Monday, November 23, 2015

Salon Goes After HPL Again

Anybody those reptiles at Salon Magazine hate this much can't be all bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You want a good giggle? A she-boon "writer" (does smearing your feces on walls and bits of paper count as being a writer these days?) was awarded a Lovecraft statuette for her, um, writing (see above comment).

A friend finally told her about Lovecraft's naughty naughty views about people of African descent (tsk! tsk!).

Read this article and the comments to it and enjoy the wailing, the whining, the denial, the gnashing of teeth. Yes, its all a bunch of "Evil Whitey Bad Racist" crap but its hilarious! Funny as all hell reading these leftie commies wiggling and squirming and crying about Lovecraft's true views!

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