Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Letter From Bill White, Finally!

[The following letter from Bill White, dated October 19, was postmarked October 26 and arrived in my mail box on Monday, November 23. The letter was slit open the length of the top and re-sealed with two pieces of Scotch tape. – HAC]

October 19, 2015

Hello, Harold:

Legally, things have been very well with me. I expect to be at MCC Chicago until next year. If things go well, I will be released from here next summer. I will summarize things for you:

I was supposed to be taken to Milwaukee for a two-hour evidentiary hearing on October 2. However, instead of taking me to Milwaukee for a hearing, they transferred me to the custody of the Eastern District of Wisconsin. Then they tried to put me on a plane to FCI Loretto, where I’m not even housed. At the last minute somebody must have changed whatever the plan was because all of a sudden I was in Kenosha and I made the hearing after all. I’ve been moved now three times in three weeks and I’m not happy. Well, I finally did get back here, [to Chicago] so I’m happy now. Exhausted, but okay.

The hearing went well. I will likely be in MCC Chicago until February 2016 awaiting an order vacating my conviction. Then I’ll still be here awaiting a new trial, somewhere.

Meanwhile, October 29 will be the hearing  to vacate my conviction in Virginia, My counsel told [redacted] that there is a “very strong” chance it will be vacated; he told my attorney here that it was virtually certain. Similarly, the dictatorship responded to my Eleventh Circuit appeal; my counsel there says that their response was “weak” and that there is a “very strong” possibility my conviction will be overturned.

Further, the dictator’s servants at my §2255 hearing pretty much lost it in court. The FBI agent put her hands on her head, held her head down, and just shook her head like she couldn’t believe it was all happening, and twice the U.S. Attorney broke down into a rage while he was cross-examining me.

If all of this pans out as expected, this is what will happen: my conviction here was time served until September 20th or so. [?? Not totally sure what Bill means here. - HAC] In February 2016 or so, both my convictions in Illinois and the one in Virginia will be overturned. The Illinois conviction cannot be retried because the one witness won’t testify. I will probably sit here for some months before the dictator’s servants finally drop it. The régime does not want to re-try my Virginia case; they have offered me yet another plea bargain to an essentially nine-level reduction, which as always I have declined, since I don’t plead guilty to crimes I did not commit.  That case, however, will be time served regardless when this Illinois case goes out the window. So they may attempt to re-try me, in which case it’s back to Roanoke. Or they may not.

In Florida, the régime probably won’t be able to try the case. If they still refuse to give it all up as a bad job I’ll go back there. (Joy unspeakable!) If they don’t, unless they can find some way to frame me as the Man On The Grassy Knoll, I’ll be released from MCC in June to August of next year. So it looks like I am eight to ten months away from release. Maybe a bit longer, but not much.

My civil rights case in Florida [against the Seminole County jail for torturing him in order to coerce a guilty plea] is proceeding well. On the side here, I do §1983 (civil rights) and §2241 (habeas corpus) work, just to help people. I now have two COS dismissed (one here, one elsewhere) and freed two men. I am getting quite proud of myself.

As to your mail problems, technically it is the CTU and not the FBI censoring the mail, but my guess is that the problem is with the SIS. [Not sure WTF that even is. – HAC]

I see that the Department of Justice has created a new Domestic Terrorism Czar to “stamp out racism.” I believe that this new phase of multi-racial, homosexual U.S. law enforcement’s war on White America will go about as well as their occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and their covert operations in Syria.

Thank you for keeping my material flowing to everyone.


William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe SIS is "Special Investigations" which is a prison department that monitors gang activity - such as white power gangs.

8:12 PM  
Blogger Luek said...

"""I believe that this new phase of multi-racial, homosexual U.S. law enforcement’s war on White America will go about as well as their occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and their covert operations in Syria."""

OR, about as well as 1958 Little Rock, Arkansas where Federal power reigned supreme.

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ZOG will kill Willy White b4 they ever let go free.

2:29 PM  

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