Friday, January 15, 2016

Harney County Update 1-15-2016

Everyone needs to bear in mind that there are probably "black ops" of various kinds being carried out by the dictator's servants with relation to the events at the Malheur Wildlife Refuge. Militia don't exactly carry IDs in nice plastic lamination like FBI agents do. 

The dictatorship is presently using some yay-hoo sheriff down there in Burns who clearly understands which side of his bread is buttered as a PR point man and a beard, but make no mistake as to who is really calling the shots. There are dozens of FBI agents and other secret policemen hiding in the woods around the refuge, skulking in their big RVs with the antennae and satellite dishes sticking out. 

One of the things you can expect to see, rather like happened after Oklahoma City, is that all of a sudden strange peripheral characters whom nobody ever heard of before are going to start popping up. The name "J. D. Cash" springs to mind, for those of you old enough to remember OKC and to have been paying attention at the time.

We will observe to our amazement that these peripheral characters nobody ever heard of before are getting all kind of media coverage while they 'splain everything dass goin' on, in some really bizarre way, probably involving UFO-style aliens as opposed to the Mexican kind. 

Anything that anyone says to anyone about Malheur needs to be taken with a large grain of salt and subjected to an extensive sniff test, including this blog. One of the dictatorship's primary weapons against the people it tyrannizes has always been disinformation, and they will be raining it down on us from a dizzy height. 

Okay, quick update to the update:

So much for the idea that the locals don't want the militia men there in their county. Better check this out before YouTube pulls it down.

The "Grasty" referred to is the enemy judge, presumably a Democrat, who says he is going to fine Ammon Bundy $75,000 per day so the dictatorship can come and take his father's ranch in Nevada on "civil execution" and give it to Harry Reid's land-speculator son for "development", which was the original casus belli last year when all this started.


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