Thursday, November 12, 2015


How many times in the past 43 years have I read stories like this?

 I feel like I'm stuck in some kind of "Ground Hog Day" movie where the same events keep happening time and again, over and over ...


PAY ATTENTION to who you let close to you. The secret police make their living by doing harm to White people, by destroying lives. It's who they are. Your blood and body and soul are the fuel that runs the machine they worship, the machine that is their only god along with the green pieces of paper it shits out. They will sacrifice you and your family on the altar of that deranged god without compunction or hesitation. Ask Bill White. Ask Edgar Steele. Ask Matt Hale. Ask Chester Doles. Ask Johnny Logan Spencer. Ask Shaun Walker.

NEVER BELIEVE that it can't happen to you. It can, and once they decided that you and your family are the next bits of human fodder for their mad god, escape is almost impossible.

They do this for a living. A very good living; at least half of all federal law enforcement agents or employees eventually earn over $100,000 per year, and their rise in GS-level is predicated on how many human beings they dismember and hurl onto the flaming altars of their idol.

In their eyes you represent man-hours and extra budget allocation and career advancement and resume enhancement, nothing more. There is zero empathy, especially since more and more federal law enforcement agencies are drawn from our racial and tribal enemies or practice bizarre sexual deviations that separate them from common humanity. The idea that you might have some kind of right not to be lured, entrapped, and lied into the prison-industrial complex is conspicuous by its absence in federal law enforcement agencies and U.S. Attorney's offices. You are raw material to be processed and that's all. They will swallow you like a snake swallowing a mouse and never lose a moment's sleep over it. To them, you are simply prey.

They don't like it when we squeak as we are swallowed; I think that's a primary reason for the continued demented persecution of Bill White long after whoever ordered it from some carpeted and air-conditioned office has most likely moved on.

DO NOT BREAK THE LAW. That won't necessarily save you, but it helps. The more you make them fabricate, the more chance they might screw up and something might come unraveled.

If you have a felony conviction and you are not allowed to own a gun, DO NOT HAVE A GUN IN THE HOUSE or anywhere you can access it. I think I have seen more people get dragged back to prison on that one excuse than any other. Yes, I know, it is in utter violation of your rights. Well, that's why it's called tyranny.

You do NO ONE ANY GOOD IN PRISON. STAY OUT OF IT. You have a destiny and a duty in life other than making a profit for the Jewish shareholders of some "Corrections Industries Inc."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What Way Aryan Man?

Well, Paris is burning tonight. The Muslim invasion of Europe is ramping up. If anyone, anywhere, is going to do something about the loss of Europe, America, and/or the White Race, now would be a good time!

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Loki said...

They will probably arrest Marine LePen for racism. Such is the distorted world we live in.

7:25 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

It would have been a better time to save the white race in 1958 Little Rock, Arkansas but the whites there blinked when faced with loaded M-1's pointed at them by the 101st Airborne and decided the ballot box would be better than the cartridge box. Been paying a heavy tribute to the conquerors for that defeat since then.

9:56 PM  

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