Saturday, November 21, 2015

Iran Gives The Jews A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

by Bill White

The Islamic Republic of Iran has convicted Washington Post bureau chief Jason Rezaian of espionage in a trial that gives American Jews a taste of their own “justice” medicine. The verdict has been met with squeals of Yiddish outrage, proving the old Polish proverb that “the Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you.”

Rezaian, like most American reporters was recruited by the United States Central Intelligence Agency and assigned to gather information on the Iranian government and military, which he transmitted to the
CIA under the guise of conducting “investigative journalism.” As such, he is one of several similarly situated Westernized Oriental gentlemen and women to be detained in Iran. Most prominent was BBC reporter Roxana Baul who was detained in 2009 after sensitive Iranian military plans were found in her purse. Also currently detained in Iran are Amir Hekmati, a CIA operative recruited out of the Marine Corps and sentenced to death for spying on Iran, and Saeed Abedini, a corrupt Judæo-Christian pastor serving eight years for preaching against Islam.

Each of the detained Westernized Iranians has received sentences much more lenient than those the
United States imposes for similar crimes, and is being held in better conditions than those the United States typically provides detained spies. Baul, for instance, complained that she was held in solitary confinement for nine months before her sentence was commuted and she was traded back to British authorities. In the United States Iranians are often arrested on trumped-up charges and then tortured or housed in dangerous prisons that are little more than butcher shops.

Mansur Arabasar, who was convicted in 2012 in a phony FBI-created plot to blow up the Saudi ambassador to the United States for instance was held in solitary confinement and compelled by his illegal and sub-human conditions to enter a false guilty plea for which he received  25 years imprisonment. He was then held in the notorious special management unit of the United States Penitentiary at Lewisburg a disciplinary prison designed for gang members who commit murders while in prison, often while serving life sentences.

It is to address the torture of Iranians loyal to the Islamic Republic and the framing of Iranian nationals by the American régime that
Iran began arresting American nationals on similar charges. After Rezaian’s arrest, for instance, Arabasar was relocated by the Bureau of Prisons to the relatively comfortable Counter-Terrorism Unit prison at the United States Penitentiary at Marion, Illinois, there he has been awaiting release and a prisoner exchange proposed by Iran in which Americanized Persians arrested for espionage will be exchanged for Iranians arrested by the United States.

Rezaian’s arrest highlights the danger that the fraudulent American justice system poses to Americans traveling overseas. After a series of arrests in
Thailand and Indonesia of Russian citizens on charges fabricated by American intelligence agencies, Russian President Vladimir Putin noted that Russia was considering the similar arrest of Americans traveling overseas, but was declining to do so for the moment because it was wrong to emulate the tactics of America’s brutal tyranny.

United States of America is trying to forge a global One World Empire which will enslave mankind, ensuring the rule of a Jewish élite based in Jerusalem. Its media traps its people in an illusion, by lying about both the nature of the American system and American activities overseas. Any government which fights to preserve its people’s national freedom is attacked as an enemy and a dictatorship, while in fact the most brutal dictatorship in human history is the United States itself.

Martin Baron, the
Washington Post’s executive editor, claims that Rezaian was an innocent journalist who was just doing his job. The latter part is true. Rezaian was indeed doing his job, undermining Iran’s culture and government in order to assimilate the Islamic Republic into the New World Order. Like Baron himself, Rezaian’s job was evil, and Iran has made him pay for it. 


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