Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Harney County 1-5-2016

The photo of the man on the right appears to have been 
deliberately distorted by the news media.

The latest seems to be an attempt on the part of the Zionist authorities to persuade the militiamen to give up their position and "disperse quietly" so, of course, "we can all go home." The implication being that having defied and embarrassed the dictatorship of Barack Hussein Obama, if they'll just leave quietly, the insurgents would be kindly allowed to go home, flop down, turn on the TV and forget about the whole thing by the laid-back and compassionate fellers in the FBI.

Yeah. Right.

Expect the importation of a Bo Gritz-style character of some kind with alleged "rite-wing militia cred" who wants to ambulance-chase this and grab some of the 15 Minutes that are going here by trying to "talk them out." Winner gets to hit the talk show circuit and maybe spin that 15 Minutes out a little longer before he is once more consigned to the deep caverns of media obscurity like Gollum.

Wonder who the dictatorship will try to co-opt as their cat's-paw to lure the men to their destruction? Alex Jones? Maybe Rush Limbaugh? I doubt Limbaugh would touch it with a ten-foot pole; I think he has better sense.


Anonymous Wingnut said...

These "sovereign" douchebags ain't with us. The only thing that even remotely connects them to us, is that most of them are Caucasians. I know the books say we'll get most of them to come around to our side when the balloon goes up, but as it stands now, they hate us "Nazis" at least as much as they hate ZOG.

1:37 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Trump or Cruz could capitalize on this event to help expose and undermine the opportunistic current administration's gun grab agenda. Again, it is worth noting that Ted Cruz is a Cuban American of Iberian-Canary Islands origins, not an Indio or Mestizo like Rubio. It would be a bold move to sympathize with the Bundy crowd right now as a presidential candidate and make a statement, because this militia is very levelheaded.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lon Horiuchi is probably quite old by now but I'm sure he's been called to get either his services or his opinion on who would be the best triggerman for the job.

Mr. Bundy and these guys really think that if they raise a big enough fuss that the government will back down and say "gee guys, I guess you're right, we need to be good from now on." These cattlemen really think they'll be dealt with fairly and people in government will really want to hear their grievances.

Maybe they were young when Waco and Ruby Ridge happened. Maybe they've swallowed the Kool-Aid and think "We're not wacko weirdos like those people so that won't happen to us!" Maybe they stupidly think that the government that slaughtered those people won't slaughter them if they just sit there in their siege.

Mr. Bundy will never know the error of this line of thought. Someone like Lon Horiuchi is going to put a bullet through his head from half a mile away. Either that or they'll blow away Bundy's son and wife to send him a signal.

I bet that's your criticism, HAC, no exit plan, no idea of what to do when you've got the bull by the tail and some (very) limited publicity.

Their exit plan and idea for just sitting there like spare lemons waiting for the squeezer is a naive idea that they won't be killed and that they'll be treated fairly.

This is a mob they're dealing with. They needed to go into this with some sort of insurance. Some sort of "If you kill us, this happens..." idea. Even if its only telling everyone that they expect to be killed like the Weaver wife and son. Anything. They're not dealing with people who want to hear what they have to say. They're dealing with very deadly thugs who have killed before and who will kill again.

8:06 PM  
Anonymous Wingnut said...

I would beg to differ with the commenter
"hapi". Ted Cruz's dad is a Cuban Marrano Jew. Just look at Ted's nose. The only reason he passes as "white", is because his mom is a White Canadian.

1:43 PM  

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