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In Memoriam: Bradley J. Smith (1930 - 2016)

I have been saddened to learn of the passing of Bradley R. Smith, an American historian, researcher and scholarly activist, who is best known for founding the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH), which specialized in the field of revising official Allied claims regarding certain aspects of World War Two. He was a 37-year vet.

Brad was born to a working-class family in South Central Los Angeles. In 1979, his life changed forever when he read a leaflet by Robert Faurisson, "The Problem of the Gas Chambers." The story of this life-changing moment is recounted in his auto-biographical work, Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist. Smith writes, "I felt stunned, as if Buck Rogers had somehow come down from the 21st century and zapped me with a beam from his ray gun."

Smith is best known for having published several essay-length advertisements calling for open debate on the Holocaust in student newspapers published at colleges and universities across the United States. In the 1991-92 school year, CODOH advertisements or statements appeared in 17 student newspapers, several at major universities.

Bradley Smith and CODOH were one of the first Holocaust revisionist groups to develop a website in the early '90s. Since that time he has hosted several sites, blogs, a MySpace page, and participated in many discussion groups and forums on-line. He is the author of many articles, and several books.

Smith had a long association with the Institute for Historical Review -- as a contributor to their publications, as a speaker at conferences, and, during the late 1980s, as its Media Project director, a role that generated hundreds of radio and television interviews.

Smith’s Break His Bones: The Private Life of a Holocaust Revisionist, is a 315-page memoir published in 2002 that looks back on the challenges, disappointments and joys of his years-long battle against taboo and censorship. Break His Bones details the organized campaign to suppress free speech and intellectual openness on the Holocaust issue, showing how skeptics are blacklisted, and their works banned. Smith gives a human face to the much-maligned "Holocaust deniers." (My thanks to for refreshing my memory on these points of Bradley's bio.)

Now, my one Bradley Smith story:

I didn't know Brad personally, although I corresponded with him intermittently down through the years by letter and e-mail. The most interesting experience I ever had with him was through an unknown third party, an anonymous observer and (I suspect) active participant who around 2007 or so produced a document which was circulated within the Movement entitled A Brief History of the American White Nationalist Movement.

 This Induhvidual had some very trenchant and painfully accurate things to say about a number of top personalities in our wee little slice of life. Needless to say, I was accused of writing the report because "only Hurrold can write so gude." In point of fact I did no such thing. I followed my usual procedure in these matters; I issued one formal and detailed denial and I have declined to be drawn into discussion of the matter since, a plan which always works when I can stick to my resolve and not respond to the Goat Dancing, rather like an alcoholic fighting off the urge to take that first drink.

It was obvious that the Brief History was a compilation or anthology of work from a number of Movement personalities and so-called "anti-racists" down through the years from some kind of insider, either one of ours or one of theirs. I suspect one of ours; one of theirs would have published under his or her own name so as to get the brownie points.

Anyway, the thing that most impressed me about the Brief History was its almost total accuracy. Whoever wrote it knew his stuff. (For example, it nailed Frazier Glenn Miller's stanky ass to the wall on the "Peaches" affair, which was confirmed in 2013 when Peaches was finally revealed to the world, sort of, when Miller finally got his 15 minutes of fame back in the idiotic manner he did.)

The one exception was this person's uncanny accuracy and insight into our Movement and the people who have screwed its pooch one reference he made to "the late Revisionist Bradley Smith". I e-mailed Bradley about this and he assured me that rumors of his death had been greatly exaggerated.

One more bottle of the Last of the Summer Wine is empty now, guys. [Sigh ...] I hope to God some of you out there have listened and learned and you haven't all wandered off babbling about Donald Trump.


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To quote ramzpaul " I don't trust anyone who's over 40 in the movement" (or at least paraphrase) the "moonshine" needs to step up (don't worry Harold the cavalrys on the way )

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