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Letter From Bill White - February 2nd, 2016

[Got my monthly slew of Bill White letters from the FBI today. - HAC]

February 2nd, 2016

Hello, Harold:

A prison sketch for you:

Briefly, a severely mentally ill man, we’ll call him “Dollar,” was housed near me at the M.C.C. This man allegedly attempted to rob a bank. My guess is that he walked into bank out of his mind, screaming, and it was called a robbery. This man was clearly suffering from a degenerative and ultimately fatal schizophrenia, yet instead of being hospitalized he has been in prison for almost a year now.

The man’s behavior was wild. He would go into episodes where he would babble statements like The United States of Mind Mind Your Business. He would write five new “Constitutions” per day. He showed me one labeled “Red Dress of Grievances.” It was a page of nonsense words which he worked on intensely for two or three hours. He showed me a picture of Abraham Lincoln and asked me if I knew what book Lincoln was resting his arm on. He then told me all about this book, which he claimed Lincoln wrote. The man hallucinates. At several points when I knew him he just started screaming for no apparent cause.

Amusingly, the niggers saw nothing unusual about this man. Dollar was just another White dude to them. He had a lot to say. He made them think. The man would rant on insanely about children; the niggers approved. The mental illness was “just faking,” it was something Dollar was making up to avoid a prison sentence. The inability of the negro to detect mental abnormalities is others is quite amusing.

Last night Dollar made a knife and turned it in to a CO, blaming others. The niggers decided to run Dollar off the unit. I considered the guy dangerous—he would scream and punch violently in 20 to 30-minute episodes. There’s nothing I can do about it. In fact, my concern being housed near him is that he might “crash” into me,  i.e. draw me into his downward spiral. In prison, if you are near an incident you will be punished for it. So I was happy to see him go, but I watched the niggers, who were soft cowards, trying to make this guy leave without doing anything violent. Eventually it worked; the guy went crazy, broke a chair, and stormed off. The niggers felt tough. Most of them can only manage on a marginally less dysfunctional manner than Dollar himself.

The reason Dollar is here is that he has not been declared incompetent. The man sometimes cannot speak. His pych report says that he is degenerating. Medication has no effect. The man is probably in the last few years of a fatal neurological problem. But some vicious bitch or bastard in the United State’s Attorney’s office wants a bank robbery conviction to spice up their resumé, so they are insisting in the face of massive evidence to the contrary that he is legally competent to stand trial, and refusing to allow him to be hospitalized. 

I have no idea why Dollar has not been brought to trial yet; my guess would be that that the U.S. Attorney is having difficulty finding a public defender they can “work with in this complex case,” i.e. an attorney so completely devoid of anything remotely resembling ethics or any kind of moral compass that he will allow a man whose mental illness is obvious to anyone who spends two minutes in his company to plead guilty to a major federal felony and be sent to prison for many years when he probably is not even sure where he is, or why. They’ll probably have to find some way so the PD doesn’t leave any fingerprints on this atrocity and has plausible deniability if it goes south, which can be hard.

What is needed, Harold, is a government not afraid to practice euthanasia. This man is in pain every day, cannot think, and will never recover. He should be released from prison, and not just this one. Most of the negroes in here are the same way, either through mental illness or through a level of stupidity which removes them from the level of homo sapiens and places them on the same plane as gorillas or orang-outangs. Why sustain life in pain for decades when we can end it kindly? Why allow such lives to drain others?

Negroes and other races’ defectives do not have immortal souls; they are animals in the sense of being animate matter and no more. There is no crime in putting a soulless animal to sleep. One should not be cruel to animals or increase pain and suffering, but death is an inevitability neither cruel nor evil, that our pathological society does not see enough of. White defectives are the same way. This would not be punishment, some kind of execution. The state should be indifferent to punishment, it is its job to regulate society with no emotions, but with compassion. Many things that look like men are better off dead, and are not capable of realizing it. When the inner chaos turns to pain, close it. That’s all.

Imagine how much better America would be if we had put down the one quarter of the negro population that passes through prison instead of allowing them to breed—if we would euthanize the mentally incapacitated, the drunks, the addicts, the homosexuals But our wicked society is based on preserving life in pain and multiplying suffering, calling good evil and evil good.

In other news, my situation is good and getting better.

[Will redact subsequent discussion of Bill’s present sitch, just in case some of our many hostile readers might abuse such information in an attempt to do harm. Basically, the Supreme Court last summer ruled in the Elonis case that even if Bill had done what he was accused of doing, it’s not a crime on Constitutional grounds—this being the second time that such a federal court ruling has been made affecting his Chicago case. The first time lead to Bill's temporary release until the laughably misnamed “Justice Department” of the mulatto Eric Holder persuaded federal Judge B to simply ignore WTF federal Judge A had already ruled and seized Bill again. Third World judiciary for a Third World nation, n'est-ce pas?

My understanding of the incredibly convoluted ins and outs of it all is not great, but I gather Bill’s attorneys are now in the process of attempting to compel the dictatorship to comply with the decision of its own Supreme Court and actually release a man who has been declared innocent, a process which can take years in Obama’s Amurrica. 

You'd think when this happened that somebody in the court system would work up a list and say "okay, we lost such-and-such a case and got such-and-such a ruling, and on that basis everybody on this list gets the cell doors opened and we boot their asses out the door." Nope. Every case must be handled separately with full-blown motions and re-trials and endless, endless Niagaras of taxpayer dollars flowing into the pockets of lawyers, which is where Bill is at now.  – HAC]

Be well, Harold.


William A. White #13888084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004




Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

There is a fundamental problem with Bill White's stance on euthanasia. It's all right when they do it to them; but what if they decide that you meet the criteria for euthanasia? That is not a power that should be granted to any state.

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