted to a place which offers shelter. Build it and they will come.

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