Friday, October 23, 2015

Bill White Finally Returned To Chicago

I have been notified that Bill White has turned up in Chicago again. It's what---a three-hour drive from Milwaukee, where he was mysteriously dragged for a court hearing for no reason anyone can discern? Yet it took the United States Marshals approximately three weeks to get him there, apparently sending him via Houston, San Francisco, and Katmandu.

Apparently the secret police didn't tell the jail staff in Kenosha County, WI that Bill isn't allowed to communicate with me, lest I keep the public updated and aware on this blog, and that they were supposed to be breaking the law and stealing his letters out of the envelopes he sends to me, allowing only the written pieces for American Free Press and Barnes Review to come through so they can still maintain some pretense of obedience to their own laws. Like they've been doing in Chicago since July.

Anyhoo, the screws in Milwaukee screwed up, and a couple of letters got through to me. They are interesting. After some thought, I will not reproduce them here directly, because it's just possible that in this case their incompetence extends not only to allowing Bill to write to me, but they may have forgotten to photocopy the outgoing letters and send them on to the Bureau. I will, however, paraphrase:

As I understand it--and the Bill White case is as complex and Byzantine as they come, and I admit I don't understand all the ins and outs of it--but as I understand it, the Chicago case which started all this horse shit seven years ago is finally gone. Gone for good, no longer appealable by the dictatorship, because the United States Supreme Court has ruled that what Bill did is not a crime, viz. the Elonis case. 

That means the load-bearing wall of this entire deranged and vicious persecution of Bill White is now gone. That leaves only the Roanoke case (where the judge stated his belief that Bill was innocent before sentencing him anyway) and the Florida case (where the dictatorship's star witness against Bill admitted that she was under the influence of drugs on the stand and that those drugs had been provided to her by federal law enforcement agents. Oh, and when the FBI agent demanded $80,000 in "restitution" from Bill for his hurt feelings, which was too nauseating even for a federal judge to swallow.)

Bill is his usual ebullient and eternally optimistic self--I swear to God, I don't know how he does it. He is of the opinion that both the Roanoke and Florida convictions are so clearly included in the Elonis decision that they will be struck down within a year and he will be released. 

I'm still an Eeyore on that subject--I just don't think the dictator's servants have any intention of ever letting him go, at all. He is their favorite chew toy, and no one is going to take him away from them. I think if ever they were confronted with a flat-out order to release Bill, they'd simply bribe some bull-pen nigger with a carton of cigarettes and have him stabbed to death in the shower. God grant that I'm wrong.

Anyway, Bill is now back at Chicago MCC, where as icing on the cake they have thrown away all his mail and his stuff because "they thought he wasn't coming back." Not for the first time, we need to get him set up again. I have sent him a couple of books, which are technically allowed in Chicago if they're paperback, and which in practices are sometimes allowed and sometimes just thrown in the dumpster, or stolen if the mail room guard might want to peruse them in search of porn or something.

Bill says he should stay there until mid-February or so, so it might be worth sending him some big-ticket items like books and periodicals, especially anything to do with ancient and classical history--Greek, Roman, medieval, that kind of thing. I'll keep you posted.

William A. White #13888-084
Chicago M.C.C.
71 Van Buren Street West
Chicago, IL 60605-1004


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