Sunday, November 08, 2015

Bill White Q & A

Got a question from a reader, or possibly a heckle from an idiot, not sure which. "How in the world does Bill White get such earthshaking info deep within the inner bowels of the penal colonies?"

Well, I'll tell you. It's because one of the weirder variations on the prison-industrial complex's treatment of White, one for which I have no cogent explanation, is the fact that down through all the years of torture, fabricated evidence, suborned perjury, endless "diesel therapy" while they played musical chairs with him, and the theft of his mail and his manuscripts, the one thing they have never done to Bill White is to stop his subscription to the Wall Street Journal. 

Semi-seriously, I suggest that the WSJ may actually be considered to be some kind of holy writ within the prison-industrial complex. Perhaps Rupert Murdoch is worshipped as a god by the guards in a secret shrine. For whatever reason,  the Journal seems to be sacrosanct. If memory serves, he even got it while he was in the Orwellian 1984-style "Place Where There Is No Darkness" torture cell in Florida.

They'll fill his cell with feces and raw sewage. They'll slam him against walls and threaten him with being sodomized by guards' nightsticks like they did that nigger in New York. They'll starve him and drug him with hallucinogens until he sees demons in his cell.

They'll torture him with sleep deprivation via the Stalinist "conveyor" and bogus "suicide watch." They'll shackle him into agonizing crab-like physical positions that tear his muscles and joints.

They'll lie to him. They will disappear his legal mail. They will threaten and intimidate his legal counsel.

They will drag him across the countryside from prison to prison to keep him away from his attorneys. They will deny him the right to bathe or shave sometimes for months, forcing him to appear in court looking like the Wild Man of Borneo and smelling of his own urine.  They will deny and delay his due process for years. Federal law enforcement agents will bring witnesses to the stand stoned on narcotics which they themselves provided. 

Periodically they will toss his cell and take away anything he's written, never to see the light of day again. They will simply steal his letters from outgoing envelopes, lest they be published on this blog.

(For the record, Bill denies he has ever been outright beaten, but reading between the lines I gather there is much he doesn't dare to tell while he is still in these people's physical power, much as the women in Coffee Creek never dared to speak, and still don't.)
Yet through it all, Bill always gets his Wall Street Journal, and to answer your question, most of his articles are based on stories there.

No clue, dudes. The working of these people's minds is a mystery to me.

Anyway, although Bill is going through one of those phases where both his incoming and his outgoing mail is getting beamed up to the Enterprise by Scotty and is disappearing from the ken of man, you should drop him a line at

William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL. 60605-1004


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question, Harold. Bill has a very first rate mind if he is able to glean that much info from the WSJ which is probably more neo-con than FOX news.

11:05 PM  

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