Saturday, February 06, 2016

Feds Struggle To Exclude Whites From Cash Handouts

by Bill White

The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the grotesquely misnamed United States Justice Department are struggling to decide the best way to exclude White people from the latest Obama handouts, i.e. the shakedown of Ally Financial, formally known as GMAC, General Motors Automotive Credit.

In 2008, GMAC collapsed and was taken over by the United States government, in large part because it had made too many loans to financially dishonest minorities, who borrowed money to buy automobiles with no intention of paying the money back, and then destroyed their cars before repossession.

To address the irresponsible dishonesty of most non-White people, the Obama administration of course did not try to collect what blacks primarily and some Hispanics owed them. Instead Obama decided to loot the company he took over, distributing $80 million of the renamed Ally Financial’s assets to over 235,000 minority borrowers. The rationale is that by charging non-White deadbeats higher interest rates, Ally had somehow “discriminated” against them.

The plan to redistribute Ally’s wealth, though, has run into a hitch. Auto loan applications do not disclose their race to the lenders. Thus, not only can Obama not prove that any deadbeats were discriminated against, he can’t tell whether the money he’s passing out is going into the hands of the hated White man.

The comical result of the Democratic party’s latest racism is that Obama’s Justice mulattos are mailing out 450,000 letters to individuals living in ZIP codes that are more than 50 percent non-White, asking them to affirm their non-Whiteness. Those living in 90 percent non-White areas are being told that they are presumably entitled to money: those living in areas 50 to 90 percent non-Whites are being asked to return an affidavit. And those living in more than 50 percent White areas are relying on Bayesian Improved Surname Gecoding, BISG.

BISG is a system designed to determine if a given last name in a specific ZIP code is more likely to be White or non-White. In areas where a given last name is likely to be non-White, those folks are getting money too.

The distribution of 250,000 petty checks for $300 to non-Whites for imaginary complaints is not only the latest evidence of Obama’s racism and his handlers’ genocidal plot against White people, but it is unlikely to have much impact. Soon after receiving the money most, non-Whites will fritter in a way on high priced-junk from Jewish-owned companies, and paying off high-interest loans from Jewish lenders.

Though American White working people, the kind of people who could use an extra $300 to feed their families, are almost completely disempowered in the United States, Obama’s Judæo-occult handlers, and their privileged negro êlite have spent the past eight years transforming the country in preparation for White genocide. Recently, with the candidate Donald Trump topping Republican polls, Jewish-owned news stations have been urging illegal immigrants who are barred from owning weapons under U.S. law to “use the Second Amendment” and acquire weapons to murder anyone who attempts to deport them. That exact statement was recently aired on Chicago’s 105.9 FM.

The particular way in which the CFPB is handling the Ally distribution has drawn scrutiny from Congressional regulators. The House financial services committee under Rep. Jeb Hansarling (R-TX), has been holding hearings. But this is all hot air. The Republican Party hates White people as much as Obama, and is nothing but a token opposition designed to delude people and to channel and diffuse White anger.


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