Sunday, January 10, 2016

Harney County Eyewitness Account

I was at Burns, Oregon on Thursday, Friday and part of Saturday at their appropriated property.  I spent most of my time at their seized property and I enjoyed myself very much. The Jew lies about "most" of the locals wanting them to go away are pure poppycock! 

The site was 25-30 miles away from Burns, Oregon.  The locals were only too happy to give me directions to the area once they knew what side I was favoring and that I was a White man who is a man, and not a faggot Jew or social justice warrior.  They are rightfully afraid of losing their income and homes for supporting the evil "White Racist Nazi Homophobes Who Want to Kill Six Trillion Jews."  I knew the rebels would need high energy food for the troops. I brought a lot with me and I answered the security guard's questions with proof of good will, FOOD!    

After looking around I gained some confidence from the cautious  warriors.  I went back to Burns and brought back a load of food as specified by the women feeding the troops. One female comrade quietly mentioned as I was leaving the need for female bathing and sanitary products... I bought everything...   

The ice was broken and they knew I was legit. Many hugs and thanks.  I helped clean the kitchen and informed them that I was the temporary quartermaster... I had to tell them the definition  of a quartermaster for them to understand my assumed role.       

Much more to tell, please respond back soon and inform me of the info you would most like.  BTW, the media sent in flaming faggots to stir up an incident...  Everyone ignored them, they were wilted and depressed, poor babies...



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