Thursday, November 19, 2015

Gomez Proves Mexicans Do Bring Disease

by Bill White

For decades the One World Jewish media has been telling White Americans that the squat brown people from below the southern border aren’t flooding the
United States with disease. Now privileged Mexican invader Selena Gomez has set out to prove that Jewish hype machine wrong, by announcing that she is infected with lupus, a wasting disease that should turn her into a version of the living dead before our very eyes.

Gomez is a singer and actress raised up from the brown masses by the hype machine of Disney’s Michael Eisner. Cracking out empty rhythmic trances and putting her image on vapid culture–distorting films. Gomez’s rise was part of the Judæo–occult culture industry’s effort to create White acceptance of
America’s death. Gomez was even briefly made a sex toy for moron fluff-star Justin Bieber, something designed to feed drama into the lives of those who live virtually entirely through American tabloids.

But that came crashing down in October when it was revealed that after all, Gomez was just another disease-carrying Mexican.

For the past century, Judæo-occult forces who want to enslave humanity under a One World New World Order have been bringing non-White people into White nations by the boatload, all the while telling White Americans that they should be ashamed to resist these invaders.

This is all in furtherance of the Zionist plan laid down in the 19th century A.D. by Rabbi Moses Hess, who said that the entire world should be enslaved under multiracial communism except for the Jews, who would rule this global slave state from Jerusalem. Occult forces call this the “building of the temple” and model it on Biblical passages like I Kings 9:20.21. “All the people… Who were not like people of Israel… Whom the people of Israel had not made human sacrifices, these Solomon enslaved and so they are to this day.”

Part of breaking the will of White nations to resist has been the construction of the electronic hallucination, the vast complex of digital illusions which separate man from man and which immerse and isolate individuals in false cultural realities. Videogames, virtual reality, the internet, television, radio, so-called news and the actions of all persuasive law enforcement and intelligence agencies are used to manufacture what the ancients called The Lie, a web of deception and evil which confuses the mind and causes men to act irrationally. For thousands of years the “many faced God” of the Judæo–occult has commanded his followers to wage war through these deceptions.

Gomez had been selected from childhood to be an instrument of this deceit. While a country divided into blacks and Whites and Jews could hardly help but notice the vast racial gap between its populations, one further divided into brown and yellow populations themselves divided into squabbling ethnicities becomes a Babel in which clarity of any kind is obscured. Thus, chicas like Gomez were plastered on to this screens of the morons – the vast majority of humans who live and think like animals – to assure them that brown chicas were cool, sexy, and hip.

Now however, Gomez has shown that like many illegal immigrants forced from
Mexico by their people’s inability to govern themselves, she is just another carrier not only for social disease but physical disease as well. After months of chemotherapy, Gomez hid its debilitating effects and now will have to hide herself as sores and tumors tear down her glamor and show that all that glitters is not brown gold.

She’ll be replaced. though. The Many–faced One raises man up, wears him for but a moment, then consumes his own host and betrays his most useful devotees. The question is: when will man tire of being consumed and tear off this veil of illusion, purging our nation of Judæo–occult magicians, their entertainers and their entertainment?


Blogger Luek said...

Jews can't even rule the tiny dwarf state of Israel worth a damn so how are they going to enslave the population of the entire world and rule it?

9:51 PM  
Anonymous Erik said...

Very well written article from White again. He really nails it with the term "electronic hallucination"; it speaks volumes. One could make a documentary parsing the cogs and gears of that topic alone.

If anyone has (a lot of) time, they might be interested in the documentary series "Century of the Self", for those who aren't already familiar.

It talks about the convergence of psychology in the early 20th with the marketing of consumerist, materialist culture in America, and the way it began transforming values.

Given that it depicts the intersection of mercantilism and media to infantilize and degrade a culture, I guess I don't have to tell you who the cited agents are.

7:46 PM  

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