Monday, January 11, 2016

America's Jihadists


by Bob Smith

The events now unfolding in Oregon are having an interesting -- and largely unreported development. Don't worry; it's good news.

To briefly capsulize it, a group of armed White militiamen have for several days taken control of a federal conservation preserve in Oregon. The situation has the potential now to become quite serious, given how the U.S. government has reacted to armed political types in Waco Texas, Whidbey Island in the Northwest, and Ruby Ridge, Idaho. 

This situation began due to a twenty-year dispute between the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and Cliven Bundy over the amount of time cattle were allowed to graze on his land and unpaid grazing fees. The situation blossomed into a siege that also involved local two men, father and son, Dwight and Steve Hammond, who surrendered to authorities on Monday to serve sentences for arson fires one of which they said was set to control impending wildfires.

All of the occupiers in the Malheur Wildlife Refuge siege are White-- there's not a black, Asian or Latino in sight, and it's only now surfacing that White militia members and right-wingers are united in the occupation. The Hammonds have officially disowned the Bundys, or at least their attorney has, but it's a little late as various reports and rumors swirl of an impending federal raid on the refuge, not to mention the militiamen's assertion that they're ready to "kill or be killed" along with a new controversy as to whether armed militiamen who occupy U.S. government land are "domestic terrorists." 

Right now, a lot of people don't know that the American government owns 28 percent of U.S. land, and there are growing restrictions placed on those who manage (usually farmers and families) with respect to animal grazing, timber harvesting and mineral extraction, that has gotten a lot of these people fed up.

We're not talking about Deliverance-style hillbillies who are angry, but young, handsome and frustrated men who have witnessed their families, livelihoods and culture and way of life threatened in the name of environmentalism. Typically, the leftists and the Jewsmedia love to depict them as backward idiots; in truth, they are more reminiscent of the romantic, independent, rugged American men of the West who settled the land. Real-life Marlboro Men, if you will.

All this has not eclipsed the racial aspect of the siege, and also something that these men have in common with the Muslim jihadists the U.S. dictatorship has gone to war with. These men want to preserve a way of life that goes back to the turn of the twentieth century and the days of the American cowboy. Fundamentalist jihadists and Islamists also want to take their land back a few centuries, to the patriarchal golden age of Islam. Both groups, the militias and the jihadists, want to go back to the old days, and they're armed. You can bet your bottom dollar that scares the hell out of the feminists, liberals, and libertines, and anyone else not on board with the New World Order/Free Trade/Internationalist cadres. That's what makes these White militias the new American jihadists.

It really is all about White militia freedom versus religious intolerance. And while the militia movement may be split, it is still a White racial one. And when you add the interference and heavy-handedness of the U.S. government, the side you're on gets chosen for you, instead of the other way around.

The armed racial nationalist militia elevates the White Nationalist movement as a whole; now we are armed and dangerous in the eyes of the Jewsmedia and the dictator's servants. And that's a good thing: you want a little intimidation, a little discomfort given to tyrannical regimes and also to foreign enemies who may not want to mess around with good ol' boys with guns who aren't under total Washington or state control.

Plus, there are all the symbols of America's racial nationalist history of militias. The Confederate flag has found its way as part of this, as well as the broken-snake "Don't Tread On Me" banner, believed to have been originated by U.S. founding father Benjamin Franklin. There's no way the U.S. militias, those participating in the Oregon siege and those cheering them on, can escape the racial aspect of what they are doing, even if they try in some mistaken effort to be "respectable." And there is the refreshing aspect of the revival of the original American spirit of revolution and justice.

It's going to be an interesting year...


Anonymous kerdasi amaq said...

The Dummiecrats and Rethuglicans are united on one point. The protestors are the true enemy of the owners of those parties.

2:42 PM  

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