Friday, January 15, 2016

Tweety Bird

Hi, guys:

A reminder: I now have a Twitter account @HAC1488.

So far is it seems like a rather cut-rate version of Facebook, which I haven't used in years. The Jew Zuckerberg decided back around '11 or so that I was too evil too have a Facebook page under my own name, which is probably a good thing since it prevented me from wasting years on Facebook and deprived the secret police agencies of a potentially valuable listening post.

I can see how Twitter might be of value, in theory, if I can somehow acquire a million zillion followers, which is you guys' department. I am not going to comport myself like some 15 year-old girl and spend hours a day trying to get people to follow me. You guys need to let all the people on your own wee little e-mails lists know about @HAC1488.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harold, one of the best ways to get new followers is to have people retweet you. This means you should start tweeting stuff that will encourage people to retweet you or encourage those that don't know you or don't know you have a twitter to follow you. No offense but just tweeting about how few followers you have doesn't accomplish this.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck twitter

1:31 PM  

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