Friday, February 05, 2016

How To Stage A Glorious Failure

With regard to the recent events at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, Oregon: if you're going to stage a glorious failure that destroys the lives of those participating in it, make sure that it actually means something and accomplishes something in the long run.

100 years ago this April there was such a glorious failure, one that eventually achieved victory. If we're really into suicide missions like Malheur, check out the above link and see how it's done. These episodes are long and they're mostly in Irish, but the subtitles are good, and they well repay an extended viewing.

I say to you guys again: I have walked the street where revolution was done. I have seen the monuments and the wall plaques and the bullet and shrapnel scars on the Four Courts and the GPO. I have been the old men tottering down the street on their canes and sitting in the pubs in their black berets.

It can be done, but not as we are. We must become the men our great-grandfathers were.



Blogger Mike @ SATEX said...

Something called "AbĂș Media Film Productions Teoranta" has had ZioTube take down the video you recommended.

Is there another source we can use to view it?


6:50 PM  

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