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Harney County Update 1-9-2016 A.M.

Grittings, dewds:

I was speaking with a comrade yesterday who has an interesting take on Harney County and the whole "Sagebrush Rebellion" thing. I haven't delved deeply into this myself, but I am sure it will give our many resident conspiratologists hours of fascinating speculation. And like most conspiracy theories in this essentially insane society, there is a chance that every word of it might be true. When you live in an asylum run by the inmates anything is possible, and some of the weirdness that actually happens in Obama's Amurrica is stranger than any conspiracy website.

First off, back in 1972 or so Richard Nixon stopped export of American gold to (in those days) Europe, due to too many European banks and countries deciding to cash in on gold-backed U.S. Treasury bills. This meant that the United States government had to find some way to back or collateralize its paper besides the actual yellow or white stuff.

What they did was start issuing Treasury Bills and bonds and other loan paper collateralized by federally owned land, mostly in the West. One of the reasons that the dictatorship has become so acquisitive and possessive of land over the past 40 years or so is that it needs to back more and more of its worthless paper in order to borrow money, for the past 20 years much of it from the Chinese. The obvious policy of driving independent White farmers and ranchers out of business and acquiring their land by hook or crook, like moustachioed Victorian villains in top hats tying fair maidens to railroad tracks literally in order to get the deed to their daddy's ranch, began about that time. The dictatorship has got a lot of IOUs out over there in Beijing.

Okay, so far we're on solid historical ground, but this is where details get a little bit hazy, possibly because we are talking about grossly criminal activity on the part of the Democrats which for obvious reasons they want kept under wraps.

Apparently over the past several years, Salvadorean gang-bangers and Mexican drug cartels and Syrian "refugees" with ISIS flags in their backpacks aren't the only Third Worlders to take advantage of the abolition of the borders of the United States. The Chinese have been cashing in their monetarily worthless T-Bills, of which they have several gazillion dollars' worth lying around gathering dust, thus acquiring either actual title to immense tracts of American land in the West or else what's called usufruct, which is the legal right to use the land even though actual title doesn't change hands.

They have been stripping these lands of mineral and natural resources for their factories back home, and apparently also set up several artificial towns or Potemkin villages making cheap plastic junk for Wal-Mart and other nick-nacks on said land, land which is for all practical purposes part of China because the ching-ling-dings are the legal owners and have a nudge-nudge-wink-wink arrangement with the American dictatorship that they will not be interfered with. These down-low factory towns employ mostly illegal aliens of various nationalities; American front men are kept to a minimum and I'm told in some of them you'd think you were in some weird combination of Hunan Province and Guadalajara made from double-wides.

(I would be fascinated to learn how Chinese coolies and Mexican braceros get along in a factory environment in some godforsaken high desert encampment of pre-fab buildings a hundred miles from Boise, under the huge portraits of Chairman Mao, the Great Helmsman. Perhaps they have joint Struggle Sessions after hours in order to determine the Correct Line. That's the kind of wet dream fantasies American university Marxists have writhed to in their sleep for a couple of generations.)

Anyway, essentially this guy's take is that the Harney County protestors are doomed to destruction one way or the other, and fairly soon, because the dictatorship can't risk too much scrutiny being directed at what it has been doing out in the sagebrush for many years. If it goes on too long a few bored people might begin to ask why and cui bono? I do notice a remarkable dearth of mainstream media reporting on the occupation; a few terse lines every day, accompanied by a couple of tons of filler that is nothing more than mindless lefty-lib invective, which doesn't count as news coverage.

Remember when the media actually reported news and did real investigative journalism, instead of merely acting as stenographers for the Democrats and the dictatorship?




Anonymous Anonymous said...

No I can't seem to remember when journalism was like that. Each of our local newspapers comprises a series of political copies and pastes from the Associated Press, some lefty lib op/eds, and mindless drivel about sports.

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